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  1. I aqm sure the ESU folks would support that as well, we can arrange facilities on about a week's notice all through the time you leave for nats. Let us know and we'd be happy to host folks in the "center of it all" I am sure some of the other college folks from other places might be in same position, and would most certainly help. Thanks to Steve and Pi for the nice thoughts. Ken
  2. I got stuff to say... Speaking on behalf of Emporia State Debate, who has held this tournament in previous years. In fact, it was my rule change idea at KSCA that allowed this tournament to happen (with generous high school support and votes), so I need to correct the record on our participation. FOR THE RECORD Justin Green says: "Our dates were also selected as a result of our travel schedule and our student's academic needs and we didn't have a choice in weekends since Emporia said they wanted the weekend before ours." Inaccurate. ESU never commited to a warmup date, we only had a few projections. The K-state staff chose their date, and to host before we had decided to host or not. Once KSU commited the coaching staff and Kelly Thompson, who organizes the warmup, decided to put our full faith and backing behing KSU's effort. We do support Justin's effort to host as a new D.O.D. but did not have any involvement with this hosting effort. While we were not consulted about the process, or even sent an official request for judges as we had done in previous years, we had people ready to go to Manhattan and judge, no matter how many teams were entered. While we do not see any purposeful attempt in that matter, we should all seek to increase our cooperation and communication to make these warmup tournaments a bridge between the high school and college communities. ON TO THE PLEA I have first hand experience of Justin's frustration. We have attempted to consult with the ENTIRE high school community about this warmup tournament by mass mailing to ALL qualifier schools, postings to the high school coaches list, cross-x.com, and phone calls to coaches and KSHSAA and still have not gotten good feedback on dates or whether to host. The result of all of that was last year we had 5-6 teams show up. Our mistake in charging fee's I think. However, the fee was the result of a conversation with two high school coaches I trusted and NO feedback from any high school coaches who attended. I'll defend Justin by saying that high school coaches really need to give feedback when asked if building bridges between these communities is more than lip service. I know we college coaches have things to do as well, but sometimes I felt as if I was going out on a limb to be inclusive, only to have high school coaches not communicate AT ALL. It was frustrating. VERY frustrating. We asked for feedback after the first warmup, and one of the participating coaches emailed one of my debaters complaining, and wouldn't talk to me! There should be an official liason between the two communites set up at KSCA. Dubios, maybe you could help us out with that. I'll be gone, and this situation was frustrating from the ESU, KSU and high school standpoints. Hopefully we can all communicate better, be more inclusive, and make this a better situation. After all, isn't this supposed to benefit the high school kids and the college kids who get to interact? That was the vision I had when I started this thing. I'm leaving... so someone else has to take that vision over. Ken DeLaughder Washburn Law Old Director at ESU... I'll be turning over this ID soon!
  3. Full doubles results pulled from the College thread so folks can see them here as well. Full Doubles Results: Dartmouth CS def. Redlands SZ Kentucky JS def. Idaho State DY 3-2 Fullerton MM def. Mary Washington SW Northwestern BC def. Harvard LP Dartmouth BM def. Emory CL Kansas CJ def. George Washington LW Harvard KM def. Berkeley LR 5-0 Whitman SS def. West Georgia LM 4-1 Wake Forest CH def. Harvard AR 5-0 Northwestern DD def. Emory HH Berkeley BW def. UMKC CG Oklahoma CJ def. Iowa LS Wayne State FM def. Missouri State BM Whitman BM def. USC IS Congrats to Oklahoma and KU still representing D III, and Suni and Brad for still kickin. My condolences to my friend Malcolm and Andy, Matt and Mike, and Isaac and Jessica for good runs, wish you were stillin tomorrow. A congratulations to everyone for making the big dance, wish we were there on behalf of the Hornets.. we'll see you in Dallas this coming up weekend. I'm glad we'll end it all at CEDA! Ken D.
  4. I'll remind everyone that we don't really have an application deadline, and you can come and visit our campus whenever you want I think this qualifies as a bump? Rubaie, email me and I'll return it quickly... lol See you this weekend. Ken D. ESU Debate
  5. Hello everyone, Emporia State debate will be sending out a mailing shortly to all KS HS programs doing policy debate, but I thought I would briefly summarize it here. We are once again soliciting applications for out 2006-07 Scholarship awards. We will be offering great opportunities for new people as well as our prestigious Virginia Endly Scholarship nomination to one Kansas debater. The "Endly" is one of 8 "full ride" scholarships (room, board, tuition) given to an incoming freshman, of which debate is detailed one nominee. This scholarship for debate this year was given to Zahra Nasr-azadani of Emporia, KS and totalled $8,000. Only KS residents are eligible. To our knowledge, no other full ride exists for debate in the state of Kansas. We seek the best scholar-debaters for this prestigious honor. Good grades, ACT score and debate success indicative of an ability to succeed in college policy are our criteria. We invite EVERYONE who thinks they are qualified to apply, do not assume you are not. While the scholarship is only one year, ESU debate along with the University will continue a package of matching scholarships to pay for tuition for succeeding years, assuming grade eligibility. This guarantees good students a 4 year tution free experience at Emporia State. This is a floor and not a ceiling. Along with the Endly, we also have our endowed scholarships, the Alumni and George R.R. Pflaum scholarships, as well as a generous block grant from Liberal Arts and Science for scholarships and a very generous student hire/work study fund. Our average scholarship challenges any debate institution in the state. Our top debaters are generously compensated for a nationally competitive effort. We will also be selecting applicants for those and other awards as well. College debate is difficult, requires hard work and time commitment, and is something that we hope you consider no matter where you attend college. If you would like to be a part of our nationally competitive debate program, please look us up on the web at: http://www.emporia.edu/communication/debate Please fill out the Debate information form. You may find out more about the University at: http://www.emporia.edu Tuition at Emporia is so reasonable, that our scholarship levels mean a minimal out of pocket experience for tuition for qaulified applicants. The higher cost of many other institutions means that their scholarships must be HIGHER to compensate for our lower base tuition, keep that in mind when comparing out of pocket amounts. ESU has many fine programs and has been highly rated in several national collegiate rating systems. We offer a superior education program for future debate coaches, and an intense liberal arts experience. We hope you attend college, and consider Emporia State as you move on to the next level. Take care and good luck with your season. On behalf of the Hornet Debate team... Ken DeLaughder Director James Taylor Assistant Kelly-Mike Thompson Director of Recruiting Dustin Rimmey Squad Captain
  6. Sorry we missed you John... folks loved the pasta salad the banquet was a fun time. Congrats to Alex McCoy - who posted this thread for winning a speaker award and having a good run. Im off to sleep Ken
  7. Usually I post - but it has been very very busy. Yes we are hosting a college tournament this weekend, starts saturday and SUnday at 9 am (good start time for a college tourney) and should run until about 6:30 (also a good schedule) Open should make octs... JV/Novice quarters + We look forward to hosting. If you would like to talk to ESU about college debate while you are here, please do so. Ken D. Director of Debate, ESU
  8. Hibbs... We'll bring as many folks as we can down, see the thread on "judging" that's stickied for all my people's info, that should help out the pool, we can also get some "former" ESU hornets and some friends o' debate if we can get some good hospitality food You know we love you Hibbs. I love little smokies... lol I will repeat ESU's offer to host a champ division (assuming room availability) anytime we can find the rooms on the campus. If you can get 7 or 8 other teams together we can have a round robin. We'll be happy to hold it and call KSHSAA. Just let us know. At any rate... go champ. Ken D. ESU Debate
  9. ESUDebate


