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  1. Funding is like those egg-shaped toys that just wobble back and forth and never fall down. No matter how hard you kick it, it just gets back up. It's unbeatable and that's all there is to it.
  2. It's spelled with a 'k' (Erika)
  3. Results: DX: 1. Manhattan – Ryan Ellis 2. Manhattan – Sam Procter 3. Manhattan – Stacy Place 4. Slake – Christina Carter 5. Slake – Shelley McClelland 6. Highland Park – Derek Ziegler IX: 1. Manhattan – Andrew Hodgson 2. Manhattan – Erika Wurst 3. Slake – Nick Miller 4. Washburn Rural – Brian Thurbon 5. Manhattan – Andrew Jack 6. Manhattan – Pat Lin OO: 1. Slake – Marissa Shelley 2. Slake – Shelley McClelland 3. Manhattan – Ryan Ellis 4. Slake – Katie Briggs 5. Seaman - LeAnn Meyer 6. Slake – Christina Carter INF: 1. Slake – Katie Briggs 2. Slake – Marissa Shelley 3. Washburn Rural - Rachel Deffenbaugh 4. Bishop Seaburry - Shiv Subramaniam 5. Washburn Rural - Jessica Wright 6. Manhattan – Jackie Nelson DI: 1. Bishop Seaburry – Abby Wake 2. Slake – Kasey Clark 3. Shawnee Heights - James Stanfill 4. Slake – Mary Beth Radar 5. Manhattan – Christine Yetter 6. Slake – Kaitlyn Metzler HI: 1. Manhattan – Camille Sultana 2. Manhattan – Haley Masterson 3. Topeka West - J.P.Rankin 4. Washburn Rural - Ben Cohen 5. Manhattan – Paul Brecht 6. Emporia - Sarah Palmer DUO: 1. Manhattan – Yetter/Gregg 2. Slake – Radar/Clark 3. Shawnee Heights – Stanfill/Alyssa 4. Washburn Rural – Owen/Zeller 5. Washburn Rural – Holston/Long 6. Manhattan – Masterson/Dickinson DUET: 1. Bishop Seaburry - Warden/Wake 2. Emporia - Montgomery/Kosko 3. Slake - Metzler/Altman 4. Bishop Seaburry - Kline/Hickam 5. Manhattan – Auten/Quesnell 6. STA - Scherzer/Whiteside PROSE: 1. Bishop Seaburry - Justin Esau 2. Bishop Seaburry - Nick Strole 3. STA - Caroline Sweeney 4. Topeka West - J.P. Rankin 5. Manhattan – Kathleen Stout 6. Shawnee Heights – Heather Whitford POETRY: 1. Shawnee Heights – Brian Gilmore 2. Bishop Seaburry - Susie Warden 3. Bishop Seaburry - Wyn Cromwell 4. Manhattan – Daniel Chen 5. Emporia - Cami Shaw 6. Bishop Seaburry - Brooke Sutherland House 1: PO – Manhattan – Ryan Ellis 1. Shawnee Heights - Jordan Huz 2. Manhattan – Andrew Hodgson 3. Waru – Ashley Wells 4. Manhattan – Sam Procter 5. Manhattan – Daren Stuckenschmidt 6. Waru – Patrick Kearney House 2: PO – Waru - Eric Schumaker 1. Manhattan – Gail Lee LD: 1. STA – Beth Mendenhall 2. Topeka West – Emily Hane 3. Washburn Rural – Brian Thurbon 4. Washburn Rural – Brandon Gunn 5. STA – Nathan Peabody 6. Manhattan – Yang-Yang Chen Sweeps: 1. Manhattan 2. Silver Lake 3. Washburn Rural
  4. LeMars is also my hero, every one of them...except Ms. Johnson and Ms. Rowden, due to their failure to recognize that I am the only one to score 100% on either of the quizzes, and thus should be given the title of "Best Friend"
  5. Can someone give suggestions on answering it? I can't even find non-uniques, and can't think of any impact turn strats against it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  6. Do you know a site online that I can access the book? I just searched the university library and they didn't seem to have it, and I need it by tomorrow, so if I ordered it, I won't get it in time. And I'm real poor too . Btw, for anyone that wanted to know, the book's by Philip Gourevitch, who was a journalist who witnessed the aftermath of the '94 genocide in Rwanda. I have a question though, which is the main reason I was trying to find this evidence. If the neg runs western metaphysics, and I run a narrative from someone in a third-world nation, would it be a worthy turn, or am i better off just reading framework in the 1AC?
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a narrative by someone from Rwanda that says the genocide there was an atrocity? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  8. Two scenarios will occur, either 1) They don't like T and won't go for it, meaning any shitty answers would suffice or 2) They'll know what they're talking about, go for T, in which case, I can almost guarantee, you'll lose the round if you just read generic T blocks. As some others have already said, write your own blocks, or just make them up during the round (these answers would probably be better than your generic ones anyways).
  9. Maybe you do Pham, but I remember Paul saying something to this extent before my round against him: "Yang...let's be honest to ourselves, we both know that Chris and Carrie run the show"
  10. Jason Regneir was at JEDI last year and he is very knowledgeable about critical literature. Though his lab last year was mainly full of traditional debaters, thus they didn't spend too much time on it.
  11. I knew a chinese kid named Ning who did forensics and I thought he went to Hutch. But I never really figured out where exactly he was from. Did this Ning that you're referring to, go to KU for college (at least for a while), and mention living in Manhattan when he was in grade school?
  12. Is Ning his first name? If so, what is the last name of this person you're referring to?
  13. Elmore, Prof. Public Affairs at University of Washington, PolySci Quarterly 79-80, p. 605, 1980 The emergence of implementation as a subject for policy analysis coincides closely with the discovery by policy analysts that decisions are not self-executing. Analysis of policy choices matter very little if the mechanism for implementing those choices is poorly understood in answering the question, "What percentage of the work of achieving a desired governmental action is done when the preferred analytic alternative has been identified?" Allison estimated that in the normal case, it was about 10 percent, leaving the remaining 90 percent in the realm of implementation.
  14. DarkZorb


    It did last year, and seeing as how there's just as many teams if not more teams attending, one would have to assume that the answer is yes.
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