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  1. 1). Do you need critics? 2). Would I get paid to be one?
  2. I CONCLUDE That was me, actually, but Sandy said it better. Tee hee hee.
  3. i conclude nostalgia is one of the most powerful drugs on the planet i conclude turn me back to the old me i conclude just because you said youre sorry doesn't mean i'm not going to gut you with a soup-can lid
  4. well this is fucking heartbreaking
  5. The Frog


    Ah hem, as it is that time of year, I feel obligated to say: "Its like a fuckin' cave in here!" "We should start going to yoga concerts!" "I had Hot Carl's for lunch!" "I can't wait no ten minutes!" And: "He's not dead, he's gonna live. Its time to operate." Happy birthday to Rosie (M), the Queen of Corona. Love you Daniella!
  6. Jilly, I only feel old in comparison to you. And thank you very much! I'll have you know this is the first birthday thread ever created for me (ironic now that I'm gone.)
  7. I'm pretty sure thats the wrong "insure."
  8. Actually, Wiley's official job title is "Minor Local Deity." But we can let him have his fun. And congrats to everyone who broke at state. I wish I had. (stop fighting.)
  9. Yeah, if I didn't watch porn I would totally rape everyone I encountered. Damn, thank god I can see stretched a**holes and tight young sluts for free online. I just don't know what else I would do with myself otherwise. I might just develop ideas about sexuality, gender and aesthetics on my own. I might even spend that time forming a meaningful relationship with someone based on mutual trust and respect. I mean, shit. Ah, back to big tits and round asses.
  10. Yeah, it was the coolest thing anyone had even seen.
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