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  1. I am so offended that you call them "tommy's" rules
  2. i always tend towards apple laptops because of the exceptional build quality and customer service. also of all the laptops i have taken apart they offer the cleanest setups which makes replacing parts (upgrading?) easy. however lenovo is also good personnally i'd just buy a netbook and a desktop for the same price hmm those are my thoughts
  3. dear eagle hire me thanks
  4. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=83039& "For Leopard it appears that iAtkos is the easiest way. Since 10.5.1 Nvidia kexts doesn't work you need to boot with -s option (single user mode) at boot and delete or move NVDAResman.kext in order to boot in the GUI." http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=79526&
  5. ima buy one in three generations
  6. need contacts please martinibouquet#gmail.com as always, if anyone is looking for coaching or whatever feel free to contact me judge guy with beard
  7. i saw how you dress with your pants you can't wear over boots and argyle accessories
  8. debating in idaho in high school it was effective for me to frame kritiks as case turns in front of judges who were less then receptive to them. rather than reading an alternative and focusing on impact scenarios i'd turn solvency due to an alternative causality for the harms. this way you get to frame your impacts in minor terms and are not as susceptible to getting bogged down and pigeon-holed in the impact (economic and state security) and agency/framework (hippies vs the government) debates that these judges may have bias towards. focus on particular arguments and evidence they make in the one ac and turn each independently - your links go on the advantages flow and your impacts on the solvency flow. so long as you frame your argument in terms of the one ac presented you afford yourself better ground on which to mediate your argument and avoid playing into any games that most teams would usually use to take advantage of you.
  9. Papa Smurf


  10. ditto scu and skoolasspunk and some notes on writing a shell: use long tags that explain the argument in a language that you are comfortable with. although your argument might be as simple as "racist reps bad, racism bad, reject racism" it is in your best interest to explain the nuances of the argument (the significance of these representations, internal links, and the like). try and use language that is in the evidence, feel free to use quotations and arguments from other pieces of evidence (try and cite them, footnotes work well here) that you might not want to read in the round but are useful clarifications. these tags will clarify your argument and help frame the round - try and include arguments to this effect in your tags that you'll likely repeat throughout the debate. always put your most offensive cards in the shell. if you're serious about the kritik (i mean that it your primary negative argument and you aren't invested in theory debates on other parts of the flow) be sure to take advantage of the fact that you are a cheater: a good link card will probably also include answers to the permutation that you don't need to flesh out in the 1nc but can extend in the block, as well as the impact and alternative evidence (framing, impact turns, non-unique - whatever you expect the 2ac to say) . this will make you look smart for utilizing your evidence effectively and give you a leg-up in the block as you'll have a couple of answers to the 2ac that they likely ignored and lots of time to explain them. also, as skoolasspunk said, stay away from using too many cards. you just need a few strong, offensive cards to make most of the arguments you'll need to make, otherwise you risk repeating yourself all of the time. kritiks as they function in debate are relatively simple - the best way to keep it that way is to build a fluency around your argument that will allow you to make arguments that cards might in fewer words. i really want to include something about a billion shitty rounds i've been involved and judged where kritik debaters read sixty cards in the block and there is no way of distinguishing what they are doing from the affirmative, and so i am in this sentence.
  11. are you sure you don't get some perverse pleasure out of condescending an activity that didn't care much for you now that you have new-age clarity (those hoity-toity philosophers using all of those big words to state something so obvious!)? doesn't it bother you that some of the people in those circles you defend are the same sort of violent pricks debate produces (wise shamans and priests or whatever hitting on younger girls looking to them for clarity, ultra-passive hippies, et cetera)? don't get me wrong, i am of similar background and have always enjoyed you, but come on pal!
  12. too late, ben gibbard sucks
  13. cam cam cold calculated: my observation is that it was cold and calculated like an angry guy who woke up with a death wish rather than it was cold and calculated like a militant guy with radical extremist terrorist ties and years of preparation. if guy wanted to really commit some violence he probably could've killed many more people given the routine on military bases (officers meetings, officers quarters, meal times, et cetera) and the various weapons available to him (why stop at a gun when you have access to loads of ordinance and munitions?). throw in his psychology background and the oxymoronic nature of his work and you've got loads of ulterior motive.
  14. just a clarifying note us today says he was jordanian born in america. also, as far as accounts go, "cold and calculated" seems wildly inaccurate given his weapons training and access to munitions and familiarity with fort routine and the like.
  15. no offense, but if you actually think that critique/kritikal affirmatives are designed in an exactly similar way to critiques, you are foolish.
  16. i didn't read that but today i saw your mustangs at a photo shoot
  17. in english "tommy ferguson" means idiot and/or moronic
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