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  1. At some point between when I graduated high school and now, debaters got boring.
  2. I conclude this new conclusions thread is lackluster on its best days. I conclude no more.
  3. Brianne


    yay big brother
  4. All I'm saying is he sounds like a real fuck.
  5. Brianne

    hi mountain folk

    kirby's got a girlfriend!!!! (boyfriend?)
  6. Brianne

    Happy Birthday

    representin' sandy patrick. word, lady!
  7. She'll be thrilled, I'm sure.
  8. Charlotte/Kayla drew the bye to nats Lucy/Trummel + Schmerge/Lewis awaiting results...
  9. No Downs: Charlotte/Kayla One Down: Gillette Boys Gillette Boy/Girl Schmerge/Cassie A round just ended
  10. Brianne


    Everyone needs to just chill the fuck out, seriously. Josh, stop being so defensive. I never claimed to be a better debater than you...stop defending what I assume you precieve to be your man hood by preaching about how awesome you are. You're better than me...congrats. I'm too busy sharpening my razors to kill myself to finish writing this. Who cares. Good job everyone at state. Stop bitching.
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