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  1. Yao Yao

    TOC Elim Videos

    Here are videos of three debates (including RFDs) that we recorded at the TOC. Thanks to each of these teams for allowing us to record and publicly share these videos. Quarterfinals - Monta Vista PS (Aff) vs. Stuyvesant DS: https://youtu.be/56G8OyvSxk0 Semifinals - Monta Vista PS (Aff) vs. Montgomery Bell Academy BJ: https://youtu.be/rsFoizOHVFg Finals - Blue Valley Southwest KL (Aff) vs. Monta Vista PS: https://youtu.be/31AFA6HJThc
  2. The tournament at the University of Washington, which will be a finals bid next season, had 6 VCX entries this season. Isidore Newman, also a finals bid next season (and used to have a bid many years ago), also had 6 VCX entries this past season. The most plausible explanation is that the TOC wants to grow debate in these regions, since these tournaments were clearly not sufficiently challenging last year.
  3. Don't let the size of the tournament fool you. This is one of the best tournaments. It's well run, actually stays on time, and has a top notch judge pool that draws from college programs like OU, UCO, and others in the region. It's the easiest mutual judging pref sheet we fill out every year. There's always at least one highly regarded national team competing (CE Byrd and Cedar Ridge 2 years ago, Caddo and Jenks last year, Little Rock this year). For the past three years, we've driven six hours from Austin each way, bringing nearly our entire squad, and the reason is because this is a great tournament. The food ain't bad either.
  4. #6 has a very narrow set of topic advantages that are easily counterplanned. Even without using international fiat, the neg could CP to unilaterally provide food aid to specific countries, regions, or other organizations, work bilaterally or multilaterally with other countries or organizations that are not the UN, or do any number of other actions that attempt to solve famine. The net benefit (aside from politics) would be any UN bad disads, and while the aff could impact turn with "UN good", it will become a stale debate by October and aff teams will be a sitting target forced to defend the UN as the best actor specifically on food aid. #7 - Even if we assume that this topic limits the aff to ratifying only existing treaties (no new ideas for treaties that have no signatories), without a list like the college topic a decade ago, this will be massive and unmanageable. Here's the Wikipedia list of treaties the US could ratify: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_treaties_unsigned_or_unratified_by_the_United_States #8 - China is a big enough topic as it is, but the current wording is bidirectional. Either pressure or engagement, and may also want to narrow to economic, diplomatic, and/or military like the 05-06 college topic.
  5. Unlike your school, we're actually on the wiki.
  6. Yao Yao

