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  1. i'm not so sure that the nye card actually says soft power solves 30 scenarios of nuclear war. i read it and it makes more of a reference to US leadership in general and only says the 30 scenarios are conventional warfares (some which are still going it says). memmi is a racism card found in a book, doubt you will find it online.
  3. ok let's settle this down. i do agree that charlie is fairly annoying, and by fairly i mean extremely. however, charlie tang isn't the worst debater in the world. pretty much every person on our policy team makes fun of him, but the truth is most of them won't be able to beat him. as for sems, after every round i always think of what we could possibly lose on. and in that round i was thinking that the perm may beat us. under my opinion, perms aren't advocacies and never really are. they are just test of competitions. other people may see it differently like john gray. john is probably the coolest judge that i know and he dropped us which made me question the if we actually won. as far as i know, we were definitely beating him on consult nato and there wasn't enough specific analysis on the perm in the 1AR/2AR to win him that round. just saying the biopolitics is the root cause of case harms or impacts in general probably won't win someone a round. however, john gray bought it which means i'm probably wrong. charlie did make semifinals at state, which is not too bad. but yes, he is very annoying and should be made fun of PS: i still think it's funny that he didn't pay his dues for state.
  4. DIVNEET, why is there a gorilla in your sn section...
  5. expected to cream us, i take that to heart
  6. i didn't get the quarters round decision of mtn view vs. river valley. but i wanna impact turn the christmas DA!!!
  7. does anyone know how to contact one of the dobson policy debaters, through AIM or email? preferrably the A or B team.
  8. does anyone have cites/cards to Identity Politics or Political Identities good?
  9. does anyone have camp files for a natives aff/neg. i heard wake forest put one out. i have zag scholar evidence AIM: phxdragon54
  10. hey, i need to get in contact with the school spanish river, more preferrably the team that i hit at GBN rd. 6 (you were against two asian kids running korematsu). it's about that "speaking for the other" argument you ran against us. thanks, IM or email me.
  11. hell yea, especially like.... with like... qualified judges like... that was cool
  12. does anyone have good cards or cites or camp files on answers to the executive agencies CP. i heard this was run a lot, IM me: phxdragon54
  13. there is apparently a legal definition to the term search that is a search requires probable cause or else it's not considered a search under the legal context. does anyone have this definition because the legal dictionarys are vague
  14. does anyone have a card or cite to a good card that says U.S. democracy is modelled globally and is key to the success of fledging democracies. i don't want like democracy promotion cards, just ones that says as long as the U.S. is democratic, then other countries will sustain it.
  15. yea i don't htink it has much rep or success. i haven't heard of anyone goign to that camp that had success that year, although other camps did help that one person that we know went.
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