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  1. where is nat quals this year?
  2. Fido

    Boise Local Tourneys

    So when are they? I can't seem to find an actual calendar with dates'n such.....maybe more information will be available when people go back to school :-)
  3. what's left this year?
  4. !!! because you wouldn't help me!
  5. thanks, very helpful Tony :-) see you guys at 4:00.....
  6. yusuf- k. Penci- thanks. keep talking debaters, don't you want competent judges? :-)
  7. Hi everyone, I'm judging tomorrow at Capital and don't know anything about the topic. Can I get a quick rundown on the rez and common cases/disads/whatever else is important. Sorry I should spend more time researching all of cross-x or whatever, but I know it varies a lot by region so I wanted the input of local debaters/judges. Thanks... Megan
  8. Fido


    zac, you are the epitome of moral indecency <3, your ex girlfriend.
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