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  1. Hey! I'm looking to get hired to judge/coach at NCFL/NFL Nationals this year. If anyone is interested hit me up! I'm a deabter at Washburn Univ gradauting this year. Did Policy at CSU Long Beach, coached out there and just finished my last year of parli at Washburn. Email me! alyfiebrantz@gmail.com
  2. I'm looking to get hired for NCFL. I don't need housing just my plane ticket ($about 250) & maybe some food I am a graduating senior at Washburn University, semis of the NPTE, 5th speaker amongst other things. Did both policy(CSU Long Beach) & parli in college. e-mail me! alyfiebrantz@gmail.com
  3. Guppy

    Logan 2008

    anyone have any info abotu this tournament? where is it? when is it? etc?
  4. Guppy

    Coaching Next Year

    Hey Y'all! I will be moving to Topeka Kansas as of March. I have coached several high school policy teams, in California. I am a former CSULB Policy Debater. Debated 4 years of high school traditional policy, did kind of crazy stuff in college. Now debate parli, will be debating for Washburn. I would love to coach for a high school it would be the first year in 3 or 4 years that I havent coached a team which would be ridiculously weird to start now. So hit me up on AIM or respond to this message or email me etc! alyfiebrantz@gmail.com s/n aquaduckky thanks aly
  5. Hey Y'all, Okay what tournaments are in So Cal in the month of November? USC is first weekend, what else is there? Thanks! Aly
  6. Guppy

    Nietzsche Kritik

    Not that I am agreeing with AJ here but . . . we will ignore for a time being that Neitzsche is a dead white guy that is happy/content with keeping queers in the closet and womyn barefoot in the kitchen! I dont understand why it is the United States job to stop the suffering of other countries wither that is to give them aid or to stop giving them aid (which would be your counterplan) That sounds like an ethical decision by the government to me (Neitzsche critiques that). Also stopping an action is still an action i.e. taking aid OUT of Africa (Neitzsche critiques that as well) finally attempting to stop something does not seem like accepting the shitty world we live in (which is what Neitzsche says we should do). The End Aly oh and ps please tell me how you channeled Neitzsche I want to know so I can do it with cooler people! Having a seance for Betty Freidan or Simone de Beauvoir would be AMAZING! Or someone like Baudriallard to beat him up. okay the end
  7. wasnt that after the Jacke Howe final round this year?
  8. Guppy


    there are some people that are looking for partners for the occasional tournament that they go to.
  9. Guppy

    CA State JUDGES

    i'll be there . . but you know us LOng Beach Judges wouldnt know a poltics da from topicality :-P
  10. Long Beach has LBFA each year which is pretty close and pretty cheap . . . beachforensics.com the new info will be up soon!
  11. i'm throwing ice in your bed tonight :-P naw you are right AJ!
  12. he's taken by Oxford Acad btw! :-P
  13. my initial thought is to talk to SCUDL they've had to prove success to maintain their funding and then Bruschke is amazing at statistics as well regarding the subject. Paper wise you may want to grab the NDT publications, those may help. Sorry :-\ trying to help i dunno what else
  14. you should recruit novices from the argumentation classes. Talk to a comm professor to sponsor it . . . get it established as a club first on campus. Talk to admin about money (good luck though) you really really need a falculty peep to help you out. another option is to ask a nearby college to allow you to hybrid or help out.
  15. i got stuck in parli for a bit. The convinving argument is shiney metals, however it will force you to drink large quantities of fire water and smoke "stuff" anywho honestly as a policy debater you're decades ahead of parli so if you can slow down and talk perdy you're golden. MOST of the national champions in parli are ex mediocre policy debaters. what school u looking at? oh and it's less work if you put in the time you put into high school debate you're going to win tournaments. and the people are amazing
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