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  1. This just in: No matter how many times Zahra calls me an asshole I still don't care. It was a joke...nobody got it so I deleted it. Chillax.
  2. This thread wont officially get there until I ruin it. 1) Fuck Zahra...you stupid woman. 2) Fuck liberals...the patriot act is good 3) *Conservative stuff* Note: This entire post has been a joke. Don't take anythign seriously.
  3. I think giving the child up to adoption would be more reasonable than abortion. I don't understand why the 22 year old would 1) want to have sex w/ a 13 year old girl or 2) want to knock her up. I also don't understand why the 13 year old girl didnt make him wear a condom. Maybe he coerced her or something. Its disgusting and irresponsible for the mother to not know who her daughter is hanging/screwing with. Anyhow, if the defense lawyer is even halfway decent he should win. I think the law from Kansas will be carried over into Nebraska from post-civil war legal precedent. Dont put the guy in jail...just break his nose...or his pecker. Oh and JD- you are assuming that the sex occured after marriage. Instead she was married BECAUSE they had sex and she became pregnant. He can still be prosecuted for any act that occured before the union occured.
  4. Coming out of retirement again....dammit. I show up occasionally and then cant stop myself. Here we go: As I understand the system, the money is allocated to school districts that are growing. THat is to say that schools like ONW are getting more money while schools like SMW are getting less money. The problem with that is that it causes schools with more students (I dont know ONW's population so i could be wrong) to lose money. With 2000 kids, SMW needs to be getting the same as every other 6a school. The fact that certain schools in the area don't have books, instead they have Palm Pilots is ridiculous. The legislature needs to get their act together and I think they've pretty clearly shown that none of them have a fucking clue how to do their job. Its tragic.
  5. How about this? You are all fucking dickheads. Mark and Jimmy and anyone else involved with the campaign to stop the genocide in Darfur are making an honest attempt to make a difference in this world. People like Matt and Starvin Marvin who are "just kidding" take away from the importance of their actions. I am not going to give a rant about how Matt is an asshole or whatever. Instead I ask everyone to TASTEFULLY chose what to mock. Mock Bush, Cheney and Howard Dean. Mock the pathetic Royals or Yankees. Mock your neighbors and friends. Don't mock an honest attempt at a grassroots political movement to stop teh unncessary slaughter of innocent people. If thats the best you can do then you need to stop trying to be cool and stop trying to be funny. The insanely large amount of bullshit in the last 3 threads i've read has caused me to "come out of retirement". Leave the darfur campaign alone and find another target for bad humor.
  6. Yes. Its like watching a small animal get hit by a train...very sad. Very very sad.
  7. DavidG

    Impeachment of Bush

    He said Cheney not Rove.
  8. One of the problems with dragging administration in to issues like the one with Chewy is that they don't necessarily understand the game. I know for a fact that none of our four administrators know jack shit about debate. Now to try and punish a school's judge for his "innappropriate" actions when they have no clue as to how the system works is stupid. My two cents but its probably worth less anyway.
  9. DavidG


    I'll give a big thanks to Zahra for being one of the people who makes the activity less fun for people who don't take it as seriously as she does. If it werent for you kritiking kids who werent purposefully trying to be sexist then nobody would want to quit. Thanks to Alex McCoy for making it a lot easier for me to walk away from debate. Thanks to Brent for going to CFLs with me and working hard to get us a quallifying spot. Thanks to Jared Zuckerman for being a good mentor when I was a freshman. Thanks Mark Skoglund and Brian Rubaie for being good guys and making congress interesting. Thanks to Anne Rosenthal for being a great teammate this year. Thanks to all the judges who picked us up...we probably didnt deserve it. Thanks to BBB for beating Anne and Brian at state so we could go home. Thanks to Casey Kelly, Johnny Prieur and Christine Malumphy for helping us @ camp and for helping develop my "Israel Idea" into a real case. Thanks to Paul Reetz for being nice enough to have some conversations @ tournaments even though he probably didnt want to. thanks to Lindy for being nice enough to have some conversations @ tournaments even though she probably didnt want to. Last, thanks to Bradford Jacobs for making all of our rounds this year really fun.
  10. DavidG

    Episode III

    Leia is referencing her adoptive mother. Senator Bail Organa's wife. Holy shit...i used to like star wars WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much
  11. DavidG

    Episode III

    Its just coincidence Greg...seriously
  12. DavidG

    Episode III

    It was me Stevie not Lindsey
  13. DavidG

    Episode III

    The plans for the Death Star that the Seperatists had were from Darth Sidious aka the emperor. Its the same death star. I dunno who wrote that article and where they got their information but im pretty sure that its bullshit.
  14. DavidG

    Episode III

    Does anyone else notice that the Death Star is already partially built in 3 but it takes 18 more years to finish?
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