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    HS debate ('73-'76), Redlands debater ('76-'80)(1st Ky RR, 1st Wake, NDT first round); Lawyer ('85-) Judge ('90 -); Coach Calhoun MS & HS ('02 -).
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  1. Been doing this since 1970s and never been ready for the 1st tournament yet. But working hard, and kids working hard, so kind of ready - - - until round 1.
  2. If the question is, what theory arguments can you run against a regular neoliberalism k, while some of the prior posters are correct that your better theory arguments should target some specifics of the Neg, they also seem to have already assumed the legitimacy of the K. This is an important lesson! Debaters who love the K are already predisposed to accept it, and will reject your theory arguments, EVEN if they are not answered very well. (This is actually a lesson for a lot of innovative debate arguments - those who love the Politics disad don't like theory against politics, etc.) However, if you have a judge who might be willing to listen to theory against the K, you might run conditionality bad, K's which use an actor other than the one specified by the topic are bad (for e.g., how can the USFG reject neolib?), K's are bad theory because they cede the political, K's with no solvency mechanism are bad (related to the Utopian fiat bad argument recommended earlier), or K's with no links are bad (that is, the Aff is not a unique example of capitalism, or neoliberalism - doesn't involve the military-industrial complex?). Good luck - K debate is the "in" theory right now, so until the pendulum swings again, you are probably better off arguing cap good, transition wars, or neolib bad.
  3. Any results yet?
  4. Aside from the easy pic out of two of the devices, your question is about the T of developing equipment/vehicles on earth that could be used for developing space. I think you could topically send new equipment to space, and claim earth-bound advantages. But just develop it on earth in hopes that it could be used to develop space? Pretty easy to beat that with either FX or non-T (no actual development).
  5. 1st Homewood Flossmoor (Grasse/Strong) 2nd Georgetown Day School (Herman/Stanley-Becker) Had a great time. Good luck to all at the UMich tournament! 14 prelim rounds in 4 days ....
  6. 4 rounds today - Berkeley Prep, Calhoun, Georgetown Day School, Homewood-Flossmoor, Iowa City West, Lexington, Northside College Prep, Westminster.
  7. Any changes to the original list? Berkeley Prep (FL), Andrew Goldfield and Yunhan Xu Calhoun (GA), Lloyd Bearden and Thomas Kendrick Georgetown Day School (WDC), David Herman and Isaac Stanley-Becker Homewood Flossmoor (IL), Margaret Strong and Donald Grasse Iowa City West (IA), Alex Klopp and Liam Hancock Lexington (MA), Bennett Clifford and James Fraser Marist (GA), Sydney Chung and Libby Mandarino Northside College Prep (IL), Mitchell Caminer and Tom Trieu Pace Academy (GA), Lauren Sukin and Victor Skenderi Westminster (GA), Willy Xiao and Andrew Block
  8. 24 varsity teams broke to Quarters: Mtn Brook McQu v. Calhoun BeKe (AFF) Pace SkSU v. USN LaZe Mtn Brook DaSt v. Dunwoody GaGe Milton AkVe v. Mtn Brook GrHa
  9. Novice 5. Mohaptra (Roswell) 4. Hsu (Roswell) 3. Greene (Roswell) 2. Bushman (Roswell) 1. Golde (Pace) Open 10. Yarborough (Houston) 9. Bowen (Pace) 8. Parikh (Pace) 7. Choi (Grady) 6. Kreus (Wheeler) 5. Devine (Roswell) 4. Koutreakos (Hooch KK) 3. Kathikeyan (Hooch KK) 2. Verma (Milton) 1. Akumiah (Milton)
  10. Novice Houston PH (Aff) d. Roswell SG Pace GK d. Hooch KW Roswell MB nd. Roswell HT Roswell MG d. Hooch AA JV Westminster LM nd. Westminster PL Hooch DK d. Houston FL Varsity Pace BC d. Grady CD Hooch KK d. Milton ST Hooch AC d. Wheeler KS Milton AL d. Roswell DS
  11. Calhoun - Round 4 finished on time. Lunch then the home stretch.
  12. Bigger tourney now: 20 - something teams after MBA and Mountain Brook registered, expect more.
  13. Registration is open for the Calhoun SWS tournament October 1-2, 2010 http://www.joyoftournaments.com/ga/calhoun/info.asp.
  14. Centennial LM v. Little Rock Central PW GDS HS v. Bro Rice CH GDS KL v. Centennial KP MBA v. GACS
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