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  1. Hi everyone, This upcoming weekend at Puyallup High School the WDC will be hosting a novice workshop. I'll be teaching afterschool for about 5 hours introducing the topic and basic debate skills. That's followed up by a day of demonstration/practice debates run by Anjali Vats, the policy debate coach at the University of Puget Sound and WDC founder. Cost is ten bucks per person, your coaches should have received a schedule for this event, I'll be posting it here in the next couple of days. This is going to be a fun, useful event that will go a long way in community building. Definitely encourage your novices to go. The WDC is hosting several of these events with progressive skill levels, one a month until December at various locations throughout the westside. Keep your eyes peeled here and at our website (http://www.washingtondebate.com) for more info. Also, Ingraham High School is hosting an open division pre-season warm up on October 8-9. I'll start another thread with the full invite soon, but here's the lowdown: --eight debates friday and saturday --low entry fees (still hashing out final figures but think no more than $10 an entry) and no school fee --top seeds invited to a round robin next weekend at Kamiak HS in conjunction with the Kamiak novice tournament. --policy, LD, Public Forum --a location so easy no school near I-5 has an excuse not to attend. Hope to see you all soon and I hope your pre-season prep/early tournaments are going well! P.S. Congrats to Mercer on your first bid! But know we're coming for you.
  2. Just to remind you: The 15th is this saturday. just saying.
  3. Hi everyone, I got a copy of the tournament schedule the other day and figured I'd put it up for easy reference. There's two important gaps here: we don't have the dates for Auburn or the Gonzaga policy tournament. If those are floating around somewhere and I haven't gotten them, please feel free to correct this version. This is what was mailed out after the coach's meeting. September 11 Coach's Meeting October 8-9 Ingraham Open Division Workshop October 16 Kamiak Novice October 23 Newport Congress Clinic October 29-30 Gig Harbor (This is the official beginning of the season, all previous events are skirmish/practice events) November 4-6 Whitman November 6 Ephrata Novice November 12-13 Snohomish November 19-20 Tahoma Eisenhower Central Valley December 1-2 WDC Becky Galentine Invitational @ UW Seattle December 3-4 Auburn/Puyallup (we're pretty sure) December 10-11 Auburn Riverside Ridgefield December 11 North Kitsap December 14 or 16 Gig Harbor Speech Fest December 16 Kamiak Congress January 7-8 Gonzaga (sans policy) UPS January 14-15 Federal Way January 21-22 Mt. Vernon January 28-29 PLU/Thomas Jefferson February 4-5 Kamiak February 8 WCD Quals February 11-12 University High February 18-19 Kent District February 22 District 1 State Quals March 3-5 Puget Sound NFL Quals Western WA NFL Quals March 18-19 State Debate @ UPS April 16 Spring Coaches Meeting
  4. The general feeling was that cutting cards mid-round was too impractical and inefficient at this point to warrant concern. My interpretation was that this applied to quick fact checking/wiking during the round. I don't think people surfing facebook/gmail will end up being punished for it.
  5. Tony Johnson is one of the best, smartest, nicest people (and coaches) around. hire him.
  6. Hi friends, surely you've heard about the washington debate coalition by now. (if not, stop, before you read ANY further check out our website: washingtondebate.org we're a nonprofit charitable organization [tax write off!] dedicated to supporting policy debate through coaching, training, and eventually funding. we're wicked awesome and we started two debate teams this year.) We hosting an event this spring that's going to be totally awesome and that you really really want to attend. We're calling it our spring fling and it's going down on May 15. What is it? sooo many things. Primarily it's an open entry debate tournament. You can debate with whoever you want! there's no entry fee! we're even offering you the chance to have requested match up (GRUDGE MATCHES!) We're debating next year's resolution and will send out an evidence packet for it (free ev! cut by CEDA finalist and hometown hero NATHAN "the hurricane" COHN!) We're also going to have pop culture debates! there's going to be a banquet and awards! We are asking all entries to bring some pledge money (we set $100 as a goal, which when you think about it comes down to two $25 dollar pledges per person, some people have already exceeded that) it's happening at the UW in seattle (go huskies!) we want this to become an annual event, a community celebration, but also a profile raiser for debate in the area generally so bring non-debate people! even if you don't debate you should come watch! It's going to rock! here's some people that are debating: Sean Harris (Holy Names) Robby White (Ingraham) Chad Rigsby (St. George's School) John Julian (Newport High School) Jeff Gans (Mercer Island) Jeff Kingshott (Bainbridge Island) Ruby Blum (Holy Names) Sarah Sherry (Puyallup) Jane McCoy (Mercer Island) Chris McCool (Mercer Island) Roger Copenhaver (Puyallup/Idaho State) Luke Dolge (Gig Harbor) Dakota Alcantara-Camacho (Oak Harbor/Mercer Island/Wisconsin) Aly Hoover (Bellingham, Sehome & Squalicum) Matt Rice (University of Michigan) Tony Johnson (Idaho State University) Brent Hamilton (Mead/Gonzaga University) Karina Momary (Gonzaga University) Lynette Douglass (Ballard High School) Elizabeth Tatum (Ballard High School) there's also parents, and toastmasters, and Indian food! DO IT!
