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  1. This is just a thought, but it could be like chinese or other character languages. Where they don't actually "read" the word, but rather associate those letters in that order with an image in their mind. However, that would get pretty difficult when discussing emotions or beliefs or anything that isn't a tangible object for that matter. So i guess the only to way to find out is to ask a deaf person.
  2. I'm not saying that secret orders don't exisit. I'm just saying that the illuminati no longer exisit. This one conspiracy theory has enthralled people, and it has a very low probablity of being true. If you're going to go chasing conspiracies then go with a more probable one.
  3. its amazing the illuminati still get this much talk considering they only exisited for a short amount of time. They were created in the late1700s by Adam Weishaupt, and they only really existed for a short amount of time. Furthermore their influence didn't exist past what is modern day germany. They don't still exisit, and they are definitely don't rule the world, as some people claim.
  4. I'm not sure how many more seasons are in store for the simpsons. Other than Soap Opera's, not very many shows, espically animated ones can make it for 15+ years. They've had a good run, better than most, but the end is near for the simpsons.
  5. I think whitman, guessing, put out a hollow hope DA on mental health. I doubt anyone still has it, but it would give you a better idea on what the DA is.
  6. I don't much care for what competetive debate is, but I love to debate. For me, policy debate is the only forum in which I can have a debate and truly argue something. There is a serious lack of conversation at my school and in my area in general. So while I don't like the game that policy debate is, I believe and truly love the essence of debate.
  7. Policy Elitist Behavior=The creation of Public Forum and consequently the death of policy
  8. I've been reviewing the Cold War and the Vietnam war recently, and I've had some interesting thoughts on it. Vietname served a purpose, not as deterrent to communism, or as a way to fuel the military industrail complex, but as a way to relieve the pressure of the cold war. If you look at the big picture, both vietnam and korea were proxy wars. Prehaps they were for teh best even though thousands of people lost their lives, because if that tension was not released in those conflicts, who knows how long it would've been before a conflict directly with Russia went nuclear. The real success of the cold war, might not have teh been the fall of the USSR, but adverting a nuclear conflict. So to sum up the debate, I'm taking the postion, that Vietnam and Korea were terrible but overall good wars to release the tenison of nuclear conflict. Does that mean the wars were justified? Is it right to kill a few to avert the destruction of the human race?
  9. well this kinda exploded beyond what I expected. I was just trying to make the point that the fact this kind of counter plan could exist in the first place makes the rez fucked up, regardless of whether or not its comepetitive. If this were actually run, my guess is that it would get destroyed by the perm. The only way you could win would be to kill the perm on thoery or prove that competition isn't important. Either way its an up hill battle. Its impossible to find a DA that doesn't link to both the plan and CP that would provide competition. Its a dumb CP i was trying to make a point.
  10. Since the topic is "either/or" then why not run a counter plan that both decreases the USFG's authority to detain with out charge and search without probable cause. The CP is non-topical under the words "either" and "or". Then depending on which case they run, you slap on a DA that says not addressing the opposite issue will lead to terrible terrible shit, and run it as a NB. So you end up with all of the Aff ground in the rez, and you've totally usurped the aff case. Plus running the DA gives teh judge a reason to weigh the cp over the plan. The fact that this kind of CP is even halfway possible proves this topic blows.
  11. Mitch Hedberg was like a god to me. I saw him live on the comedy central presents tour, so I'll always have that. All his jokes were so damn funny, I can't even pick a favorite. Damn, I'm gonna miss him. Rest In Peace.
  12. You might want to look into the Inavde America AFF put out by UTNIF, I think. ALthough it was specific to Gitmo, it uses the same basic setup. It might be able to give you ideas on how to construct the case. Just make sure you know what you're talking about before you run it though. We hit a team running a similar aff, and after the round the judges actual words to the aff were "Do you know what your aff is about? Because I don't think you do."
  13. Ya, what the hell were thinking? The majority of CX-ers hate policy. You're only going to get shit and flak here. Try some where else. http://www.pfdebate.com
  14. What's your position on Bush's plan for Social Security. I personally think that privatizing it will be a bad idea in the end. I mean the most common phrase I hear is "I can invest my money better than the government." and for some people thats true. But realisticlly, some people would choose to invest in their stock portfolio, and others would choose to invest in a new set of subwoofers. If people really want to invest in money markets and the such they can still do that on their own. The whole purpose of SOCIAL security to ensure that if all of your investments go south right as you retire you'll be ok. If people have invested poorly or there is a major problem in the markets then they'll be screwed. I think we should keep the social security system we have now, and simply modify it. The private accounts aren't a really a bad idea if they're coupled with standard social security as an additional investment option. What are your thoughts?
  15. wow i just saw the thread title and the only thing I could think of was UNPKO's increases mental retardation. I need sleep.
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