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  2. We still have openings for new students but the clock is ticking. The deadline for the initial deposit is Monday, June 15. Interested students can learn more about our camp here: http://www.utdallas.edu/debate/hs_camp.html Or contact me directly if you have a specific question.
  3. "Best" is an eye of the beholder problem. There are different ways to evaluate a program. Winning the NDT or CEDA Nationals is one measure. Winning the Copeland Award (top first round) is another. Winning Novice Nationals is also a major achievement. Winning the overall NDT points race might indicate the depth of a squad in all divisions. Some programs really only focus on varsity competitors. Some teams travel a huge squad of novice & JV debaters to dozens of tournaments. That takes commitment but it might not always translate into elim wins at the NDT. Each program has its own objectives and its own criteria for evaluating success. Sure, some are clearly strong programs with decades of success and tons of institutional support. And some programs struggle to survive. Most programs fall somewhere in between. The same problem occurs in high school debate. How does one determine the 'best program' in all of high school debate? A long record of state championships? Clearing each year at the TOC? Winning the TOC? Winning NFL Nationals? Winning the NDCA Championship? The coach with a quad ruby? Does success in IE or LD matter in this ranking? And please remember that programs rise and fall over time. A few amazing debaters and a few good coaches can make a huge difference in just a few years. The Oklahoma debate team went from nothing (literally) to winning CEDA Nationals and reaching the NDT semis in just a five or six years. The process can also work in reverse and teams can decline. Funding levels can fall dramatically. Excellent debaters can graduate. Coaches can leave or retire. Graduate assistants eventually leave too. And sometimes a new Dean or a new President can result in the rise of a new program or the cancellation of an old one. If you are interested in a program, speak with the director and the debaters there. There's plenty of rumor and misinformation in circulation. It's better to get direct answers from the head coach. That's my two cents.
  4. With the announcement of the Second Rounds on Monday, the qualification process is complete. I think this is the complete list of all qualifying teams for 2009. District I - 8 teams California State-Fullerton – Bryce Bridge & Caitlin Gray San Francisco State – Stephanie Eisenberg & Jessica Whittle California–Berkeley - Kathy Bowen & Andres Gannon California–Berkeley – James Brockaway & Rahul Jaswa California–Berkeley – Michael Burshteyn & Jacob Polin Redlands – Alyssa Lucas-Bolin & Evan Matthews Southern California – Monica Do & Paul Harold Southern California – Mima Lazarevic & Michael Jones District II - 4 teams Gonzaga – Nick Bormann & Abe Corrigan Gonzaga – Brent Hamilton & James Joseph Whitman – Nate Cohn & Daniel Straus Whitman – Brian Cole & Alex Zendeh District III - 18 teams Baylor – John Cook & Alex McVey Baylor – Amanda Luppes & Chris Rooney Kansas State – Beth Mendenhall & Derek Ziegler Missouri State – Jordan Foley & Clay Webb Trinity – Nick Burr & John Elson Trinity – Brendon Bankey & Michael Hart Central Oklahoma – Andy Casey & Avery Henry Central Oklahoma – Stacy Spomer & Chris Spurlock Kansas – Brett Bricker & Nate Johnson Kansas – Sean Kennedy & Dylan Quigley North Texas – Kuntal Cholera & Grant Peretz Oklahoma – R.J. Giglio & Nick Watts Texas at Austin – Laura Boyle & Nick Whitaker Texas at Austin – Kenny Cauthen & Drew McNeil Texas at Dallas – Andrew Baker & Brian Rubaie Texas at San Antonio – Andy Montee & Chris Thomas Wichita State – Brian Box & Patrick Rinker Wichita State – Matthew Coleman & Eric Robinson District IV - 3 teams Macalester – Jon Chen & Talon-John Powers Iowa – Corey Stone & Kyle Vint Minnesota – Logan Chin & Arif Hasan District V - 8 teams Miami (OH) – Aaron