    Uil State

    Kudos to both Crosby and Hendrickson, two teams both headed to the TOC but also UIL state champions, which goes to show their versatility. Good is good, no matter what the circuit.
  7. Real to Reel Productions has been the company in past years. Their website doesn't list 2012 videos for sale, so I'm not sure if UIL switched companies this year. Here's their website: http://real2reelprod.tripod.com/index.html
  8. Here are the qualifiers, according to the UIL website (this doesn't include alternates): 4A: Austin LBJ HS (Hsi/Shah) Austin LBJ LY (Liu/Yang) Bay City BG (Bryant/Gorman) Bay City CP (Cochrane/Powell) Brackenridge CS (Castro/Solis) Brackenridge IM (Ibarra/Martinez) Brenham HK (Hancock/Kruse) Brennan AS (Armstrong/Smith) Byron Nelson GH (Gillette/Hedin) Byron Nelson SS (Salas/Shade) Calhoun HL (Hsu/Liaou) Calhoun LL (Lin/Lu) Canyon BH (Beatty/Howard) Chapin FF (Fatuesi/Fraire) Conrad BP (Banini/Patton) Crosby GJ (Gutierrez/Jennings) Crosby GL (Gonzalez/Lance) Crowley BD (Beyt/Dodds) El Paso CE (Contreras/Espinoza) Ennis AB (Adams/Betik) Friendswood AB (Asgari-Tari/Bockmon) Friendswood LV (Li/Vo) Furr CT (Canales/Torres) Furr ST (Solis/Torres) Hays AK (Ayala/Klamert) Hendrickson BS (Barron/Solice) Hendrickson TW (Tiffany/Wood) Hereford GG (Gavina/Griffith) Highland Park ST (Sundaresan/Thota) King AB (Arevalo/Barrera) Lake Travis PS (Pustelnyk/Suh) Lehman BM (Bishop/Morgan) Little Cypress-Mauriceville HM (Hubbard/McCoy) Little Cypress-Mauriceville PS (Parsons/Stanford) Marble Falls DS (Davis/Smith) Mercedes FS (Flores/Sanchez) Mercedes GV (Garza/Valdez) Midway BM (Bell/McCormick) Midway CS (Cleaver/Stump) Molina AM (Alan/Mattinez) Molina AR (Alcaraz/Rocha) Montgomery KM (Kayo/Murray) New Caney BF (Burt/Fletcher) New Caney RW (Rogers/Wehowsky) Newman Smith RS (Rajan/Schrag) Reagan FM (Franco/Morales) Red Oak HM (Hajek/McGuire) Rockwall HM (Hittson-Smith/McNeir) Royse City DR (Dusek/Rogers) Royse City SS (Sanders/Stone) Seguin OW (Offutt/Washington) Tivy AB (Arbogast/Berg) Tuloso-Midway EM (Etheridge/Morin) Wakeland FH (Firoozi/Hegarty) Whitehouse BP (Bridges/Parker) Whitehouse BR (Bennett/Rawal) Wilson BF (Blaker/Foley) Yates MR (Morris/Ross) Ysleta CH (Cardona/Henderson) Ysleta GM (Garcia/Mata) 5A: Alief Elsik AH (Alvarado/Ha) Alief Elsik MT (Michelle/Tola) Austin SFA GN (Girling/Nelson) Bellaire AB (Alter/Biranbaum) Bellaire CX (Chu/Xu) Berkner GL (Goin/Lee) Central FV (Franco/Velarde) Channelview ST (Soto/Tran) Churchill BaLa (Barshop/Lane) Churchill BiLi (Birnbaum/Lipton) Clear Lake DP (Deshpande/Patel) Clear Lake GH (Ghodsi/Hu) Colleyville-Heritage AH (Alluri/Huang) Coppell BJ (Ballard/Javeri) Coppell LM (Lam/Moolenijzer) Coronado CV (Coss/Vinson) Coronado LS (Loper/Sandoval) Cypress Woods DJ (Durrani/James) Cypress Woods JR (Jacob/Richard) Dulles CZ (Chang-Calk/Zakaria) Dulles HT (Hemani/Tariq) Flower Mound HP (Hamilton/Pauri) Garland KW (Klass/Williamson) Grapevine BK (Bharwani/Keleman) Hanna AH (Alvarado/Hollander) Harlingen South CE (Chaires/Englekes) Harlingen South EY (Esparza/Yanez) Horn HW (Nosche/Webb) Horn RV (Roberson/Villanueva) Houston Memorial CK (Chen/Kuo) Houston Memorial CL (Colbert/Lai) Jay FS (Frolich/Syed) Judson Early College Academy HS (Halbardier/St. Augustine) King BE (Bannerjee/Edmonds) King RR (Rivera/Rivera) Kingwood AD (Allison/Daily) Kingwood DM (Dailey/Medley) Klein MP (Mausser/Peabody) Klein MS (McCue/Soules) Lee KM (Kent/McElmurry) Los Fresnos SU (Sales/Urbis) Lubbock CM (Cook/Mittal) Lubbock GT (Gibson/Thirumala) Midlothian HP (Hurst/Parish) Midlothian MV (Morgan/Ved) Nixon BP (Bravo/Perez) Nixon FM (Flores/Moncayo) North Crowley CC (Carr/Contessa) North Crowley SW (Swindle/Wiles) O’Connor DL (Dunbar/Lowder) Pasadena BJ (Barrow/Johnson) Pasadena DH (Dominguez/Hernandez) Plano West FH (Fu/Huang) Richardson CR (Chen/Ralston) Sachse HS (Harrell/Smith) Sharyland BG (Bazan/Garcia) Sharyland MS (Marshall/Saenz) Sterling OW (Odom/Walmsley) Westlake DG (Dzeda/Guthrie) Westwood LL (Liu/Loehr) Westwood PR (Potluri/Reddy)
  9. Yao Yao

