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    Shanker aka shankie..Shankee..
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    i need a job
  1. odd but very intresting...gotta love india its an odd place but very very intresting
  3. ..ya i am LOL ...but soon we will be amazing...im really surprised this isnt locked yet well good luck at state JOshie
  4. ol cross-x = still th ebest debate site for entertainment purposes gg sorry for seeming like an ass.for those who know they know im not an ass
  5. i really dont appreciate hte comments that i see on thsi thread....i.e. easily beatable or variations of that...given all of our teams are sophmores ./..give them some slack will ya? i mean there was no need to bash them throughout this thread if you need anything you can email me and iw ill frwd it to them bashing on cross-x gets you no fame email: Thesecretninja25@gmail.com
  6. Archangel


    god all this SHanker Hatred no i dont HATE skalroff everyone knows that i thought i was good in frisbee as well given we did beat the 7 weekers what twice so it was pretty cool love ya all
  7. Archangel


    dammmmn harsha lol..i never made fun of it.funny as in funny lol not a mean funny
  8. Archangel


    what do you expect butterly he did get his butt kicked by a frisbee
  9. Archangel


    funniest email i have ever seen...
  10. Archangel


    the NE threads are some of the funniest on cross-x very very interesting keep up the humour guys
  11. Archangel


    o m g SENGHAS GIVING WRONG INFO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i never thought iw ould see the day........
  12. ullah could beat you up jeremy...come on a frisbee broke your arm how tough could you be....... one a side note...the real final round at michgan you my friend are amazing joke debater
  13. ULLAH IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fear him
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