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  1. I'm really sorry. I love y'all and your tournament.
  2. Why sell out your card-independence when you could just analytically defend your use of analytic arguments in a given situation. After all, it's not like "you have no cards" is usually a carded argument.
  3. The relevant question is not the reason why CP is better than P, but the fact that the CP is better than both the P and CP and P combined. If the reason the CP solves better is mitigated by combining CP and P or part of CP and P, then it's competitive. If the CP does something external to the P that could just be tacked on to the original text, the CP's not legitimate.
  4. Oh, hell no, you did not. The Simpsons have been getting better and better over the last couple years. Some of my favorite episodes (e.g., PPASSCCATAG, Left Below) have been very recent. Simpsons 4 lyfe, yo.
  5. Hi, everybody. Re: veggies Not really, no. We can survive easily without killing these sentient beings; organically raising meat doesn't change this fact. [brief explanation of this argument here: http://www.utilitarian.net/singer/by/1995----02.htm] The fact remains that most humans can easily avoid the additional slaughter of billions of animals. I don't think vegetarians are "kidding themselves" about saving every animal life; I bet a lot of vegetarians still swat mosquitos. That doesn't mean it's not a very good idea to reduce unnecessary slaughter of animals by a massive amount. This professor proposes a "ruminant-pasture" model. Remember that this is not the squo - factory farming is not so good. Also, the data (datum?) for this are (is?) very sketchy; the only cited study here deals with one population of voles. Your post also does not respond to the social and ecological motivations for vegetarianism. re: Hitler http://www.all-creatures.org/mfz/myths-hitler-rb.html, not that this matters very much. I'm still waiting for that really persuasive carniverous post to sway me back to meat-eating. In truth, meat does taste good; I just haven't seen any very good reason for eating in light of the drawbacks. Vegetarian?, - Leo
  6. Update: I am trying out vegetarianism.
  7. Pickwickian, this is an admirable post. I am not vegetarian now, but you have convinced me to seriously consider changing my diet. Thank you.
  8. I challenge you to a topicality debate in which you define "federal" as a verb.
  9. It's diction, not grammar :-)
  10. I'm with Ankur. We had a (fairly important) round against GBall in which they ran nuclear Malthus; in the block, they hid a wipeout argument that we missed in the 1AR. My 2AR mostly consisted of making fun of the argument and cross-applying analytics about how we shouldn't cause the certain death of every human for a speculative scenario. And it worked!
  11. Your put-downs are silly given that Pickwickian is correct. Dictionary.com, cardshark's source, says that to moot (verb) is Nowhere on the dictionary.com page does "moot" mean "render irrelevant."
  12. His post was (disturbingly) edited by JustinK.
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