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  1. Why aren't you making me sammiches and not talking?
  2. Does this qualify as a shitty unfunny post? Short answer: Yes. Complicated answer: Because you're retarded.
  3. I couldn't help it. PS: Everyone has let it go except you. Someone's angry. :'(
  4. Oh NOES! You figurd me out! Maddox uses the word idiot and retard in the things he writes! Does that mean I can't? ABSOLUTELY NOT YOU RETARD. And yes I do go to hopkins. And never did I complain I didnt get what I wanted. However, a reply to why my previous inane post was deleted wasn't my actual goal. More on that later. So who is this collective we you keep talking about? We as in... all the people I've made fun of in the past 3-4 years or so? Because if you look at all the people who have replied in this thread (minus Brian and that VoteonSwansonAbuse guy that chirps in on occasion), the only people who give a fuck (including yourself) are the people I've probably pissed off at some point in time. Never have I claimed to be super intelligent, you all assume that due to the condescending tone of my posts, I was however a debater, and do know that nothing pisses off a debater more than attacking their intelligence. Oh it burns doesn't it? Here's a hint, when a person who rarely posts on CX comes out of the blue and starts deliberately trying to piss people off, it may be a possibility that he's just trying to piss people off like you. Guess what? It works so well. Reading your reply, you really missed a lot of the references I make in my posts, and I guess you'll never really get what I'm trying to say. But how hard, and how long had you been waiting to drop "cock juggling thundercunt"? I mean seriously, that sounds so... forced. Maybe you should stop trying to be internet savvy and go back to just being retarded. At least someone will benefit from it. All in all, this was fun CX community, no hard feelings (especially D_MAPES, you just presented yourself as an easy target). Back to lurking! toodles. Oh, and Johnny Nelson? Still a dumbass.
  5. This state seriously has no spine anymore. PS : PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD AND KEEP MY STREAK ALIVE.
  7. Dear Johnny Nelson, When I read your post, you made a lot of claims with underlined words. Now I immediately thought, well perhaps he has some hyperlinks so I can read some places where "cross-x is laughed at by a lot of people" and why I'm not a mod. But alas, there were none, so I have nothing to go on aside from your word, which I find questionable due to your "state of mild disrepute". Yes Brian is a lot smarter than me, and wiser, however I choose not to understand the following command. Now your large novel picture of Me smashing a computer puzzles me. I thought, Does Johnny Nelson want me to go on a computer smashing rampage? Or maybe a computer with an Internet connection is broken already, and I should take joy in smashing it for fun! Granted I would need a large hammer like the one pictured, but being a poor college student, I have no such funds for a hammer of that magnitude. Still puzzled I thought, maybe you meant a picture like this one? But then I thought to myself, absolutely not, a man of that obvious mental capacity would surely have not made such a mistake. So after some detailed analysis I came up with this very efficient graph. Conclusion: You're a fucking idiot. Bottem line is this. You can try to take the higher ground, you can try to act intelligent, you can post "original" pictures, and you can kiss ass, but regardless, still, no one will like you.
  8. First and foremost your name is WooTWooTWooT, registered January 2005. Do you even know what the term "Woot" means? It's been around since 1997-1998, which means.... you lose by about 8 years give or take. Unfortunately the thread that was peppered by ORLY owls by Clark and I was (believe it or not) deleted. So I can't own you there. Just remember, regardless of how hard you try. You'll never be original.
  9. If the douchepig deleted my post. Then it's because he's probably still steamed about my friends: and And in response to your three points. He's done nothing to prove otherwise, maybe he should start, and if someone is going to take a jab at me, I don't think they deserve to get away without a little fight. Frankly, I didn't know that you could leave comments on rep, until the other day, hence the late post. Now Brian, I appreciate the response, but apparently my beef isn't with you. And it's noble for you to stand up for your teammates. D_Mapes, don't take "twat" seriously, I just had an itching to drop it, and the opportunity presented itself. And Corey: Edit: I screwed up the pic links, Ooops.
  10. May I ask. Why do you delete my shit, but allow that twat "D_MAPES" to bump threads that are 5 fucking years old? PS I really am expecting this thread to get deleted too, don't let me down.
  11. At least you're not lying to yourself.
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