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  1. I'll be there! Not sure about my hubby, but I'll definitely be making an appearance.
  2. That's wonderful! I just sent him a congratulatory email!
  3. I'm sorry! But you know what...we'll all get to know you. And then you won't feel like an outsider. It will happen before you know it. Hang in there!
  4. Probably so...I'll drop the a note today and volunteer...but yes I had planned on it. I probably won't be there until Saturday though...but I certainly hope I get to you...you are right it's been too long. Yay! Mine too. Wonderful! I am really looking forward to this weekend!! I can hardly wait to see all of you again.
  5. I'll be heading up to visit up there this weekend. I definitely wouldn't miss a tournament that is named after Bruce Rogers.
  6. TCC is basically taking the year off so I can adjust to married life. But I will try to get out on the circuit some (every now and again).
  7. Fall break down here too... And my nephews and my birthday weekend...so no traveling from us either.
  8. Happy birthday! I hope that it is a good one! -Vaughn
  9. Happy Belated birthday to both Chris and Rob. I do understand how hard the 25th birthday can be...that one was harder for me than 30 actually, oddly enough....and I can definitely empathize with the black dress. I felt the same way. -Vaughn
  10. Elizvaughn

    Big News

    Congrats Tom. I wish you the best...welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning. Vaughn
  11. I'll be up about 1ish....I'm not bringing kids but I wanted to spend some time with all of you wonderful people!! Vaughn
  12. Elizvaughn

    Governor's Honors

    Congrats!! If you need anything while you are down this way let me know....Valdosta is only about 30 minutes from me...so I'll be happy to go get Febreeze or anything that you may need while you are there. Just keep me posted. Vaughn
  13. Oh so true....except...I think you have the best smile messed up...that would have to be me of course.... but the lottery ticket and losing it...you have that RIGHT!! Seems like I always lose things huh? ha ha!!
  14. Jeff- I completely agree with Mrs. R....you should definitely run for mod again. Vaughn
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