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  1. Jack was a good friend of mine, and he will be truly missed. He was one of the most sincere and loving faces in the entire debate community. When I heard the news yesterday all I could think about is how, regardless of the situation, Jack always had such a positive attitude and love for live. He would do anything for a friend. There are a lot of things I could say about Jack, but none of them would suffice. I can only hope that those who knew him will remember his spirit, especially within the debate community.
  2. justink

    I miss

    the old description of this forum. i want to discuss the terror attacks and only the terror attacks god damnit.
  3. whats with the "i'd never burn an american flag" thing? burning the flag is a fine means of protest. i burned one a couple weeks ago.
  4. for real. i'm scared of a mccain nomination. the guy is a conservative hack. the problem is though, that for some reason the public keeps buying the PR message of "a man in the middle". he is, for the most part, popular amongst independent voters and that could be a problem in a tightly contested race. although, i tend to agree with the theory that someone from new york might be key to the GOP. mccain is a wolf in sheeps clothing...
  5. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5399297
  6. i haven't concluded that there is no god. i just think blind faith based on a different reasoning calculus than one normally uses is pretty silly.
  7. you are consistently one of the most idiotic posters on this website. congrats. seriously, rayl, i thought you were opposed to that type of neoliberal international policy.
  8. just curious, if you just happened to be born, oh i don't know, with a hindu family in india do you think you would be hindu? again, without trying to be accusative, why can't belief in god be based in science or logic? and why would one make all the other decisions of thier life based on a certain calculus and then use a different one in matters pertaining to their own mortality?
  9. no offense meant to rayl, but: most of this is the same sort of neoliberal strategy that is the root of most of the explotation, murder, and imperialism that exists now. it's also somewhat surprising coming from you because i thought you generally subscribe to the same school of thought as chomsky. i guess you're more pragmatic.
  10. usual reactionaries. i didn't attack anyone's point of view, my inquisition was an honest one. i want to hear why people believe in a god. i don't and i wanted to hear why people do. maybe you want to examine who is really being narrow minded. additionally, why is it that we can't have a civil discussion about the existence of a diety or the motivation for believing in one? seeing as that can often be a key factor that determines one's "outlook", what better thread?
  11. curious, why would anyone believe in god?
  12. justink


    i too would probably reccomend starting with on the genealogy of morals. it's a good primer.
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