    We'd love to be there... but all of us will be up at UNI debating, however, and Kelly Thompson is locked down in the dorms! Something I think everyone should groan at him about... Good luck to everyone at WaRu, I'm sure it will be a fun time for everyone! lol Ken D. ESU Debate
  10. I am sorry to announce that because of the date of the EHS tournament this year, and some other concerns, we will not be holding our champ round robin. The date conflicts with Wake Forest, and of course, we will be attending the Shirley in force. We would be happy to support as a team ANYONE who holds a champ tournament, please let me and my team know. Our counter offer is this. I can get rooms on Emporia's campus anytime, any weekend we are not travelling (there are a couple). If your coaches want to send teams we can hold a 7 team round robin, or something small anytime with some advance warning. This semester may be too late, but December isn't too far away. Such a tournament is NOT in any way associated with Emporia High's fine effort in November, which we hope many teams will support. COACHES need to contact me with interest. We can scrape together some panels, (it only needs 3 rooms) and folks can duke it out. If 7 schools want to debate it out champ style, ESU will serve as a dueling ground. ASSUMING THE FOLLOWING.... That coaches are in support, that it doesn't interfere with their team plans or schedules... and that it's all in good fun. Debate is sweet, and more is better. Take care, and my apologies. Thanks to everyone for their support, and their support of champ debate, especially the great folks at Shawnee Mission East, we wish both SME and EHS luck this season. Ken DeLaughder ESU Debate
  11. Just a note to everyone: We are aware and have been contacted by a couple of people still as yet uncommited, so I thought I would post. We are still filling our regional rotation and beginning our second mini-camp next week, and have additional scholarship monies that just came available. Most of you have decided, but if anyone is still interested, or already attending ESU, we'd love to talk to you about debate. Our minicamp starts Thursday, and I'll be around this coming week, so email me. If you're already attending ESU we can also talk about other monies available - it is significant. delaughk@emporia.edu One, at the most two people would round out our rotation at the regional level. We have some folks wanting to do some different things, so feel free to inquire. Good luck to everyone at camps and getting ready for their season in debate land. Happy summer, stay cool! Ken DeLaughder Director of Debate
  12. Oh behalf of Hornet Debate, I'd like to congratulate everyone who attended NFL in both debate and IE's. I think the state was represented well, and hope that everyone who has finished their careers think about continuing them in college. Regardless, I hope you recognize the honor it was for you to represent your state at NFL Nationals. Those who cleared, congratulations. Special shout out to the debate folks, because unless you win it all or dont clear, you always lose your final round in debate. We all go through it, keep your heads up and be proud! Thanks for making us all cheer, Ken DeLaughder Director of Debate Emporia State University Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences, KS - Class of 1987 James Taylor Assistant Director David Keller Assistant Coach Dustin Rimmey Squad Captain
  13. Version

    Well here is an interesting offer for NFL. 11 pages. I was helping one of my folks learn to do some reasearch and they wrote a wacky DA, so I thought I would offer it up. The story is the plan empowers the pope and that is bad, and the current Pope is under fire for lots of things. It will suprise some people, and it might make a Catholic judge mad. SO...be careful, and pick carefully when you run it. If you want something interesting, here it is. Have fun. Note: I don't condone any view of Catholicism here, but all disads are offensive to someone. The new Pope is not without his controversy. Here's the index... its only 11 pages SHELL 2-4 UNIQUENESS EXT 5 LINKS 6-7 INTERNAL LINK EXT 8 IMPACT EXT 9-10 AFF ANS 11

    3.50 USD

  14. Happy birthday Matt.. get back to cutting cards ..... for Aquinas Ken
  15. and just to let you know... Joelle... "Jezebelle" Jasper just gave the pool boy his birthday spankings with a flyswatter... Paul... well... he stopped cutting cards... hmmm 18 swats... and a threatened wedgie
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