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  1. This professor has a ton of videos online explaining philosophical concepts/methods: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhilosophicalTechne/videos - including this introduction to Michel Foucault: https://youtu.be/Ua4wrcS9u3A.
  2. This is where Streeck's Marxism abruptly ends, since we're generally pretty optimistic about the future - at least in the long run. Streeck is painting a bleak picture. He'd agree that liberals and leftists alike should still organize to try and make sure austerity measures aren't taken out of the hide of the poor and the working class. But he's not going to give us some comforting pep-talk like Martin Wolf is content to do.
  3. Sorry for the condescension: I'm mostly peeved at Wolf, who is a journalist I typically have a lot of respect for. Streeck is not suggesting that standards of living will drop to 12th century levels and it's way off-base for Wolf to attribute that to Streeck in print. The very existence of so much expensive trash to rummage through and technologies we can't put back in the genie bottle precludes that (not even Rey's planet of Jakku is comparable to the Middle Ages). Rather Streeck is saying that after the lengthy fall of the Roman Empire, arbitrary powers ruled: you weren't sure who to appeal to when you got wronged, life was horrifically precarious, and even much of the developed world may regress to that kind of uneven neo-feudalism if democratic capitalism wanes. Think 'Children Of Men' or 'Blade Runner 2049'. Anarchy and authoritarianism are not at all mutually exclusive; it's the first that results in the latter as societal disequilibrium produces regional tyranny. Wolf concedes this is as a possibility, and worries about post-democratic capitalism without considering that this may be the only way to make capitalism work today (e.g., China, Singapore). Although Wolf says what we should do, he refuses to forecast that we actually will. Because it's not like Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo were assured defeat, had they gotten on the same page. Stalingrad, Dunkirk and Normandy go the other way and we could well be living in a very different world. That's not defeatist, that's honest. And I also find Streeck much more convincing on the subject of debt; we might simply not be able to afford the neo-Keynesian reforms Wolf says are essential. Even the wealthiest country on Earth might not be able to pay for Sanders' platform and I rallied for the man! If someone who doesn't tweet his foot in his mouth every morning appealed to Trump's base, and that base grew to 1930s proportions... well, such a prospect is not remotely "ludicrous". That's how far we've fallen, and what's certain is nobody knows how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
  4. Rumors of capitalism's demise have been greatly exaggerated by intellectual doomsayers for centuries. The Streeck evidence is preposterous, defeatist & wrong. Wolf 11/2/2016 (Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, "Martin Wolf: the case against the collapse of capitalism", Financial Times, 11-2-2016, https://www.ft.com/content/7496e08a-9f7a-11e6-891e-abe238dee8e2, DOA: 7-28-2017).
  5. 'Streeck writes devastatingly on democracy' and 'Streeck writes devastatingly on AN ASSAULT on democracy' are opposites. That's like rendering 'Bob hates the attack on X' as 'Bob hates X'. That's not a subtle shift of emphasis, that's an 180-degree distortion. And if the card isn't about euros and you're omitting 'euro' from sentences to prove something else, then that's deceptive too. Sorry to be such a Grinch on Christmas but who in Whoville told you that's okay?
  6. This card is so deceptively underlined that I would reprimand any student who cut this. Martin Wolf's sentence: "Streeck also writes devastatingly and cogently on the euro as an assault on democratic politics" is rendered as "Streeck also writes devastatingly on democratic politics." That's obscene! A paragraph later, Wolf's concession that "Streeck’s views on the folly of the euro are convincing" is omitted too. Some responsibility for distortion and hyperbole extends to the card's author as well, however. To say Europe is headed for a dark age sounds "ludicrous" only if one ludicrously assumes that Streeck is referring to the Middle Ages. The plague of Nazism in the 1930s was in its own way much darker than anything bubonic, and the electoral rise of right-wing authoritarian parties should put the fear in both liberals and socialists alike. Streeck, as any Marxist, finds much to regret in the labor market as such, not just women's participation in it. The reduction of exploitation and toil is a key civilizational goal for us, instead of proliferating bullshit jobs and quoting GDP as the Great and Powerful Oz. Moreover, unlike neo-Keynesians such as Wolf, good Marxists, like Marx himself(!), take debt seriously. Marx lamented that the only thing we own collectively is the national debt. One shouldn't have to pledge allegiance to the Austrian School to criticize heaping unbearable burdens on future generations; here's council communist Paul Mattick Jr.: Who wants that? Martin Wolf, apparently - which is why he lumps right-wing and left-wing populists together and relies on the can-do-ism of centrist elites. As for Venezuela, it's not an example of a Soviet planned economy, much less genuine socialism, but rather state market socialism. I mean, there's McDonald's in Caracas: QED. For Wolf to write "in today’s world, it is not capitalism that is in imminent danger, but rather democracy" is not only an example of what economist Andrew Kliman would call 'political determinism', but it's odd for a commentator who took the financial crisis of 2008 more gravely than many of his colleagues. At the time Wolf said we weren't sure whether we'd even have investment banks any longer. It's quite possible, without robust federal government intervention, we could've repeated the Great Depression and experienced empty ATMs, empty grocery store aisles, and rioting in the streets - not in a country with massive abject poverty and high illiteracy rates which anchored its entire economy on a single commodity (oil) only to watch its price plummet, but in the richest country in the history of the world. That Venezeula can't afford to write a trillion dollar check to itself says nothing essential about the prospects of revolutionary socialism. Streeck's vision sounds defeatist only to those who naively believe that, with some tweaks, global capitalism can continue on as it has indefinitely. The original defenders of capitalism, on the contrary, from David Ricardo to Maynard Keynes, all assumed it would wind down someday. It was Marx who argued that it requires a push, and that calls for both realism and activism in equal parts. 'Heart on fire, mind on ice', to quote Lenin.
