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  1. I'd also be curious what you thought about teams going "in's and out's"
  2. Dear Mr. St. Martin, Two key questions: Do you like speed? Are you fine with tag teaming? I heard you cut all of NWU FW and Wake GL's evidence. I've forwarded your philosophy to Mr. Paul.
  3. seattle

    T - Space

    Though international law suggests that outer space and celestial bodies are distinct, the Outer Space Treaty also implies that celestial bodies are included in outer space. For example: States Parties to the Treaty shall carry on activities in the exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, in accordance with international law, including the Charter of the United Nations, in the interest of maintaining international peace and security and promoting international cooperation and understanding.
  4. Nate Cohn, Whitman College 10' ndcohn@gmail.com cohnnd@whitman.edu Interested in working in preparation for, or at, the TOC. Experience: First Round to NDT, top 25 speaker and elimination participant at all major tournaments; debated as a small school at TOC. Three notes: Have limited experience with this high school topic. I like cutting politics cards. Travel expenses from my isolated town on the wind swept steppe of the interior west are likely relatively high.
  5. i told you his name was spelled phenetically this weekend
  6. Champ Speakers 1 Jenny Abrahamson Holy Names 2 Alex Abel Boise 3 Wenyu Zhang Eagle 4 Paul Kanellopoulos Mercer Island 5 Carolyn Gilbert Mount Vernon 6 Blake Barnett Gig Harbor 7 Ava Fox Gulliver Prep 8 John Hill Timberline 9 Sam King South Eugene 10 Dakota Alcantara-Camacho Mercer Island 11 Laurel Fish Saint Georges 12 Shaun Engstrom Boise 13 Will Gent South Eugene 14 Sophia Yan South Eugene 15 Anna Oommen Mount Vernon 16 Lauren Wheelwright Holy Names 17 Andrew Myers Mead 18 Allison Humble Gig Harbor 19 Wilson Faust Lewis and Clark 20 Alex Ades Gulliver Prep
  7. Jamal 6 Omar, Somali Justice Advocacy Center, US NEWSWIRE, U.S Policy of Terrorist Appeasement Led to Increase of Al-Qaeda Activities in East Africa, Says Somali Justice Advocacy Center., pg. 1 U.S policy of terrorist appeasement towards Somalia, and inaction of the Security Council led to the increase of Al-Qaeda activities in East Africa Region: SJAC received information from Somalia that the suicide bombing left Muqdisho to carry out the foiled mission to kill Somali president. On Tuesday Sept. 18, 2006 at about 1:30 p.m. in Somalia time, a suicide bomb using a car crashed against presidential convey in front of the parliament building left carnage behind: eight people, including the president's brother and staff were killed, many others wounded.
  8. yes, but we don't tell...shhh
  9. i think the flag was for mourning the death of scott phillips
  10. seattle


    Georgia was also 35-14 against 1st rounds while Oklahoma was 26-17 -- Georgia led in nearly every statistical catagory
  11. seattle

    CEDA Nats 07

    PNW @ CEDA Matt Schissler, Bellingham, WA, Whitman - Quarters Ross Richenderfer, Mt. Vernon, WA, Whitman - Quarters Jimi Durkee, Mt. Vernon, WA, Michigan State - Quarters Jessica Yeats, Coeur D'Alane, ID, Idaho State - Octos Paul Montreuil, Boise, ID, Idaho State - Octos Eric Chalfant, Oak Harbor, WA, Whitman - Doubles Sam Allen, Boise, ID, Whitman - Doubles Nate Cohn, Auburn, WA, Whitman - Doubles Nick Bormann, Spokane, WA, Gonzaga - Doubles Nichelle Klosterboer, Eugene, OR, Idaho State - Triples Tony Johnson, Boise, ID, Wyoming - Triples Mike Bausch, Boise, ID, Wyoming - Triples Meghan Hughes, Auburn, WA, Whitman - Triples
  12. seattle

    CEDA Nats 07

    one more: Jimi Durkee, WA, Quarters
  13. seattle

    CEDA Nats 07

    PNW @ CEDA Matt Schissler, WA - Quarters Ross Richenderfer, WA - Quarters Jessica Yeats, ID - Octos Paul Montreuil, ID - Octos Eric Chalfant, WA - Doubles Sam Allen, ID - Doubles Nate Cohn, WA - Doubles Nick Bormann, WA - Doubles Nichelle Klosterboer, OR - Triples Tony Johnson, ID - Triples Mike Bausch, ID - Triples Meghan Hughes, WA - Triples
  14. congrats to gig harbor on a well deserved state championship and congrats to mead on an impressive break out tournament - non-senior teams who took 2nd at state before have won the last two years.
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