    TFA State 2011

  10. Why would changing the name to Triana be any less imperialist? Rodrigo de Triana was the person on Christopher Columbus's fleet who first sighted the "New World".
  11. The NFL has an official list of qualifiers, but this doesn't assume alternates who are replacing qualifiers: http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/NationalTournament/o_awards_04_15_11.pdf
  12. Yao Yao

    2011 UIL State

    Tad Klamert from Hays is a sophomore.
  13. Yao Yao

    2011 UIL State

    That's Hector Rocha, a former Mercedes debater. He's being facetious, though it's definitely an example of poorly-executed sarcasm.
  14. I don't think anyone's saying that refraining from emailing authors is a panacea for cheating. First, I think that if it's a true or credible argument, then you can find it in the literature base. I'm not convinced that debaters were living a life of ignorance, blindly reading fundamentally untrue arguments, until the beacon of light that is email correspondence illuminated the world for them. Some people would even say that an argument is true because there is literature on it. If it's true, there should be a card for it. If it's not true, someone would have published something discrediting it. Second, I think this discourages both depth and breadth of research. If my debaters have to find a very specific card that requires them to read 10 articles, I think that's a good thing: it forces them to read more topic literature and they're cutting other cards along the way. If, instead of reading those 10 articles, they could just send out emails to 5 authors with their specific question, it means they're not actively looking for the card themselves. Sure, I suppose reading 10 articles is less efficient than emailing 5 people, but the primary goal of research should not be efficiency. Third, I suppose you could come across an argument that's so blatantly false that no qualified author has bothered to write evidence against it. In those cases, though, good analytics should be able to discredit the false argument. That's probably a bit exaggerated. Questioning the validity of email evidence is not really the same as, or even remotely similar to, discounting entire categories of arguments or turning the clock back to the glory days of hypothesis testing. I thought I made it pretty clear that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with emailing authors. It just can't be completely laissez-faire. Probably a good idea. I'm hesitant about including a bunch of other schools, because while this would certainly be better than one debater having a private chat, there's still no insurance that the correspondence would be published regardless of the author's answers. There should be a neutral 3rd party who would guarantee posting all email correspondence in a fairly centralized location.
  15. This wasn't an email exchange used to clarify something, but one to solicit an opinion. I think it's probably OK to ask Peter Ennis to clarify something he already published, but this was an email to get Mr. Ennis to share his opinion on a very specific issue not previously addressed on his blog. As Chaos pointed out earlier, if you trade emails with an author and they authorize you to publish the correspondence, you're still not obligated to post it online. This presents two problems. First, you could simply hog the information for yourself or your squad, and it would be impossible for another team to cut the same card unless you provided them with the correspondence. Second, if you get an answer your don't like, you could choose not to publish it. Thus, even if the response from the author is one that can check falsities, the rest of the debate community would never know about it. I don't see why reaching out to these authors is necessary to check back contrived arguments. Isn't that the purpose of doing research? If the kickout DA were truly a contrived DA based on incorrect assumptions (it might or might not be, I'm not sure), there should already be literature to answer the DA (and there is). If debaters are reaching out to authors just to get answers to what they perceive to be contrived arguments, debates would devolve into back-and-forth correspondence throwdowns - in this case, emails from Ennis versus emails from Lawless or Feffer. This would discourage research because the email that answers your specific question would always be preferred over a think tank publication that only mildly answers the question. This shouldn't stop debaters from contacting authors if they wish. I think there's probably a lot to learn from experts in the field, especially if you genuinely are curious about the debate argument in question and really just want to be educated. However, most debaters' competitive drive makes reading email correspondence as evidence highly problematic. Nothing against Pedro or Andrew; I doubt they had nefarious intentions when seeking Ennis's opinion.
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