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  1. This is from a former student who would be a great hire: My name is Jack Manchester, I'm a freshman at Wake this year, and I'm available to judge a full commitment for anyone needing it. I'm more than willing to help cut files pre-TOC and coach at the tournament in addition to filling round obligations. I would need transportation and lodging. If you need the extra help, feel free to email/message me at- jmichaelmanchester@gmail.com. Hopefully I can be of some assistance! If you would like a reference for him please email me.
  2. New Trier High School in Winnetka Illinois seeks Assistant Coach(es) New Trier High School has TWO positions open for Assistant Coaches for the 2011-2012 school year. The New Trier High School Speech Debate Team is a nationally competitive program that competes in Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, congress debate and Individual Events. The Assistant Coaches will work closely with the current Director of Debate (Aaron Vinson) and Director of Forensics (PJ Samorian). The full details are here, or copy and paste the link below. http://www.applitrack.com/NewTrier/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?category=Performing+Arts%2FSpeech+%26+Theatre+-Stipend If you have questions you can email Aaron Vinson - awvinson at gmail dot com
  3. The 2005 NFL's was a rare feat where the two teams were both from Montgomery Bell Academy. So it should be MBA LR and MBA BW http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/Rostrum/ha0905polbarton.pdf
  4. Can you go into greater detail about the debate utility for specific UberStudent programs? On a basic level, what specific ways did you use KeepNote or Zotero beyond their obvious designs regarding note taking and research? Is there a reason these programs are uniquely good for paperless debate? On a more advanced level, what other programs in the UberStudent package for paperless debate? I'd be interested in their cloud application that they hint at in their introduction. Thanks in advance.
  5. Last year Planet Debate did that awesome thing where they collected all of the camp files and lectures onto a single page. Is that happening again this year? If so can someone paste the link.
  6. It would seem like the best way to both congratulate the hardworking students who performed so well at NFL's AND have a discussion on the rich/poor or small school/national circuit divide would be to have a separate thread for the latter discussion. Then you can have thread A) be about: the rich/poor gap, people's credibility, the horrors of national circuit debate, past injustices from when you were in high school and other relevant issues AND have thread be about: how awesome Whitney Young is, how awesome Rowland Hall is, how much fun you had at NFL's, asking about the actual debates, etc. Also. How has no one else pointed out the irony in that the thread is in the National Circuit forum?
  7. I guess my question would be, do you think Latin America will be debated or trade will? Sure, there will be some of both but I would bet it would be more trade than anything else. And trade is always debated too - probably more than Russia or China. I haven't read the topic paper (because the links discussed in an earlier thread take you to planet debate where the individual topic paper links are broken) but it seems like the phrase "Latin America" is left over from the 20 years since it has been debated. If you thought the Sub Saharan Africa K was annoying...
  8. so what affs do you think would be topical? it seems that based on what tim and glass have said, conditioned affs would be possible but not required. what definition of economic engagement would exclude the possibility of a condition? the one we've been talking about was about economic statecraft and the example was favored nation status in exchange for something. what would be a good aff under your topic? i still think fiating a us condition does not mean you are fiating a chinese response. that's part of the debate. sure there are 2ac tricks...but that's the whole idea, to give the aff strategic options.
  9. thanks tim - i think your earlier post where you used trade status as an example also applies to anyone else who had similar thoughts (or i am alone). so it seems that economic engagement was a way for topical affs to have the usfg be able to do an unconditional action (economic incentives like paying for something regardless of a change in chinese policy) AND the usfg be able to do a conditional action (tim's example of trade status in exchange for currency appreciation). so your point on quid pro quo was just that topical affs didnt HAVE to be quid pro quo, but many will. right?
  10. tim - you said that the committee felt that economic engagement avoided effects arguments, but would affs that conditioned trade policies (favored nation status, prohibiting a specific import, etc) be topical? it seems like they would and that they would prove that the term economic engagement linked to the same effects argument because they would be an "economic carrot" that effectually impacted china's economy.
  11. awv

    CP: ban education

    is debate a form of education? hmm...
  12. i was wondering if the jobs for sheboygan north and brookfield central had been filled or will be looking for coaches for 2009-2010. its hard to find listings on the district websites (always difficult for debate jobs) and there didnt seem to be any formal announcements. if there are other schools in the area that will be looking for coaches/didnt have coaches in 2008-2009 that information would also be useful. thanks in advance for any information.
  13. awv


    cant remember it all, but: quarters Glenbrook South CL d. Blue Valley North Glenbrook North FF v Glenbrook South LL Celebration v Stuyvesant Highland d. Kansas City Central
  14. actually. its kind of intriguing. considering people do ncaa brackets for the toc, why not do it for a draft.
  15. if i remember correctly, this thread was about how three women directors of debate and a minority director of debate had just achieved an amazing accomplishment, not how some people think debate is elitist. perhaps if you were correct about this large school/small school/elite school distinction you could still applaud their accomplishment that a female/minority director of debate had been able to rise to command such a high position of stature instead of bickering over toc results for the last couple of years. in particular, in the case of the schools/directors steve was applauding on this years accomplishments were female and minority coaches who had resurrected once, what you call "elite" programs... your statistics dont show that pre-tara tate gbs had not done as well at the toc, or in the year before christina talungan coached gbn, gbn did not even clear a team at the toc. or my favorite, how a minority director of debate has created that dominance which you say makes greenhill an "elite" school. or the similar turn around/steady guidance provided by nicole serrano? nah. lets just talk about how debate is elitist. in ANOTHER thread. well done.
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