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  1. http://results.the3nr.com/2011-2012/2011%20St.%20Mark%27s%20Varsity%20CX%20Results.pdf http://results.the3nr.com/2011-2012/2011%20St.%20Mark%27s%20Sophomore%20Hoe%20Down%20CX%20Results.pdf
  2. http://results.the3nr.com/2011-2012/2011%20Georgetown%20University%20Varsity%20CX%20Results.pdf
  3. From Jon Voss, Quarters: Greenhill d. St Marks GBN d. Pace KS Pace ES d. Bronx Carrollton d. BCC All those teams received TOC bids.
  4. The NDCA's Open Evidence Project for the 2011-2012 season is now live. Many files from the early summer institutes have already been posted and hundreds more files from more than a dozen workshops will be added throughout the remainder of the summer. This is a great resource that is totally free for everyone (even non-members of the NDCA). If you want to support the project, become an NDCA member. Grab the files from: http://www.debatecoaches.org/page/open-evidence-project Enjoy, Bill Batterman Board Member, NDCA
  5. Octafinals: 01. Georgetown Day KL advances without debating 02. Georgetown Day HS advances without debating 03. Alpharetta PS advances without debating 04. Stratford Academy JS d. 13. Greater Atlanta Christian KL 05. Woodward Academy SS d. 12. Little Rock Central AP 06. Chattahoochee KD d. 11. Sequoyah WF 10. Pace Academy KS d. 07. Chattahoochee SV 08. Pace Academy ES d. 09. Chattahoochee AC Quarterfinals: 01. Georgetown Day KL d. 09. Pace Academy ES 02. Georgetown Day HS d. 10. Pace Academy KS 06. Chattahoochee KD d. 03. Alpharetta PS 05. Woodward Academy SS d. 04. Stratford Academy JS Semifinals: (TOC Bid) 01. Georgetown Day KL d. 05. Woodward Academy SS 02. Georgetown Day HS d. 06. Chattahoochee KD Finals: 01. Georgetown Day KL and 02. Georgetown Day HS close-out Top Speakers: 01. David Herman (Georgetown Day) 02. Maggie Davis (Chattahoochee) 03. John Ryan Fehr (Stratford Academy) 04. Isaac Stanley-Becker (Georgetown Day) 05. Joe Krakoff (Georgetown Day) 06. Andrew Jones (Stratford Academy) 07. Anushka Panday (Alpharetta) 08. Jason Sigalos (Woodward Academy) 09. Ben Levy (Georgetown Day) 10. Cara Venezia (Chattahoochee) 11. Hemanth Sanjeev (Stratford Academy) 12. Ricardo Saenz (Alpharetta) 13. Viveth Karthikeyan (Chattahoochee) 14. Rahim Shakoor (Woodward Academy) 15. Karthik Srinivasan (Woodward Academy) I'll scan the packet and post it on The 3NR Results Archive (http://results.the3nr.com/) after Spring Break. ~Bill
  6. http://results.the3nr.com/2010-2011/2011%20Homewood-Flossmoor%20Varsity%20CX%20Results.pdf
  7. As this year's Homewood-Flossmoor tournament concludes, check out the results from the 1994 edition of the tournament. Several notable names, including the tournament director of this year's tournament: http://results.the3nr.com/1994-1995/1994%20Homewood%20Flossmoor%20Varsity%20CX%20Results.pdf ~Bill
  8. Quarterfinals: Chattahoochee AC advances over Chattahoochee KL (Viveth Karthikeyan & Andrew Lockwood) Chattahoochee SV d. Westminster MP (Robert Mitchell & Rahul Patel) Chattahoochee DK d. Stratford JS (Andrew Jones & Hemanth Sanjeev) Mountain Brook QW d. ? Semifinals: Mountain Brook QW d. Chattahoochee AC (Matt Azimi & Will Caplan) Chattahoochee SV advances over Chattahoochee DK (Maggie Davis & Christi Koutrelakos) Finals: Mountain Brook QW (Lee Quinn & Mims Windham) d. Chattahoochee SV (Shreya Seth & Cara Venezia) Corrections appreciated. If anyone has a results packet that they can scan and email, please do so. ~Bill
  9. If both St. Mark's and Westminster win, the final round will be for the Baker Award. Pretty amazing that a season-long award could come down to a single debate.
  10. I've been told that Carrollton defeated Lexington in one of the quarterfinals but I don't know the results of any of the other three debates. Semis should be well underway by now: anyway know more? Thanks, ~Bill
  11. They lost the policy debate location—the Cambridge Rindge & Latin School—due to renovation. They are expected to have it back next year and so they will be able to return to the old format (staggering rounds of policy and IE; one giant policy division). Whether they will want to, I don't know.
  12. Speech and Debate Coach/Program Coordinator Timeline of Job Opening: Applications will be accepted through February 28th Position being hired for: 2011-2012 School Year and Beyond Location: San Jose, CA Supervisor: Director of Speech and Debate Salary: Competitive Full Time Salary Description: Presentation High School is currently seeking a full-time Speech and Debate Coach and Program Coordinator for the 2011-2012 school year. Presentation High School is an all-girls Catholic preparatory school in beautiful San Jose, CA. The Speech and Debate team is relatively new at the school though it is the fastest growing organization on campus with over 110 members out of school that only has 800 or so kids. We compete locally, regionally, and nationally and are really looking to grow the program beyond the current slate of events that we compete in. There are currently 3 full time faculty members on campus that work with the Speech and Debate Program, two who have substantial preps devoted to Speech and Debate. The Coordinator position would include tournament coordination (managing team registration, entries and sign-ups, as well as logistical planning), judge coordination, and managing practice schedules. The Coaching position would involve being Head coach for one Debate event (preferably Policy Debate or Parliamentary Debate in order to grow our program), prep-period coaching, and assisting with other events including Speech. Applicants are required to have a BA and experience coaching high school Speech and Debate. Applicants should submit a resume including at least two references to Tim Case at tcase@pres-net.com. Interviews will be conducted immediately following the application deadline. http://www.pres-net.com/aboutpres/employment.html
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