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  1. Due to Public Forum being added to PHSSL's only two teams advance to states. I know there was a lot of fear or bad judging in many of the districts and dropping illegitimately to get bumped out of the state tournament. As well, there are many districts that have more than two quality teams to send to states. Just wondering what district qualified who... District 9: 1. Danville - Marrara/Oren 2. Central Columbia - Jen/Jason
  2. Mr.Nailor's e-mail adress is mnailor@danville.k12.pa.us
  3. Who all is going to the Hill? Danville will be bringing: V- Marrara/Oren N- TBA, 2 teams...3 if they let us.
  4. riffmaster


    count danville in...you know who...2 novice as well.
  5. riffmaster


    Who's coming? Danville: V: Marrara/Oren N: TBA (prob. 2 teams)
  6. Sarah, If you aren't going who are the two varsity teams?
  7. Sarah, They usualy do have JV at these tourny's however there are sometimes only two rounds and then they have the novice take a low varisty... But yes, they usualy do have JV which I think is dumb because at quals. everyone is in...But that's the way it goes... I would talk to Nailor but he has been out all year because his mother is very sick but, as far as I know there is JV.
  8. Who's going? Danville: One Varsity: Marrara/Oren Two-Three Novice: TBA
  9. I know its pretty much just, Meyers, Danville, Central Columbia, and Scranton Prep but what is the team count? Danville: 1 Varisty: Marrara/Oren 1 Novice: TBA (mixing teams...) Cya there.
  10. Semifinals were: (though no offical semifinal was announced) 1. Pennsbury(Gorman Mao) v. 2. Danville (Marrara/Oren) 3. LaSalle (Diulio/Manero) v. 4.Scranton Prep (?) Advanced: Danville v. LaSalle Varisty: 1- Danville (Marrara/Oren) 2- LaSalle (Diulio/Manero) 3- Pennsbury (Gorman/Mao) 4. Scranton Prep (?) Novice: 1- LaSalle 2- Pennsbury 3- Scranton Prep 4- Danville Speakers: (Though not anounced I found results) 1- Mao (Pennsbury) 2- Gorman (Pennsbury) 3- Marrara (Danville) 4- Oren (Danville)
  11. Danville will be sending 1 Varsity: Marrara/Oren 2 Novice: Long/McGinnis & Phillips/Miller
  12. riffmaster


    Who is or who do you know that is attending the Scranton Langan Tournament?
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