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  1. which coaches are coming from lex/where are you guys staying
  2. http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/pmc/v012/12.3tate.html
  3. i'm going to!!111 cant wait to see u guyz
  4. i'm here, i debated in high school - jms2228 at columbia dot edu
  5. sure - drop me an email at jeremy dot sklaroff at gmail dot com and i'll get back to you
  6. I'm planning on going to MoMA (in NY) to see him introduce a screening of the film. Anyone else?
  7. He's a she. You're kidding, right?
  8. lol yeah edgemont sucks at security
  9. These terror turns are marginally strategic in that they allow the affirmative to not answer framework in the 1AR, since it can concede discourse arguments and argue that aff rhetoric is key to defeat terrorists. However, they don't do anything to actually resolve the securitization debate - if the negative wins that realism is a bad IR doctrine and threat presentations lead to violence then the terror turns are examples of dangerous discourse. However, if the aff wins their presentations are accurate and specific, and that realism is good, then the turns are (obviously) a reason to vote aff.
  10. I'm looking for evidence that makes the claim that eliminating long-term, systemic impacts is more important than avoiding immediate, low-probability impacts any help is appreciated
  11. did you get tickets to the gun show?
  12. Ian and my plan text is: The United States federal government should reorient its subjectivity towards an ethic of parrhesia. We defend ethics and Greek as reasons to prefer.
  13. " What We Believe All arguments and opinions reflected on this website are either of a conservative or libertarian standpoint. " http://www.rebirthoffreedom.org/aboutus.html oh.
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