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  1. My name is Zach Baum and I'm a freshman at GW looking to judge (and coach / cut cards if you need) at local tournaments. I've already judged at a few tournaments this year for my old school and have some familiarity with the topic. In high school, I debated at Edgemont in NY, where I qualified for the TOC twice. I can provide a complete tournament record if you need one. Pay is negotiable. Contact - Zachary.Baum@Gmail.com
  2. Josh, do you have an updated email address? Does anyone else know it? Thanks.
  3. Edgemont needs their judging commitment at Hen Hud (11/10-11/11) filled. If you're in the NY metro area and are willing to help out, please email our coordinator Wendy Nelson at wwnelson@optonline.net. Obviously financial compensation and a stipend will be provided. If you are already going, but are only judging a half commitment, why let those extra rounds go to waste? We'd be happy to buy them from you.
  4. 7-0 Palmetto HX 6-1 Burlington JS Edgemont SW Hanover BW 5-2 Bronx BU Burlington HW Edgemont NW Greenhill FS Greenhill RR New Trier BS Pace AL Palmetto HH 4-3 Carrollton HS New Trier LM Stuyvesant FM Westlake JM seems like there's the potential for lots of close-outs tomorrow...
  5. First, Feingold can't win, simply because of his family life. He's been divorced twice, and doesn't have a wife. the only president to ever not have a first lady was Buchanan, and that was pre-civil war. i think it'll be tough to woo voters in border and southern states with a candidate whose personal life would be perceived as a mess. although if it's feingold v. guiliani, this wouldn't be a problem - guiliani probably has bigger personal issues than feingold. I do think, aside from this Feingold would be the best candidate because he's the most different from everyone on the list. He's stood out in the senate - first to call for a withdrawal from iraq, call to censure bush, and passage of campaign finance reform, not to mention being tough on the senate judiciary committee. however, i think warner would be the best candidate - no question. first, he's a governor with no senatorial experience, which means he has no record to distort. to make a long story short, his approval rating was over 75% in a RED state and he worked with a republican senate to cut taxes, and turn his state's deficit into a surplus. the last 2 democratic presidents (clinton & carter) were southern governors. 4 of the last 5 presidents were elected straight from the state level. think of it this way: the electoral map stays the exact same as in 2004, except warner wins VA. Then the democrats win. It's probable that warner will deliver VA - gore and edwards weren't NEARLY as popular in their respective states when they ran as warner was. in fact, in the recent VA gubernatorial election, warner successfully campaigned for democrat tim kaine who defeated republican jerry kilgore who received substantial support from bush himself. hillary's too polarizing, bayh's too conservative, kerry & edwards are burned out, obama's said he's not running...draft mark warner.
  6. New York At pretty much every national circuit tournament, prep time is 10 minutes per team. I think 10 minutes is better than 8 minutes, is better than 5 minutes, and really increases the quality of debates in a few ways. 1. Prep for speeches - this goes without saying that more time = better prepped. This means instead of completely winging it, we can write down at least a couple of arguments on each line-by-line issue. I think that these in-depth debates that prioritize clash over the ability to speak expemperaneously are ultimately much more education. Plus, it's just impossible to give a speech that's completely pre-written. 2. Confidence - i'd feel rushed and harried if i only had 5 minutes for the entire round, which would definitely affect my ability to give a good speech - this further decreases quality of debate. 3. stealing prep - one of the things i can't stand is when debaters yell at the judge 'STOP PREP' and then take another minute to get their stuff together, then another to figure out the order, and then another to set up a podium and finally start talking. more prep minimizes the incentive to steal prep. I think your league/state/whatever making the jump from 5 to 10 would be excessive, but increasing prep time from 5 to 8 would be perfectly acceptable and would bring your rules more in line with what's accepted nationally.
  7. i wont be joining joel at lcc - it's really competitive for out of state students and i didnt make the cut. instead i'll be in the gw class of 2010.
  8. baumz

    NY States

    things have now changed. sklaroff and waizer won't be going due to the northwestern RR. we're not sending any novices. so it'll be just me and jeremy and spencer and ian at states.
  9. i always stand in a sort of 'athletic' posture with my left foot in front of my right foot. in addition to kind of getting me pumped to give a speech, it also increases my confidence and poise. it's also easier to talk down to the other team and to be more persuasive and forceful standing as opposed to being stuck on the same level as the judge in a chair. in the vast majority of rounds i've debated/seen this year, everyone has stood up, which i think is evidence of an overwhelming preference to stand. i experimented with sitting a while ago, and have found that i'm much faster and clearer standing because my diaphragm isnt as constricted as a few other people have said. i find that most people who sit do so because they think it makes them look cool or like badasses or because their lab leaders did it at camp. this is entirely untrue - the content of your speech is not improved by sitting down, and it doesn't make you any more intimidating. there really is no good reason to sit that i've seen or can think of. i dont understand how it makes you more organized; a tub cover is pretty much the same size as a desk and your evidence and blocks should be stacked anyway, not scattered around.
  10. baumz


    edgemont sw is 5-0. thats fuckin awesome.
  11. baumz


    edgemont is 4-0, won rd. 3 on the aff vs. st. augustine.
  12. Can you backchannel me? I need some cites. Zachary.Baum@Gmail.com
  13. What more do I have to do for you to not call me lazy? I spent a long time searching lexis and reading all those articles that probably would have been better spent doing actual debate work. I agree with you that dictionary definitions are not a good standard alone for evaluating topicality; I don't think I've ever tried to say that. The intent of my posts is only to convince people that the newer wording is better than the old wording. In fact, I've never explicitly cited somebody else's posts or called out anyone else.
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