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    i used to have coherent, slow-paced arguments with people, but now i like to debate
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  1. you posted on a forum whose subject is how cool you are? to reaffirm it? you are the most arrogant asshole that ever existed that's right
  2. jeff. it is no coincidence that the last 2 letters of your name are acronym character letters for the word faygo.
  3. woooeee stephen! i'm glad it's not that other type of vomit
  4. Stephen Weil / Elizabeth Allan (w00t w00t sophomore power)
  5. semis: westminster d. carwash greenhill d. gbs CL finals: greenhill d. westminster
  6. In the debate between Greenhill S and Centerville W, the decision is a 3-0 for Centerville W. Will Greenhill S please come collect your trophy. (applause)
  7. shut up stephen some people do actually hate themselves it's not funny :-(
  8. please--don't be asinine. RVI's are the great beyond. everyone thought copernicus was stupid until Sputnik happened--and now we're running scared. one day the RVI will rule debate--and the winners will be those who believe NOW.
  9. it is sad that tournaments are hiring people that they think are real judges :-( i guess we've all been duped :-( :-( :-(
  10. JoshTheFrosh

    Plan Plan

    a haiku 4 u! th'idea of plan plan makes me want to cry so much endless streams of tears
  11. JoshTheFrosh

    Debate in GA

    yeah jamie go back to tennessee where you belong!! yeah yeah whats wrong with you jamie's just mad cause he didnt have a faygo RANKINGS? errrrooooneous! if i wanted seeds, i'd look under a TREE
  12. ehh whatever, he's not the real WGLF. the BGLF is a subgroup that doesn't necessarily have access to previously established cred. i'm not with anyone on the specifics of the dispute, but i still think they should BATTTLEEE TO THE FINISSHH to see if the BGLF can live up to its parent organization
  13. JoshTheFrosh


    silly rajesh! you think you can trick us into debating so you get all the coaches lounge snacks well you are WRONG! we have seen your plot and we have now withdrawn from the tournament
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