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  1. I'd be cutting PKK / kurdish independence da's like crazy. Disarm CP will absorb many aff advantages, and arguably excludes many affs that'll presuppose the existence of the military post plan. Certainly most of their evidence will unless they're going hardcore K. Surge CP: massive boost in forces, and then withdraw. Like delay, only spicier. "We'll leave... through Iran/North Korea" Local politics DAs will be tricky to cut but worth it. Complete withdrawal would include the embassy & many liaison-type things, cp to keep them open.
  2. Who is to say that the energy incentives are not the things which are alternative? Pizza for coal seems a pretty alternative incentive. Coal is energy.
  3. Try starting slow and then speeding it up gradually, slowing back down whenever you say um.
  4. The value is in the pretty sheepskin they give you at the end of college, not the education. It's all signalling.
  5. bhn7

    [AFF] Global Warming

    Shit, just iron-fert some nigerian coastal waters. I like random cases.
  6. bhn7

    [AFF] Global Warming

    All you need is one damn card that says that global warming will create a public health crisis, or that it increases malaria-carrying mosquito populations in sub-saharan Africa. You can fight the extra-T.
  7. bhn7

    Amazing article

    It's about AIDS, and actually fairly good in a funky-ass kritik way, especially if you want somewhat vague evidence that you can "extend" in whatever direction later. The important part is making sure to emphasize the quote on page 416: "but the plague country is not inhabited by sexy vampires." This should be shouted at maximum volume, while you jab in the air with your pen. The article is "The Plague of Utopias" by Elana Gomel. Winter 2000, Twentieth Century Literature. It's on JSTOR, otherwise here's a WWW link: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0403/is_4_46/ai_75141042 I found a reason to use that quote every single year.
  8. bhn7

    US vs. China in Africa

    If you like huge hegemony debates the china CP with the advantage of subverting US hegemony is going to be the way to go. Although you could go the opposite route, and argue that African adventures never gave anyone a long-term advantage. The only reason they give a damn are the mineral and oil sources, but those are global markets (it doesn't matter if you're influential with the suppliers; all that matters is price which is a function of global supply and demand) and all the African countries are still tiny players anyway.
  9. Shut off the flow of advanced antibiotics, or a particular "reserve" antibiotic, or institute restrictions on their use, to sub-Saharan Africa. Which prevents a global antibiotic-resistant TB epidemic from killing us all.
  10. bhn7

    [AFF] Prisons

    The african prison system is an absolute fucking nightmare - absurdly packed in, long delays for trials mean that being sent to one for pre-trial detention is essentially a life / death sentence, starvation rations, arbitrary abuse by guards, etc. Somehow promoting shutting some of them down on public health grounds, or giving funding for slightly less hellish ones, would let you apply a lot of the groovy philosophy of prisons evidence (foucault and other more obscure ones). I'm sure they're disease vectors; there's gotta be AIDS and drug-resistant TB literature out there.
  11. Nothing is inevitable except for as far as everything is inevitable given infinite time.
  12. It's all about the benjamins. If you're competent enough, it won't matter where you've gone to undergrad, and you'll do it without a house worth of debt.
  13. bhn7

    Fried food!

    That movie is a lie.
  14. My bad, Tim Kaine (the current governor of Virginia) gave the response. Realistically, it's improbable that any Democrat can win the deep South. The only times they're able to make headway is if they're able to channel economic populism, and that'll be very dependent on the economy. The places you're competing for are the swing states, and in those, you're better off playing to your strengths in this particular situation. Granted, there are situations like Gore in 00 where if he would have tempered his support for gun control (or tempered any number of other positions) he probably would have won, but this isn't 00; that was an election where comparatively few people cared about the outcome. The groups in the democratic coalition really want to win, all they need is someone they can be excited about and they'll go for it. Plus, if by some chance they pass the new campaign finance bill to cut off 527s, they'll need the money that playing to the base gets.
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