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  1. If you arent going to spend 6-8 weeks at camp and your parents arent willing to take out a second mortgage This camp is THE best camp to attend during the summer. Low costs, great staff, individualized instruction. Whether its badillou, cap or heg good, whether you have never debated a HS round or have been to the TOC the NDI has an instructor that is an expert and is willing/able to put in the time to help you get better. NDI really offers something for everyone and I strongly encourage anyone who is free in late July/early August to consider the Nebraska Debate Institute.
  2. looks like we outdid my prediction. We had 83% of the teams that broke (missing 12 of 71). The doc is now being made public, feel free to share the link below with anyone who cares. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ato6WSBLElDEdF9RTWtLaDlXMDZUZTFseDI5a01WX1E#gid=3
  3. Over 90 entries so far! thanks everyone that has opted in. If everyone helps out and spreads the word tomorrow and Tuesday we should be around 75% once breaks come out on Tuesday afternoon
  4. Codeshare email is nflcodeshare13@gmail.com
  5. When you register Sunday you will be given a code, probably x and then a 3 digit number, this code will be used to identify you on the schedule, without some sort of sharing/reporting of those codes no one would know who they are hitting until the round (except big schools with lots of resources to scout, this evens the playing field regarding intel)
  6. If you would like to opt in to the codeshare, Send an email to nflcodeshare13@gmail.com with the following info; Code, school name, debaters last names (prefer full names over initials), state (feel free to use initials here though) The first email can be expected Sunday afternoon or as soon as we get sufficient input to warrant an email, we will try to send out semi-regular updates throughout the tournament based on volume of new information so feel free (please!!!) to inform your opponents/teams you judge of the project and us of their information as the tournament progresses. In the same vein Rohan has created a pre-tournament team list based on the other thread in cross-x. http://bit.ly/NFLs2013
  7. Rohan and I are partnering on the codeshare, the email is nflcodeshare13@gmail.com, first email should be expected Sunday afternoon/as soon as we get sufficient participation.
  8. Name and location - Matt Kenyon, Sioux Falls, SD Years out of High School -11 Summary of debate experience - Coached policy @ program formerly known as SFL the last 5 years, multiple TOC bids, winning record at the TOC, back to back NCFL champions, etc. Willing to cut cards/reasearch (Y/N) Yes Is transportation needed? (Y/N) No (For Blake) Is housing needed? (Y/N) No (For Blake) Time(s) available/Tournaments available - This posting is mainly in regards to Blake (Weekend of Dec 15th) but I can be hired for ANY tournament your squad might want to win. Contact Information matt.f.kenyon@gmail.com
  9. Thanks for all the congratulations everybody. Being the #1 and #7 seed and winning the tournament back to back is a testament to how hard the SFL debaters work, despite the MANY obstacles put in their way, they always find a way to persevere. The Coalition is strong as ever and should all take pride in this belt..... See ya in Indy and at NDI "I'm here to speak on the squad... IE young money" [media=] [/media]
  10. Here is the spreadsheet with codes/names of teams remaining (we obviously dont have all the names for all the codes) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ato6WSBLElDEdEx3Yks1XzhUZUowQ24ybTZyd1RvbkE
  11. I'll go ahead and support Dana for minister of sewers right now, so with 0% of precincts reporting I think it's pretty safe to call this one for Dana (and Fred) Regarding next years topic - can i get a heg advantage from any of them there affs you were talkin bout? If so then sign SFL up! Regarding the TOC; Really no clear favorite this year, should make it fun... The group including (but not limited to) Woodward ss, greenhill su, hoflo gs, Edina ss, icw dh and Stratford js all have legitimate args as to why they would be the Vegas favorites going in Because their is no clear favorite, I think almost any team could put together a run that lands them in a Monday afternoon debate, realizing and believing that is half the battle though... (how's that for a politically correct answer)
  12. "We will most likely also have other skilled competitors/coaches hanging out/helping, mainly because the food and the company is so good at this camp..like Mike Ewald, University of Chicago Labs head coach (formerly Sioux Falls Lincoln) and Brian Gonzaba, assistant coach/judge at Omaha Westside (former top debater for Millard South)." Fred, you mentioned that Gonzaba would be attending in the first post, he's just upset because the camp isn't titled the "Brian Gonzaba Debate Institute of Brian Gonzaba's Awesomeness" Also - Gonzaba, PLEASE stop referring to yourself in the third person... "he doesn't stack to the rest of the staff but in his career he's qualified for the TOC, broke to out rounds of both CFL's and NFL's and obtained a national ranking his senior year. he's gone on to coach and assist for multiple bid teams his first year out."
  13. Just wanna jump on the bandwagon and say this camp is super legit. The diversity and level of expertise you get on any issue that could be read in a debate round is incredible. I love helping out, but I really love sending my kids, often doubling it up with other camps like Gonzaga or KU, the focus is on rounds and how to prepare and execute strategies in those rounds and there is just no better way to get better at debate in my humbe opinion. I will put in perspective what it meant to my squad this year... we won a total of 3 bid rounds this year, 2 of those were against Millard South, an amazing team that we just couldnt wrap our heads around... until NDI. They beat us their fair share still but NDI made a world of difference. And thats in addition to the fact that the straight up policy portion of the staff is probably the best around as well so all in all, best value in summer institutes has got to be NDI
  14. Don't mean to hijack the thread but wanted to let all you KS debaters know about a great opportunity that runs immediately AFTER the last week of the 4 week JDI program (July 27- Aug 4), the Nebraksa Debate Institute. It's basically 10 days of pure rounds with 1 round/day minimum starting day 2. It is most widely known for its critical side, with some of the best critical minds in both HS and college debate headlining then staff (Dana Christensen (Westside Formerly Millard South) Ryan Wash (CEDA semi-finalist, first round NDT) etc. as well as many instructors that have actually taught/currently teach at JDI (Jeff Robertson, Halli Tripe, Chris Spurlock, etc).... Recently though they have added some staff that makes this a perfect opportunity for KS debaters to not only learn about all this critical debate but also HOW TO BEAT IT consistently. I am the policy coach at Sioux Falls Lincoln, the last 2 years alone our small South Dakota school has been in elimination rounds at countless bid tournaments, gotten 3 bids, cleared a team at NDCAs, had a team in semis of NCFLs 2 years ago, won NCFLs last year, had teams in deep outrounds at NFLs along with the 5th and 12th speaker at that tournament. Along with myself, Mike Ewald, director of debate at UC lab and my former assistant as well as former (and current) SFL debaters and NCFL champions Ana O'Hara and Jack Erpenbach will be there to help. Finally, we (SFL) have 2 soon to be seniors that hope to be one of the best teams in the country next year that are *probably* going to double NDI up with Gonzaga scholars so in addition to the already amazing staff and competition there, I think there are some particular items that can really make this very inexpensive week of debate a great primer for any Kansas teams that are looking to get a little more ammo in their toolbox for those big postseason tournaments... see page below, or feel free to pm me with questions, its legit.. did I mention it's only $775 for the entire week + and thats for everything including housing and food!!! http://www.nebraskadebateinstitute.com/
  15. Kenyon


    Casas, you are a beast and I know Evan and Nathan felt really good about the round knowing that a team that loves and cares about this activity so much would be assured of a bid regardless of the winner (And NDI would officially lock up it's first bid of the season!) There is no doubt you guys will get yours in due time, just keep bringin the heat!
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