  7. WOLFGANG STREECK (alongside Anwar Shaikh, Andrew Kliman, Nancy Holmstrom, Erik Olin Wright, Paul Mattick Jr., and others) should be on every good Marxists' radar. He's an economic sociologist and director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies; here's an essay from this year in which he spits fire: https://wolfgangstreeck.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/streeck2017_whose-side-are-we-on.pdf.
  8. https://youtu.be/9nx0Kvb5U04?t=1m42s Contemporary politics is systematically defective and inescapably evil, with the costs of progress frequently inflicted on the marginalized. We must revive a conception of the common good. #CommonGoods #Cooperation #Government #Roads #CleanWater #Education #Taxes #PublicGoods #KnowNothingLibertarianism #BentFlyvbjerg #EverydayLife #Family #Work #Politics #Philosophy #Aristotle #Polis #RationalAnimals #Interests #PolicyDebate #Deliberation #Households #Workplaces #Bureaucracy #Elites #Justice #Courage #Temperateness #Practicality #VirtueEthics #Praxis #Aquinas #Community #Agency #Dignity #Catechism #CharlesDeKoninck #ContemporarySociety #Hobbes #TheState #Inequality #Unemployment #WorkingClass #TheRich #RightToTheCity #Crime #Unions #SaulAlinsky #CatholicSchools #SalvationArmy #Local #Progress #NationState #Politicians #StBenedict #FrequentEvils "The moment you think of yourself as a conservative or a liberal, you're done for. It's as simple as that." http://flyvbjerg.plan.aau.dk/Rat&Pow03.pdf
  9. List of cognitive biases: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-v9nj178LfZU/WBNVkHcQuNI/AAAAAAAADfM/2BB2Tqup1LAMWtkRoOptyldRDhLuWnc2QCJoC/w800-h800/Cognitive%2BBias%2BCodex.jpg {Find this interface kinda frustrating, by the way. Couldn't upload an image; looked like I could; couldn't delete the post...}
  10. Lazzarone


    ...I think. https://psmag.com/news/why-even-your-best-arguments-never-work-64910 Cross-examination question: "Have you made the strongest case for/against the plan?" If the answer's "yes", THAT'S THE LINK!
  11. The late Professor Cherryholmes might be a good place to start: https://books.google.com/books?id=EbJqLQAACAAJ. Michel Foucault also had a conversation with French high school students, published in 'Language, Counter-Memory, Practice' (1977): http://cedadebate.org/pipermail/mailman/2002-June/041524.html.
  12. ...is a 1963 essay that every student should read: https://books.google.com/books?id=5_xBX1l9kQkC&pg=PA52. (Michel Foucault's 'Discipline & Punish' would not be written for another 12 years.)
  13. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/tavissmiley/interviews/philosopher-slavoj-zizek/?show=29386
  14. https://www.cross-x.com/topic/47698-cc/
  15. Patrick Fox, have you read Alenka Zupančič?... Try 'The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche's Philosophy of the Two' (2003). Now there's some Nietzscheanism I can fully endorse!... Or this passage I'm fond of from 'The Odd One In' (2008): As an example of the underlined portion, I'd cite the compassionate conservatism of The National Review:
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