Vinson & Drew Wallenstein Michigan State – Garrett Abelkop & Carly Wunderlich Michigan State – Amit Bindra & Gustavo Eyzaguirre Northwestern – Robert Mulholand & Stephanie Spies Northwestern – Matt Fisher & John Warden Northwestern – Greg Friend & Mary Gregg Michigan – Maria Liu & Edmund Zagorin Wayne State – Alex Pasquinelli & Sydney Pasquinelli District VI - 13 teams Emory – Chipp Schwab & Nicholas Miller Emory – Ana Nikolic & Ovais Inamullah Emory – Matthew Senghas & Stephen Weil Samford – Dan Bagwell & Logan Gramzinski Georgia – Brittany Cambre & Adam Schmidt Georgia – Thomas Beyers & Mike Lacy Georgia – Karen Harrison & Maggy Warden West Georgia – Vince Binder & Jim Schultz West Georgia – Jadon Marianetti & Zak Schaller Vanderbilt – Nicholas Brown & Cameron Norris Wake Forest – Seth Gannon & Alex Lamballe Wake Forest – Will Sears & Ryan Stevens Wake Forest – Doowon Chung & Seungwon Chung District VII - 9 teams George Mason – Adam Herbert & Mark Offenbach George Mason – Emily Owens & Janna Reynolds Georgetown – Cody Forrester & Bon Koo Georgetown – Dorothy Hector & Lucy Zhu Liberty - Stephanie Dillard & Ross Garrett Towson – Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love Towson – Adam Jackson & Deverick Murray Mary Washington – Kevin Kallmyer & Matt Struth Richmond – Liz Lauzon & Ashley Fortner District VIII - 10 teams Binghamton – Ben Crossan & Tansy Woan Binghamton – Pete Groh & Bill Sebelle Boston College – Matt Maerowitz & Gabe Stacy Cornell - Dan Himmelstein & John Karin Dartmouth – Shane Avidan & Caroline Harkins Dartmouth – Trevor Chenoweth & Rob Rein Harvard – Eli Jacobs & Alex Parkinson Harvard – Abhishek Bose-Kolanu & Ralph Paone Harvard – Tripp Rebrovick & Geoff Smith Rochester – Ryan Bach & Rona Yang District IX - 5 teams Idaho State – Danielle Jennings & Paul Montreuil Nevada, Las Vegas – Travis Cochran & Michael Eisenstadt Wyoming - Sam Allen & Jamie Piechura Wyoming - Michael Bausch & Grae Harper Weber State – Shola Adesanwo & Stacy Dawson
  5. Topic selection should not just be a reflection of what issues capture your interest. Voters might also consider what types of debates will actually occur, what arguments will be run, etc. Have any of you read the topic papers on poverty or health care? If not, you should. Try being Aff on the poverty topic against a good team. The neg can run Capitalism K, States CP, and many other devastating generic arguments. Most cases will be vulnerable to one or more of those generics. Health care was a great topic in the early 1990s. Ask some coaches who were involved in debate during that period and most will tell you so. The Clinton administration was offering their proposal. Others offered contrasting plans, from the right and the left. The literature on the various proposals was deep. Many cases could also be run as counterplans. That allowed many smaller teams to always have something to say on the aff and the neg. Big teams always have enough cards. Voters should try to ensure that smaller teams also have a chance.
  6. Information on upcoming college tournaments, tournament results, and rankings can be found here: http://www.debateresults.com
  7. The UT Dallas debate team will be hosting its first summer debate institute in late June. The Comet Debate Institute will be a commuter only camp until the new dormitory is completed next year. It will occur immediately after NFL Nationals in late June. Students from TFA and UIL styles are both welcome to attend. The cost is only $360 for six full days of instruction. The CDI is a low cost but high value option for debaters in the Dallas metro area. Website: http://www.utdallas.edu/orgs/debate/hs_camp.html Email: cometdebateinstitute at gmail.com
  8. The UT Dallas debate team will be hosting a summer institute for those seeking to learn more about CX debate. It will occur immediately after NFL Nationals in late June. Students from TFA and UIL styles are both welcome to attend. The CDI will be a commuter only camp until the new dormitory is completed next year. The cost is only $360 for six full days of instruction. The CDI is a low cost but high value option for debaters in the DFW area. CDI Website: http://www.utdallas.edu/orgs/debate/cdi/index.html For more information, please email us at cometdebateinstitute@gmail.com
