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  1. so what were the final results?
  2. Shae, you are always there to cut through the confusion, clear things up, and make people feel stupid.
  3. I like how you used the smiley so I wouldn't be offended. Don't worry, I'm not. And yes, part of it is because Heather doesn't want me to. I really am just kinda tired of debate, not in a bad way, just in a "it's time to move on" kind of way. It's been great though...
  4. Yeah, I'm a senior. If I did debate in college, I wouldn't want to do it anywhere but OU, if that is any consolation. I just need to break away from old things, and try to find some new experiences. It's bad enough that I am stuck in the same town...
  5. I'm going to OU, but I don't think I'll debate.
  6. JonnyWonder


    also, for some it's just personal preference. it's not necessarily that advantageous one way or another
  7. JonnyWonder


    Bowser- You cited camps as an example of people having an upper hand. I have never been to a camp, and my partner has only been to week long local camps. Sure, we weren't the best team in the state, but we were certainly competitive. There will always be benefits for those who have a lot of money to throw around (camp, assistant coaches, buying ev., etc.), but it can always be overcome. Extra work, research, and practice can help just as much as camp, hell, that's most of the reason that camp helps. Just because laptops may give a team a small advantage, does not mean that it should not be allowed. Also, most people could go out and get a job to buy a laptop if they really wanted to (you can get them for as low as $500-$600 now). That's what I am going to have to do, and that's what I would have done if I went to camp. Also, about the overview thing- what's the big deal in reading a pre-written ov on a laptop? I don't really see what it hurts. Just some thoughts...
  8. hmmmm... is this serious? if so, you should probably give more info: does it cost money, do we need to bring judges, does a coach/school representative have to come, would it last more than one day, is it just cross-x, etc.
  9. JonnyWonder


    I used to be opposed to it, but as long as the other team can have access to all your evidence/blocks, then I think it's cool. But, I'll never compete in oklahoma again (that's weird), so I don't really care. Good luck.
  10. Shayne Henry- You're whole rant is completely disputed by the fact that Jenks violated rules too. According to Katie, they prompted each other during speeches. Why didn't Bowser or Danner protest that too? It happens much more often in many more rounds than cussing does, and if you ask me, it's more of a pest. Also, those things you listed off (torture, war, easedropping) are not bad because there are rules against them, there are rules against them because they are bad. Niether Bowser nor Danner had to protest. If you really think a penalty should be in order, it could have been taken care of in round or in another way (I liked required speech at the awards assembly, which isn't a violation of free speech. they do it if they want, they just lose if they don't. its the same as in round; you have to speak to win). or katie and nick could have been given the chance to apologize. anyways, other notes: I don't know Bowser, but I know Danner. She is petty. She was all I was referring too. Calling someone a Bible thumper is probably kinda essentializing, as is referring to something as "gay." It is probably important that everyone realize that people come from different backgrounds, whether we like it or not, and that language affects everyone differently. That kinda thing usually affects people more as they get older. People just don't like sitting in the back of the room listening to teenagers cuss, even if they did it as a kid. That said, it doesn't begin to justify demoralizing two kids that have devoted four years of hard work and heart to the activity. I know it sucked to actually lose for real in quarters at state my senior year, I can't imagine actually earning it but getting it stripped from me. At the same time, we should all remember that it is just debate, and that while we should take it seriously, and that crying, anger, etc. is ok, that it can be taken too far. Again, I'm sorry you guys, tear it up at the TOC and Nat's. EDIT: Danner isn't one of the old people I was referring to; she probably only did it because she was trying to act old (while I don't like her, it is slightly understandable as a first year coach. they screw up every now and then)
  11. As someone who had Danner as a teacher, I can assure you that she is a very petty and immature person. No one deserved it more than you guys. I mean that in complete sincerity. I was hoping to maybe hit you in finals again Nick, but I guess that didn't really work out on my end either:). You disqualification is really indicative of most of this state's attitude. It is so completely absurd that their sending away gift to one of the best (probably the best) team(s) in the state is a big FUCK YOU from the top, instead of a medal and potentially a certificate in appreciation of four years of hard work. That's really screwed up, I'm sorry guys, especially to Katie.
  12. JonnyWonder


    has the decision actually been made about the cussing, or is it still in progress?
  13. JonnyWonder


    quarters... man that's badass
  14. JonnyWonder


    bummer about the uco teams getting out, but props for getting so far. congrats to conor and blake, who surely are going to win...
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