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  1. Judged the Pembroke AB/Carthage quarters round and was pretty impressed. Nothing quite as awful for the aff as 4 minute rebuttals. Ben Reid. Get in touch with me.
  2. J3ffr0


    Craig Boyd Eliminated in 55th Place ($108,047) We're down to six tables after the recent elimination of Craig Boyd in 55th place. Boyd open-shoved from the button for 850,000 with {K-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}. Ben Lamb was in the small blind and decided to look Boyd up witih {A-Clubs} {6-Hearts}. Boyd paired kings on a flop of {7-Hearts} {K-Diamonds} {J-Diamonds}, but Lamb spiked an ace on the turn, {A-Hearts}. That left Boyd looking for any king, ten or queen on the river. Instead he found the useless {9-Hearts}. Boyd's elimination moves Lamb up to 5.5 million in chips. So he, uh, *only* wins $108,047. Fucking awesome. Huge congrats to Craig on his run.
  3. J3ffr0


    ...and now he's sitting at 1.65M in chips and in the top 130 at the Main Event. Nuts.
  4. Voted you up twice. Why was that surprising?
  5. Parkway Central hung a loss on both teams who were in TOC finals.
  6. Looking to get hired at NFLs for anything you need judging for. Honestly, my team that qualified is in PF, so if you have a slot needing filled in that building I'd prefer it. Otherwise I'd be happy to judge whatever you need - I have extensive experience and judged deep in to outrounds at the Wichita nationals. And, best of all, I come cheap! Cover my transport and housing and that's all I need. But, yeah, hire me! Jeff Jones jones.jeffrey.m@gmail.com
  7. Of course, what Dr. Miller neglects to mention is that the online parli community has universally derided him for his bizarre, nonsensical, antagonistic ramblings about what he thinks debate "should" be, so his ramblings here should be of no surprise.
  8. J3ffr0

    trivia thread

    Bumping this because I can. Dante wears a Penguins jersey. Ed Hapstack wears a Devils jersey. The third one, though...Canadiens?
  9. J3ffr0

    NFLs Results

    Who'd Hartney pay off to get on the panel?
  10. J3ffr0

    NFLs Results

    The round will start shortly. Like, now.
  11. J3ffr0

    NFLs Results

    Quality is un-great, but it's up and running.
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