  9. Teams Advancing to Triple Octos Bard CD Cassie Cornell Mike Dickerson 6 Bard HL Zachary Heller Julian Letton 5 Binghamton CO Ben Crossan Alan Ostrovsky 5 Binghamton GM Jake Gartman Matt Malia 5 Binghamton RW Sebestian Rodriguez Tansy Woan 5 Central Oklahoma KS Scott Ketchum Stacy Spomer 6 CSU Fullerton MG Luis Magallon Caitlin Gray 6 Dartmouth AH Shane Avidan Caroline Harkins 6 Dartmouth KO Josh Kernoff Kade Olsen 7 Denver MW Logan Martin Tyler Warner 5 Emory CP Sam Caproal Pradeep Pramanick 6 Emory MT Rob Mills JT Thomas 6 Emporia State FT Kurt Fifelski Kelly Thompson 5 Fort Hays hs avery henry chris spurlock 6 Georgia HW Andrew Hart Maggy Warden 5 Georgia State BP Kevin Bottoms Chris Pozzi 5 Georgia State GL Kirk Gibson Joel Lemuel 7 Gonzaga BS Nick Bormann Grace Saez 6 Gonzaga MP Karina Momary Garry Padrta 5 Idaho State MJ Paul Montreuil Danielle Jennings 6 Kansas BJ Brett Bricker Andrew Jennings 8 Kansas JP Andrew Jack Mathew Petersen 5 Kansas JS Nate Johnson Chris Stone 8 Kansas KK Joel Kasten Sean Kennedy 5 Kansas QP Dylan Quigley Ronnie Press 5 Kansas State MZ Beth Mendenhall Kyle Zarazan 5 Kansas TS Chris Thomas Kyle Shernuk 6 KCKCC MR Andy Montee Chris Rohan 5 Macalester CP Jon Chen Talon-John Powers 5 Michigan State LM Debbie Lai Athena Murray 6 Missouri State FJ Jordan Foley Jessica Johnson 5 Missouri State OW Martin Osborn Clay Webb 7 New York AM Cedric Allen Christopher Meisel 5 New York CW Arnav Chakravarty Alec Wright 5 North Texas CE Kuntal Cholera John Elson 7 Oklahoma WG Nick Watts R.J. Giglio 6 Pittsburgh KR John Karlovic Guy Risko 6 Rochester KM Buddy Khan David Merkle 5 San Francisco State EW Stephanie Eisenberg Jessica Whittle 5 Texas BH Laura Boyle Desiree Hooper 5 Texas CD Teddy Cross Jenny Davis 5 Texas CM Kenny Cauthen Drew McNeil 5 Texas TW Chris Thiele Nick Whitaker 6 Texas-Dallas AB Danny Abbas Andrew Baker 6 Texas-Dallas RS Brian Rubaie Sara Stephens 6 Towson CL Deven Cooper Dayvon Love 6 Towson JM Adam Jackson Deverick Murray 5 Wake Forest RZ Sean Ridley Kurt Zemlicka 6 Weber State CD Ryan Cheek Stacy Dawson 5 West Georgia LS Geoff Lundeen Jim Schultz 6 West Georgia MS Jadon Marianetti Zak Schaller 5 Whitman AS Sam Allen Luke Sanford 6 Whitman CM Eric Chalfant Mike Meredith 6 Whitman CS Nate Cohn Daniel Straus 7 Whitman GJ Nick Griffin Spencer Janyk 6 Wichita State CR Matt Coleman Eric Robinson 6 Wyoming CJ Travis Cram Will Jensen 6 Wyoming NP Kelly Nickel Jamie Piechura 5 Teams Debating in Partials Concordia TS Tony Tracy Tyler Simmons 5 Cornell PP Zain Pasha Vinay Prabhu 5 Gonzaga SH Jim Sydnor Melissa Hanna 5 Kansas State HZ Jordan Hanson Derek Ziegler 5 Minnesota CS Logan Chin Aneesh Sohoni 5 Minnesota HP Arif Hasan Daryl Pinto 5 Missouri State SK Kristen Stout Aaron Kruse 5 Northern Iowa BP Ian Beier Michael Pham 5 Redlands BB Alyssa Bolin Jordan Bunger 5 San Francisco State AM Vince Alvarez Jeff Martin 5 Southern California VY Clare Velasquez Candice Yip 5 Whitman DW Jonathan Dentler Robby White 5 Judges Required for Partials Battocletti, Joseph - Nevada Las Vegas Baxter-Kauf, Mike - Macalester Brennan, Eli - Minnesota Buntin, Jeff - Gonzaga Davis, Stephen - Gonzaga Gordon, Malcolm - Missouri-Kansas City Grayson, Bryan - Vanderbilt Heidt, David - Emory Herndon, Scott - Texas-Dallas Iftimie, Alex - Southern California Johnson, Ken - Rochester Matheson, Calum - North Texas Morris, Eric - Missouri State Olney, Charles - Dartmouth Petit, Louie - Missouri State Repko, Will - Michigan State Stanley, Justin - Illinois State Varda, Scott - Baylor Business Meeting at 9:00 AM Ballroom - 3rd Floor RSC Partial Round BEGINS at 8:00 AM sharp Partials Pairings released at 7:00 AM
  10. This is a sweet tournament. I'm going there to judge. The city and the campus are amazing in early March. You should go if you can.
