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  1. tunafish

    Uil State

    Bay City can't travel across the state as much so they dont usually see the other top teams during the season. Still managed a UIL State Bronze last year (I guess "taking on" their opponents). Lost a 2-1 in Semis to Hendrickson who also defeated Crosby in Finals. On a lighter note, Though I agree with your list and that BC has work to do.
  2. tunafish

    2011 UIL State

    So there were 6 or more undefeated in 4a? But 5a broke 2-2? How did you get seeds?
  3. isaacson/johnson didnt drop a ballot and got top 5 speakers. Grebe/Powell dropped a ballot in Finals but got 2nd and 3rd speakers. Congrats to all. . . Including the Crosby and Bay City sophomores! Huge props to Hallsville.
  4. Correct. . . .on all counts. AND You have been there.
  5. True that. BC count is four years in a row in finals round. 1 team -- no dropped ballots, 1 team dropped 1 ballot to Crosby in Finals and 1 team lost 2 to Crosby in Finals. Crosby has its own run going -- 2 in a row, with both teams usually in Quarters. It will be 3 this year. As per the District-- El Campo's Bram and Raza deserved a spot. LC hit the Bay City Novice team in Semis to win a spot to the Final. Well done--but Sean and Ali have been placing at competitive TFA tourneys all year too. (Lamar, Round rock etc) Props to them on a job well done.
  6. There should be about 58 teams in the way. HAVING seen most 4A top teams this year. . . Malek and Sanchez are VERY good. So is Mercedes. They got 3rd last year and are MUCH better than they were last year. Don't discount the Calhoun all Female team. Bay City does "fairly well" in whatever setting they choose to play in. They work very hard and are offended when teams that dont know better downplay their achievements, describing them as merely a "UIL team" that does "fairly well" in UIL settings. Undoubtedly, this form of subjugate(ive) language encourages them to work more. Congrats to Lamar and BC. I heard District was "interesting."
  7. AHHH! The Funniest Judge comments thread. The new RFD.
  8. It is honorable NOT to disclose Lawrence. Unless a team demanded your disclosure without reciprocating. It is even more lazy to have coaches or hired college staff of exes do all the thinking for you the 30 minutes before the round, rather than confronting the unknown with some cojones. Small schools get 0 advantage from disclosure. The advantage will always go to the biggest staff which is usually the most $ and the most travel etc. One can still be educated in round without having disclosed. Unless the neg is SO Dependent on their pseudo thinkers that they dont bring much on their own.
  9. theres a thread in nat. Lsalle and bronx in final. Bellaire dropped in Quarters to Bronx. . .they felt bad about rd. BC dropped a 2-1 to glenbrook North -- who dropped both Das and turn in the 2nr (sketch and political according o descenting judge). Guinea worm remained undefeated:) Muthu LD) from belaire in FINALS! He was good. CONGRATS to Cathedral Prep who was AWESOME also!!! La salle has been amazing.
  10. la salle has been wrecking. Word is no lost ballots. Pretty and depth. It is lasalle vs bronx in finals about done now and props to cathedral. They were awesome in Quarters.
  11. tunafish

    UIL State 2008

    Im guessing. . .Amy.
  12. tunafish

    UIL State 2008

    Got it. What we mean will be disclosed in round. I am touched that Bay City made Nick cry. . .almost:)lol AND I applaud Crosby and Bay City on a stellar tournament. Good Luck to EVERYONE the rest of the season. And now to China. (Another Irony.)
  13. tunafish

    UIL State 2008

    HA! Good one. And Great 2 adds. Added.
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