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  1. Just a quick clarification if someone could, since I am behind on reading all of these threads.... Is there still a PHSSL camp happening this summer? When/where is it? I will be out of the country for most of the summer, but around that time I've got nothing to do if I could assist in any way. And of course I'd be willing to help Mr. Berry with anything in Wilkes-Barre since I live practically down the street from Kings.
  2. I haven't been on C-X for quite some time and I have some threads to catch up on, but a quick thought on communication: I love google. And setting up google-groups is really easy. Collect all of the email addresses of everyone on here, add them to the listserve, and your communications issue can be simplified. It also clears up the negative rep of PA that is given off by anyone not familiar with PA debate who might read this forum (as Mr. Hyland has mentioned re: VA teams) without a very full context of what debate has been like recently. At first I thought this might exclude people, but there is no reason they couldn't be added to the listserve. It's easy. You get an email every time someone emails the listserve. I would be more than willing to set up the group and administer it, although someone will have to take over this summer because I will be without electricity/internet for pretty lenghty periods of time. Yay? Nay?
  3. Last night I was told the count was 11.
  4. Because of some last minute drops, JV and V will be collapsed. (Novice is separate.) I will try to post a list tomorrow of all the schools who will be in attendance, I just don't have it now. I'm going to be giving tours of Georgetown, so make sure to take one! =)
  5. I'll be juding on Thursday night if anyone cares.... for Pennsbury. That's a new one. And Steve - if you have that weekend free (the 9th and 10th), I think Georgetown may still need to hire judges for its tournaments. $175 cash for all the prelims.
  6. The registration deadline for the Georgetown University Cherry Blossom Tournament is this Friday, 2/16/2007. Please see the original post to find the links to the registration information and also to complete your registration online. There are a lot of teams already registered and we're sure that this will be one tournament you don't want to miss! Also, feel free to email me or IM me with any questions regarding the tournament. Thanks, Sarah Ancas Georgetown University
  7. The registration deadline for the Georgetown University Cherry Blossom Tournament is this Friday, 2/16/2007. Please see my original post to find the links to the registration information and also to complete your registration online! This will be one tournament you don't want to miss! Also, feel free to email me with any questions.
  8. Ok the econ disad, here's your story: Strong perception of fiscal discipline is key to keeping up investor confidence. Plan ruins that perception and investors are like 'shit, we are not longer investing in the US, they just keep on spending,' so they pull out their investments and the US economy crashes. WWIII, etc... So the details - how does the economy crash? Investors are in fact paying for the deficit that our USFG has created by continuing to spend even though we do not have the money. We are able to keep spending and having a deficit because investors (largely from China, the people you talk about in your disad) buy US goverment treasury bonds, allowing the government to spend the money that they recieve. These bonds are like a loan to our government. Investors give the USFG money and in return they get a bond that can be cashed at x future date with interest. Your scenario is suggesting that they will stop buying these bonds and that they will cash them in, at which time the government will need to pay back all of these loans. Oh wait - our government doesn't have the money! This is now a problem. I'm quite sure that this is what your scenario suggests will happen. So the problem in CX: Mike asks: What about the deficit right now? Why hasn't the economy crashed yet? You answer: The deficit right now has nothing to do with it. It's incorrect that the deficit has nothing to do with it. I don't think Mike continued on with the line of questioning completely so he didn't tease this argument out, but it's really all about the deficit. But your disad (I believe) is not dead! Understanding this, you can definitely make a decent brink argument related to the new congress. Right now investors are looking for fiscal discipline (e.g. reduced spending) from the new congress and if they see it, they'll keep investing. But plan creates the crucial signal that this will not happen even now with the dems in control, so they'll pull out believing that we will never get our accounts balanced. It's not necessarily the deficit alone that will cause our economy to crash, it's the combination with investor pullout that causes problems. So I'm not an econ major or anything, but I do believe I've got the story straight. And added clarifications (hi - Louis - you go to Warton...) are welcome. =)
  9. Manuel, I think your comments are really out of line here. First, only one judge has really given what could be seen as somewhat of a cohesive explanation of his whole RFD (Louis) while Ankur hasn't replied and I only mentioned one aspect of my thought process. It's a bit hasty to say that we can't justify our ballots. I'd agree that we don't think it's necessary to post-round, post-tournament write out books on our decisions when we simply don't have the time to waste on a debate forum. As mentioned before, you really do not have an acurate idea of exactly what was said all round since you were not there for all of it. Second, I think most people here know that Ankur, Louis and I are not unintelligent people nor do we make decisions for teams we supposedly favor for unknown reasons. None of us voted for LaSalle for any reason other than what we saw happen in that round. The ethical accusations are way overboard. It would be a lot more productive to have your team get a better understanding of their econ disad or to have them re-do the 2NR with our ballots in mind. They dropped a lot of arguments on the econ flow when they kicked it that could be easily crossed applied to politics that really needed to be addressed (impact analysis). This is quite obviously going nowhere. Hope everyone has a nice day.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. It's the later deadline on the website.
  11. So I'm not about to go read my flows at 9 AM before I have class, but as far as I remember, this argument is simply not in the block and I gave a lot more weight to this solvency deficit rather than voting on 'States can't fund a national program' argument. (I even wrote on my flow 'new arg' next to it when it appeared in the 2AR.) I don't think this answer is articulated well at all in the 2AR either, nor does it make much sense to me. There needs to be a national signal to get it started and organize it, not to keep it going. LaSalle does consistenly extend this at least and it's a reason for a pretty big solvency problem for the CP. If there was a 3 page debate above already about this argument, sorry for my late post which is probably less comprehensive. On another note, I did not talk to Louis/Ankur about any specific evidence being read at all before my decision was made. I think the extent of our chatting was 'O can you pass me x piece of evidence' or 'do you have this?' I really don't even know what Manuel was talking about, unless I missed something between Ankur and Louis, but I doubt it. (Maybe it's because I have an ear infection and couldn't hear, likewise how I couldn't hear half of the 1NC, even after I shouted louder twice.) I took a long time to make a decision because I was trying to write out something coherently on my ballot and I always take a long time because I like to double check things going through my head a few times even if it's a straight-forward decision. (and I'm not saying this round was a simple/straight-forward decision.) Likewise I agree, Manuel can just strike us next time your team competes at a PA tournament if you think we are somehow 'unethical' judges. And that's all the time I have boys and girls, so that will probably be the last of my responses. Have a great day!
  12. The problem with trying to get to/judge at PHSSL: It's in the middle of nowhere and there is no way to get there. And that's most likely the reason I probably will never see that tournament again....
  13. It's my birthday so there is no way I'm replying now. Perhaps tomorrow...
  14. The first annual Georgetown University Cherry Blossom Tournament will be held March 10-12, 2007 (Saturday-Monday) on the main campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The spring is a fabulous time to visit the area! We are excited about the level of competition, quality judging, prizes and Georgetown entertainment offered locally. Having commitments from outstanding teams from at least five different states already, this tournament will be an intense weekend of competition. Our tournament will offer Policy debate in Novice, JV and Varsity levels assuming there is demand to fill the divisions. In the Policy Varsity division there will be seven debates and in the policy novice and junior varsity divisions and Public Forum there will be six rounds of debate. In addition we will host a Lincoln Douglas Round Robin. Please accept our invitation to the tournament and join us for what promises to be an exciting and intellectually rigorous weekend in March. Further information on scheduling and logistics is available at http://debate.georgetown.edu/2007CherryBlossom.html, and teams may register online at https://www4.georgetown.edu/uis/keyb...fm?FormID=1714. Sarah Ancas Georgetown University
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