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  1. I was told, as a man formerly in Policy debate, on numerous occasions that I could not voice my opinion. I was told that I was ruining policy debate by presenting my arguments in a manner that I preferred (at a quicker pace), running topical counterplans, nuclear war/extinction impacts, and kritiks. Without knowing who judged you, I would guess that it had nothing to do with you being a woman that your arguments were not considered. I would guess that judge has an aversion to progressive debate. I would guess he/she would say the same thing to a Louisville Aff, collapsing capitalism, speed, poetry, irony, etc. That is something I find interesting about your arguments. It seems to me that you tend to jump to conclusions, and claim sexist motives to things that aren't necessarily sexist. That is not to say that sexism does not exist. However, I understand that arguing whether sexism exists in debate is not going to be productive.
  2. I will be in Springfield this weekend if you still need judges...just so you know.
  3. I will be in Springfield this weekend if you still need judges...just so you know.
  4. This is all I have to say about Sarah:
  5. tim


    Really? I thought you were Indian or Pakistani. Regardless my comment was in jest (opposed to all the other very angry posts in this thread). But that's interesting, and now I look like an idiot.
  6. tim


    In order to start reversing some of that stigma, we should probably start with that you're not Middle Eastern. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5d/GreaterMiddleEast.gif
  7. tim


    Politics disads aren't real arguments because they are not intrinsic!
  8. tim

    MSHSAA State 2008

    They didn't have MSHSAA
  9. tim

    MSHSAA State 2008

    My thoughts about State: 1. I never had a good round at state. 2. I never had a good panel at state. 3. I made it to finals last year, and I believe that success has no correlation to how good of a debater I was. Few reasons for this: 1. Every affirmative won in outrounds last year. 2. Two very good teams (Central and Greenwood) lost in quarters last year (that Hassan and I then did not have to hit). 3. In outrounds last year I had 9 judges. There is only one of those 9 that I would ever want to judge me (eapen). I assume what happened at State this year is probably around what I experienced during my debate career. Thats not to say that good teams can't win State (Adam and Kelsey), or do well (George and Michael), I'd just have a hard time assuming that because someone won state that they are the best team in Missouri.
  10. I think that it is important to note that Hassan and I did not do this together. We didn't have the best nationals showing our senior year. Instead we both broke our junior year with two other talented debaters whose names should be mentioned: Sam Westervelt and Adam Testerman (who coincidentally is doing very well in college parlimentary debate).
  11. tim


    This should be pretty much the deciding factor. Regardless, i agree with everything everyone in this thread has said about MSDI. I went to KU my sophomore year and MSDI my Junior and Senior years. I had great lab leaders at KU and learned a lot from them. BUT, I didn't ever work with anyone but my two lab leaders and I heard that some of the other labs weren't as fortunate with getting help from their lab leaders. On the other hand, I feel like I learned from all the coaches at MSDI. Ermo, Heather, Vega (my junior year), Kelly, etc all were very accessible and helpful. You can learn a ton from talking to any of them. In fact, I have to say that the cleverest strategies that I have ever run were designed by the lab leaders at MSDI. For another comparison, at KU I watched about three practice rounds and did none (besides some practice constructive speeches and the camp tournament). At MSDI, I think I had like 10-15 critiqued rounds, plus the camp tournament. I would strongly recommend MSDI.
  12. tim

    Ozark MSHSAA/NFL

    You're right, being topical rarely is enough to win you a round. But it also rarely costs you a round, whereas being untopical can have the side-affect...especially in Missouri.
  13. tim

    Joplin 2008

    Being angry about the decision of a round suggests that you had expectations that round would be judged on a certain set of criteria you have outlined in your head. Why would you ever expect that?
  14. I assume you have to be one or two years out of high school to judge?
  15. 1. My name has been slandered in this thread and 2. Things certainly could have changed at Parkview since last year, but in the past the people in charge of champ policy were more concerned with providing good judges in outrounds, even if they were dirty (as long as coaches and competitors were alright with it). Hopefully that trend continues this year.
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