  11. OPEN Semis Kansas JS (aff) over North Texas CE (neg), 3-0, Delong, Gerber, Paul Johnson Missouri State OW (aff) over Baylor LT (neg), 2-1, Harris, Matheson, Hingstman* Finals Kansas JS (neg) defeats Missouri State OW (Aff), 2-1, Calum Matheson, Sam Maurer, Matt Farmer* Congratulations to Kansas!
  12. more results......... JV - Finals Wichita State BB (Aff) over Johnson County, 3-0, Harris, Varda, Luechtefeld Congratulations to Wichita State! Three JV championships in a row at this tournament! OPEN Quarters Baylor LT (A) over Kansas PQ (N), 3-0, Hingstman, B. Lain, Blake Johnson Kansas JS (N) over Iowa SV (A), 3-0, Petit, Delong, Naputi Missouri State OW (N) over Bard CD (A), 2-1, Matheson, Gagnon, Russell* North Texas CE (A) over Oklahoma GW (N), 3-0, Farmer, Tiffee, Todd Jordan Semis Mo State OW (A) against Baylor LT (N) with Matheson, Harris, Hingstman in Salon F Kansas JS (A) against North Texas (N) with Delong, Gerber, Paul Johnson more later
  13. Fear and Loathing in Dallas 2008 UT-Dallas Intercollegiate Debate Tournament Monday morning results TEXAS TWO STEP AWARD Best combined prelim round record at both UNT and UTD tournaments 1. Baylor LT, 12-2 2. Wake Forest SW, 11-3 SPEAKER AWARDS Novice 1. Chelsea Good, Kansas State 2. Ben Barkley, Texas – San Antonio 3. Lauren Williams, Trinity 4. Dustin Domangue, Louisiana – Lafayette 5. Lindsay Kistler, Oklahoma 6. Eylse Janish, Trinity 7. Jordan Landry, Louisiana – Lafayette 8. Analee Abbott, Rochester 9. Brandy Stanton, Louisiana – Lafayette 10. Samantha Marks, Louisiana – Lafayette Junior Varsity 1. Brian Box, Wichita State 2. Chapman Matis, Louisiana – Lafayette 3. Jennifer Cox, Oklahoma 4. Grant Brazill, Wichita State 5. Toni Jantz, UMKC 6. Judith Rowland, Missouri State 7. Tyler Henry, Oklahoma 8. Heather Woods, Kansas State 9. Brad Jacobs, Johnson County 10. Lori Mullins, Rochester 11. Caitlin Reynolds, Kansas State 12. Zach Noyes, Rochester 13. Molly McGuire, Kansas State 14. Zac Hartkoop, Johnson County 15. Nick Tourville, Minnesota Open 1. Martin Osborn, Missouri State 2. Kuntal Cholera, North Texas 3. Obie Lansford, Baylor 4. Nate Johnson, Kansas 5. Chris Stone, Kansas 6. Halli Tripe, Baylor 7. Beth Mendenhall, Kansas State 8. Matt Coleman, Wichita State 9. Ryan Stevens, Wake Forest SW 10. Kyle Vint, Iowa 11. Buddy Khan, Rochester 12. Andy Casey, Central Oklahoma 13. Mike Dickerson, Bard 14. RJ Giglio, Oklahoma 15. Nick Watts, Oklahoma 16. Kurt Woolford, Wake Forest 17. Kenny Cauthen, Texas-Austin 18. John Elson, North Texas 19. Julian Letton, Bard 20. Max Hantel, Georgetown NOVICE Finals Kansas State BG (A) over UT-SA (N), 2-1, Stephen Davis, Petit, Vega* Congratulations to the Kansas State Wildcats! JV Semifinals Johnson County HJ (N) over Minnesota HT (A), 3-0, Varda, Gordie Miller, Shook Wichita State BB (N) over Oklahoma (A), 3-0, Ken Johnson, Kate B-K, Varghese Finals Wichita State BB (N) debating Johnson County HJ (A) in Lavon Room, 3rd Floor Judges: Varda, Luechtefeld, Scott Harris OPEN Octafinals Missouri State OW (A) defeated Georgetown HK (N), 3-0, Dietrich, Harrigan, Reed Kansas JS (N) defeated Bard HL (A), 3-0, Matheson, Russell, Sarah Snider North Texas CE (N) defeated Wake Forest MS (A), 3-0, Gordon, Atchison, Scott Harris Baylor LT (N) defeated Rochester KW (A), 3-0, Archer, Zisman, Hingstman Kansas PQ (N) defeated Wake SW (A), 3-0, Lain, Hamilton, Gottbreht Oklahoma GW (N) defeated Texas-Austin BH (A), 2-1, James Taylor, Mike B-K, Congdon* Iowa SV (A) defeated Wichita State CR (N), 3-0 Greenstein, Farmer, Cram Helwich Bard CD (N) defeated Baylor MR (A), Blake Johnson, Severson, Hingstman Quarters next..........
