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  1. Either Dartmouth/Brown/Wash U
  2. no1s talking about memphis, but they're the only team with enough talent to take on uconn. they remind me a lot of the cuse team (led by melo) that won it a coupl years back. memphis over uconn in the finals
  3. actually, nothing beats zachary baum trying to rap- especially when he asks "oh shit, does that rhyme?" in the middle
  4. oXymOrOn2006


    ohh frank, jer is just stating a fact- spencer is an amazing sumo wrestler- i think he'd even take you congrats to ian and spencer and kelsey "im too cool to come visit edgemont" savage
  5. wow. i cant believe no1's mentioned edgemont's zachary lewis baum and jeremy "mack daddy" kreisberg
  6. i dont know about the best debaters from the ne but the best-looking team has to be zachary lewis baum and jeremy "mack daddy" kreisberg
  7. this guy arpit garg was pretty decent too
  8. sklaroff, stop stealing djg's lines
  9. will any bronx seniors from last yr be thurr?
  10. any word on the bid situation?
  11. Tara & David Peter & Dillon Harsh & Joe Sam & Amy Jeremy K & Akash
  12. yeah frank that was uncalled for
  13. o yes we will every1 be prepared for 8 mins kato
  14. who's going to this tournament?
  15. this is the best tournament. ever. laser tag is the shit
  16. pshh sweet caroline is NOT silly....its amaazing Sweet Caroline (OH OH OH) Good times never seemed so good (SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOOD) I've been inclined (OH OH OH) To believe they never wooould great times
  17. WOW SO MANY GOOD TIMES -"sweet caroline"- the entire GT lab, i love you all -third floor room check- nick, logan, and kevin are fucking craaazy -<INSERT GIRL'S NAME>'s mom has got it going on -basketball vs the staff (kicking their asses) -PLOPPY- best word EVER -aneal's crazy stories -KNEEEEEEEEEJA -poor britt, every1 kept jumping on her and beating her up -mo's "MOTHERFUCKER" impression of ace -mo's impression of ken -Mo in general- wow i love that kid -running back in the rain from the indian place -mo and rehan punking britt -CASSANOVA and her "meh" so much more that i cant think of because im ploppy and tired...ddi '05 was ammaaazing
  18. consulting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the ONLY consult cp
  19. hmm there were a fair number of jrs last year too
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