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  1. Which deadlines are you interested in? 7 week deposit was due 3 weeks after you were accepted (only a few have not paid at this point). The balance is due June 1st. You can send your paperwork to me at our address (530 S State Street Box #382) or bring it with you - but you will not be allowed to check into your room until it is completed. If there is another deadline you want to know about let me know. Josh U of M
  2. The classic is starting to fill up - we are close to full in sophmores, juniors, and seniors with paid deposits. If you have applied, and been accepted, but have not yet paid your deposit - you should send your deposit ASAP to ensure you get a spot. Josh U of M
  3. Well just returned from the TOC: 4 out of 5 of the top speakers including #1 (Tripp Rebrovick) and #2 (Chipp Schwab) and two of the four finalist debaters (Anusha Deshpande and Garrett Abelkop) were in the 7 week lab from 2004. Congrats to all of you as well as the many others who received speaker awards and were in out rounds or attending! Josh
  4. I have been highlighting the Classic Labs (so far Harris/Matheson, Kall/Phillips, Tate/Herndon) and today the legendary AB lab: Tim Alderete is well known as one of the most passionate teachers of debate in the United States. I have had prominant coaches tell me that he is the premier teacher of young debaters in the country. Tim is the debate coach at the Meadows school and was the long time coach at EGR. Tim was a debater at Northwestern University and has worked at the Classic an absurd amount of times. Daryl Burch is also well known as an innovator of argument and a passionate teacher whether for Louisville or when he was the coach at DuPont Manuel. DB has been one of the best in the activity for a very long time and he has also worked at the Classic many many times. We are very happy to have Daryl back again! This is one of the most legendary sophmore labs around. We are really glad to have both of these folks back in Ann Arbor this summer! Josh
  5. The cost of an evidence set for any camp varies from year to year. I would recommend looking at the prices for last years sets on dollarbillcopying.com, that should give you a decent idea - you also get all of your labs evidence and a copy of all the lab generics on the aff and neg. Hope all goes well, Josh
  6. Hello, As has been described at length in an earlier post on this thread there are two kinds of deposits: Normal Deposit: You pay the normal cost, You pay an application fee ($60), and a $1000 deposit within three weeks of being accepted. That deposit is refundable until June 1st. Early deposit: You pay less total, no application fee, and a non-refundable $750 deposit within three weeks of acceptance. In other words, the answer to your question depends on what type of deposit that you choose to pay. Josh
  7. Part three in my highlight a Classic Lab series: Part One: Harris/Matheson Part Two: Kall/Phillips Part Three: Tara Tate and James Herndon - Sophmore Lab Tara is the uber successful director of debate at Glenbrook South High School in Chicago. Tara has coached teams to top speaker awards and late elimination rounds at all kinds of tournaments and was also a top flight college assistant for UNT including a run to the Quarters of the NDT. Tara is well known as a great debate teacher and has been a very central part of the Michigan Classic for the last three years. James Herndon is the uber successful director of debate at Chattahochee High School in Atlanta. James has also had teams winning speaker awards and late elims at tournaments all over the country this year. James was a great debater and assistant at many successful programs in college prior to arriving in Atlanta. We are THRILLED to add James to the staff this year and think him and Tara one of the strongest teaching labs we have ever had. Josh
  8. Announcing a roster change, Sadly, Jas Brar has informed us that school issues have prevented him from attending this summer. We are very sad to lose Jas but we are glad to announce that we are adding two people to the seven week seniors lab: Roy Leftkowitz from Emory University, Roy is coming off a very successful year in which he consistently cleared all year. Roy will be joining us for all 7 weeks. Brian Grayson from Alabama, Brian also had an incredible year in which he consistently cleared at the major tournament all year. Brian will be joining the 7 week seniors for the last 4 weeks. Josh U of M
  9. Yao X2 is correct on the deposit issue There are two ways to pay a deposit for the Michigan Debate Camps: 1. Traditional - Pay a $60 application fee that is independant of tuition, then a $1000 deposit within three weeks of being accepted, finally add in the balance (the deposit is subtracted from this). For instance, the Classic costs $3,350 - $1,000 deposit = $2,350 balance to be paid by June 1st. The benefit of using this method is flexibility - the deposit is refundable until June 1st. 2. Early Deposit - you pay no application fee and less total tuition. You pay a $750 deposit instead of a $1000 deposit. The difference is that the deposit - once you are accepted to the camp - becomes non-refundable. So, for the Classic - the early deposit total tuition is $3,200 - so, subtract the $750 = $2,450 balance payable by June 1st. For the Classic you save $210 by going the early deposit route. Josh
  10. last year I believe ethernet was $35 and fridge was $50. I will check on rates with conferences. Josh
  11. As mentioned, I am highlighting some of the incredible labs we have this summer - Last week was the Harris Matheson senior lab. This week is the Kall Phillips junior lab: Aaron Kall is the assistant director at the University of Michigan - he has coached an NDT finalist, two first round bid teams, scores of speaker award winners including the top speaker at the 2005 Novice Nationals tournament this year. Aaron has accomplished all this in four years as a coach. In addition, virtually every student in his lab last summer is returning to U of M this summer for camp which says a ton about how much people enjoyed his lab. Aaron has worked at the University of Michigan camp and the University of Kentucky camp. Scotty Phillips is a multiple time first round bid recipient to the NDT including a top five bid recipient. Scotty has gotten as far as quarterfinals of the NDT and won speaker awards at virtually every major college tournament. Scotty is also a former TOC champ. Scotty is one of the funniest lab leaders you will ever work with and is especially good listening to practice debates and speech redoes. Scotty has worked at the University of Michigan camp for three summers. Its hard to go wrong with this lab. If you are a rising junior you should apply for one of the few remaining slots. Josh
  12. Hello, I am going to spotlight one of our excellent Classic Labs once a week for the next few weeks. This week the spotlight is on one of the most storied labs at the Classic the Matheson/Harris lab: Calum Matheson was the directors of the fellows for the last two years and now is one of the leaders of the UNT scholars program. Calum was a multiple time semi-finalist at the NDT and also a finalist at CEDA nationals for Michigan State. The Michigan Classic is the only camp that you can work with Calum for four weeks at. Scott Harris is the person who has the longest tenure at the Classic - He is the coach of dozens of first round bid recipients (including 2005), multiple NDT semi-finalists, and is widely recognized as one of the most innovative strategists in college debate. This lab has consistently produced excellence in competitive debate - The Harris lab at the University of Michigan has produced coaches and debaters as good as Mike Eber and our own Aaron Kall. This lab is, without a doubt, one of the best four week labs in the country for seniors. Hope everyone is having a great year, Josh
  13. I am sure Aaron will answer this, but no, as long as you have sent aaron and I an email explaining the situation there is no need for more application style paperwork. Hope all goes well, Josh U of M
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