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  1. For people that are supposed to be experts in the use of words for self expression and explanation you all certainly use very few of them...
  2. I conclude that pictures are not worth a thousand words....
  3. It was no shoes and the rolling of a paper ball if I remember correctly... I probably didn't tho.
  4. Colorado is really some of the best weather anywhere... just because it occasionally snows at random times doesn't mean that wearing flip flops and shorts in January loses its meaning.
  5. Thanks Shayan and Tammie.... also, I don't think Tammie remembers me.
  6. I will be in Colorado between December 16th and January 14th. I want to judge, but no longer know anyone in Colorado, so I have no idea when the tournaments are. Help me help you get a judge.
  7. That sentence made little to no sense.
  8. Heart of America? Isn't that a Walmart?
  9. FBI, Marines are badass rather be a functioning gambling addict or functining drug addict?
  10. I thought the pain felt in the morning hearing those whistles might be painful enough to apply my bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-o0-r5bClE&feature=related
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