  7. Hey, The state coach's meeting was today. I wanted to share with you all what we discussed. We approved the use of laptops at the state tournament (and otherwise) in all debate events and in extemp prep. One of the concerns that multiple coaches had was about fair use and equity. As Coovert said "we can't ban cheating" so instead the policy shifts toward an ethics based system. Similar to the ways in which we currently make sure debaters aren't clipping cards or fabricating evidence we, as a community, need to make sure that technology is used fairly in rounds. the text as it stood before today read: Electronic devices including but not limited to blackberry, cell phones, or computers are not allowed. Any suspected use of them is to be reported to the tab room. Headquarters will record a loss for the team/debater and will result in zero speaker points. now it says: 1. Computers may be used in debate rounds but all evidence read in round must be available to the opposing team on paper or an additional laptop. The evidence should be clearly marked to show which parts were read in round. 2. Contestants using laptop computers assume all risk for equipment failure. No additional accommodations or prep time will be given should equipment failure occur. 3. Competitors and coaches should refrain from communication once a debate round has started. This includes the use of electronic devices to communicate during a debate. Tournament directors of invitational tournaments, and the WSFA Executive Committee at the State tournament, should have the authority to sanction individuals violating this standard. We also passed an amendment saying that if any internet access occurs in round it has to be accessible to both teams. I don't have the exact text with me but it will come out in the next edition of the rulebook, I believe in the fall. There's specific text for extemp, but I'm not typing it up. We also changed the way the state tournament is run for Public Forum, making it more like policy and LD in both the allocations from each district and the scheduling. We also set up the schedule for next season. I didn't get a chance to write down all the tournaments but look for the list in the next couple of days. Finally, a shameless plug: In an effort to get more open rounds before Whitman, Ingraham will be hosting a (pre-season) scrimmage on October 8/9, open division only. These will be the first open debates of the school year. We can't give out awards, but our plan is to have seven or eight prelims and, in conjunction with Kamiak high school invite a certain number of the top seeds to a round robin the following weekend at their novice tournament. Those teams would not pay two registration fees. Hopefully we can our open teams 12+ rounds in before Whitman.
  8. andrew stokes and I are judging. jackie lawrence would like to, last time I checked. just in case someone's looking.
  9. Robby White white.robby@gmail.com I debated for Oak Harbor High School. Then I debated for Whitman for awhile. I've worked a couple debate camps, led some labs, cut some files, judged for a couple of years, I generally know what I'm doing. etc. etc. I live in western washington and want to judge. I also work two jobs so I need a bit of advance notice. Please send me an email if you want me to judge. Finally, you should also really consider hiring Megan Schrader as well. She's good.
  10. Brett: Thanks for your vote of confidence. Let's just relax; I don't want this to be a pissing contest or a question of who is better. That's not necessary. I just want to get back into the community (and maybe make some money) is all.
  11. Hello, I'm Robby White. I debated at Oak Harbor for four years, then two years at Whitman. I've taught at the WNDI a couple of times. Maybe you've heard of me. I recently moved back to western washington and am interested in judging and helping out this upcoming season. Preferably for some money, being the poor college kid I am. If you need some judges or some season long assistance, please keep me in mind.
  12. Hello everyone, Whitman college is hosting two college tournaments this year. If you want to see some local college debate you are invited to do so. On November 17-18 we host the Whitman November Policy Tournament, currently registered: Gonzaga Idaho State Portland State University Puget Sound Weber State Univ. Whitman College Wyoming We also host Northwest CEDA championships on March 1-3.
  13. Hey, Whitman is hosting two more tournaments this year, in case anyone is interested in seeing some college debate here is the information: February 16-18 is the Western States Forensic Association tournament, this is the first year that policy is offered there, and only the Whitman frosh teams are going. It will be fairly small teams from: Gonzaga, Portland State University, University of Puget Sound, Southwestern, Whitman College. This tournament is in Seattle, at the Crowne Plaza on Sixth st. March 3-5 is Northwest CEDA Champs. This tournament is larger, the entire whitman squad, along with: Denver, Pepperdine, Western Connecticut, Emporia State University, Weber State, Southwestern, the University of Florida, Gonzaga, and UPS. This tournament is at Whitman in Walla Walla.
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