  14. Fear and Loathing in Dallas 2008 UTD Debate Tournament Results so far A few rounds will occur on the 2nd Floor, Most debates on 3rd Floor Pairing on Monday morning at 8:00 AM Rounds begin at 9:00 AM Awards at High Noon, Second Floor, Salon F OPEN/VARSITY Top half of the teams advanced to elimination rounds Wichita State BR: 4 wins but missed on points Partial Doubles Missouri State OW advances without debating Kansas JS advances without debating North Texas CE over Trinity BB, 2-1, Vega, Harrigan, Malcolm Gordan* Baylor LT (A) over Minnesota TZ (N), 2-1, Archer, Gottbreht* Maurer Wake Forest SW (N) over Kansas KK (A), 2-1, Greenstein*, Petit, B. Lain Oklahoma GW (A) over Kansas SW (N), 3-0, Bryce Dietrich, Amy Foster, Matt Reichle Iowa SV (N) over Richmond FF (N), 3-0, Blake Johnson, David Cram Helwich, Andrew Liu Bard CD (A) over Kansas ST (N), 2-1, Megan Harlow, Katie Richie*, James Davis Baylor MR (N) over Kansas State MZ(A), 2-1, Mike Baxter Kauf, Eric Marlow*, Ken Johnson Wichita State CR (N) over Central Oklahoma KS (A), 3-0, Naputi Matheson Severson Texas-Austin BH (A) over Minnesota CS (N), 2-1, Scott Harris, Varda*, Congdon Kansas PQ (N) over Texas-Austin CD (N), 2-1, Gerber*, Atchison, James Taylor Rochester KM (N) over Central Oklahoma CE (A), 3-0, Paul Johnson, Zisman, Hingstman Wake Forest MS (A) over Macalester CP(N), 3-0, Brennan, Winfrey, Hamilton Bard HL (A) over Wke Forest RZ (N), 3-0, Sarah Snider, Gordie Miller, K. Baxter-Kauf Georgetown HK (A) over Texas-Austin CS (N), 3-0, Farmer, Delong, Russell Octafinals – Monday morning at hotel JUNIOR VARSITY Octafinals Minnesota HT advances Oklahoma DZ advances Wichita State BB advances Kansas State RM advances Johnson County HJ advances Kansas State DF advances Kansas State HW advances Oklahoma CH (A) defeated Missouri State HR (N), 2-1, Jeff Roberts, Brooks Johnson, Andrea Reed* Quarters Johnson County (N) over Kansas State RM (A), 3-0, Stephen Davis, Wagner, Tiffee Minnesota HT (A) over Oklahoma (N), 3-0, Gagnon, Gunter Oklahoma DZ (A) over Kansas State (N), 3-0, Kenny Hanson, McCaffrey Wichita State BB (A) over Kansas State (N), 2-1, Regnier, Verghese, Kissinger Semis – Monday morning at hotel NOVICE Quarters Kansas State BG advances without debating Texas – San Antonio BK advances without debating Oklahoma KM advances without debating Wake Forest TW (N) over Rochester AP, 3-0, Gerber, Winfrey, Atchison Semis Kansas State BG (N) over Wake Forest TW (A), 3-0, Pennington, Massey, Brooks Johnson Texas – San Antonio BK (A) over Oklahoma KM (N), 3-0, Andrea Reed, Britt Clark, Wachsman Finals – Monday morning at hotel Kansas State BG and Texas – San Antonio BK
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