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  1. Matt Struth is a great debater and does excellent work! You should buy this file...
  2. laxnsailin

    WACFL 1

    sweet, im goin to coach, no judgin for me should be ballin'
  3. it the story CAFE based? or which anti warming program is it?
  4. so earrrrly lol! thats before i have classes everyday...
  5. i think surviellance based affs would be good. I also think 'Medflag' should be based on military to military contact, which would be a more generic approach on the topic, instead of a specific program
  6. in the area, I transferred to Maryland, still involved in debate though
  7. if any teams need judging / coaching / card cutting at any national tourneys this year please let me know! I dunno if anyone is traveling tho...
  8. do I or the school need to do anything to have me be 'empowered'? we are in a small coaching crunch now.
  9. can potential assistant coaches show up?
  10. bump: Mr H? would you know
  11. When is that being decided on?
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