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  1. Stegotch

    VHSL States

    ...and most of them have incorrect speaker awards. Tee hee hee
  2. The UVA tournament has been rescheduled to March 29. The original date sat between Good Friday and Easter, which could leave some teams unable to attend even if they qualify. This might throw off some people's schedules, especially folks who planned to judge. If it does, we'll try to arrange something.
  3. March 22= Region II tourney at UVA
  4. So, the October debate is not happening. I realized that I'd be way too busy in the first few weeks of October to plan and promote an invitational at the same time as trying to keep up with normal school work. I want to give myself more time to plan any tournament we host. We'll still hold the Spring regional tournament and possibly an invitational either in late fall or spring, and I'll keep you all posted on that. Steve
  5. UVA wants to get an invitational organized for October 13-- I posted another thread about this in the tournaments forum. So far, there doesn't seem to be any conflicts for this date, and it falls the week before WACFL1.
  6. That's good to know-- I'll run that by my group (The Washington Society), and we'll work something out. The tournaments will hopefully represent LD and policy, and we plan on having two separate events-- an invitational in the fall around October 13 and the regional tournament in Feb or March. We are still in the planning process, though, so there's room for change.
  7. Yo. You may know this already, but UVA will be hosting the next VHSL regional tournament sometime in early February. This year, however, we also want to put together a Fall invitational tournament, so you guys get two chances to debate in a pretty sweet place. Before we can hold this tournament, I will need to determine a date, and so far October 13 seems to be the most feasible day to host it. So, how would this date work for everyone? It's the week before WACFL, so you can test all those crazy affs that you've been devising since camp ended. Steve
  8. You just haven't figured out how to adapt to bananas' judging preferences.
  9. Apparently, in 1957, the dominant speaking style left everyone with a voice somewhere between Elmer Fudd and Yogi Bear. And it sounded persuasive, kinda.
  10. I'm judging. Take that as you will.
  11. You all missed the amazing parade of wrong turns, missing exits, and wacko drivers that became our mini roadtrip to Thomas Edison. It was a party of two, but a damn good party it was.
  12. I'd be all for it, but certain things are going on that day that keep me from going. Call Lauren from TomJohn-- she goes to UVA. So does Jesse Warlick.
  13. I'm judging for TJ. And to do that I had to sign a contract forbidding me from talking to any current or former SBHS debaters at any time. ...Just kidding. On one count.
  14. Most likely a healthy mix of parents, coaches, and college kids. Participating schools hire their own judges, so there's no specific demographic.
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