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  1. Did you seriously just necro a thread to call somebody an ass?
  2. As was already said, this argument wouldn't hold a thimble of water on its own, but with a properly organized animal rights K or similar you could make this work. You might get a win off shock value as I'm sure that there isn't a camp anywhere that prepped this. Ultimately this is going to only function as a link back to the K as the definition doesn't specifically exclude plans that provide for people. At best you can argue a partial topicality and try to force a holistic interpretation of the resolution on you, but they will be able to work their way out of the issue by simply granting you that your definition doesn't cover their plan and providing a better definition to win the limits/ground debate. That's all a side show because the real battle is on the K side.
  3. Name: Caleb Durrence Location: Idaho (Mountain Home or close) Contact: doestheshadowknow@gmail.com Previous Affiliation: Mountain Home High School 2002 - 2005
  4. Its sad that the WGLF are never actually here when we need them.
  5. Snowblower (n.) A power-driven mechanical apparattus designed for the ejection of snow.
  6. Any team needing a judge, give me a call, cardu1002[at}students.csi.edu
  7. Meh, I have nothing better to do with my time... cardu1002[at]students.csi.edu
  8. First, framer's intent is the worst standard ever, stop using it. Second, calll me ignorant, but aren't all but 2 people with bird flu in China?
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