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  1. Wow, I haven't posted on cross-x for....I think 2 or 3 years.... I go to Purdue and am looking to judge this year. I did not grow up/debate in Indiana (I debated in Texas), so I'm not fully aware of what tournaments go on here. I debated for all 4 years of high school, and attended UTNIF plan 2 my junior year. I am not debating in college for lack of time to fully commit to the program. Any help anyone can provide in what tournaments go on Indiana, I'd appreciate it.
  2. i'm not giving them away good try though
  3. the fact that i've put a lot of work and money into it i dont really want to just give it away.
  4. i'm just done with the season and i'd hate to see all my evi. go to waste.
  5. i'm now done with debate for this year and i have all this evidence, so i'm thinking about selling it. i'm willing to keep it in the expandos and sell the expandos with it. If your interested email me: superman14@houston.rr.com or IM me (AIM): supermn2005 for more details and what files i'm selling.
  6. is there a list of all the schools going?? just curious and bored.
  7. my coach should be signing us up tomorrow....grrrr she's making me mad, not signing us up when she should.
  8. superman2005


    how dare you call my thread dead! its currently listed above this one. thats right bitches
  9. i wish i was cool enough to be in a essay contest.
  10. 2002: Wins second consecutive Masters, third overall, with a three-stroke victory over Retief Goosen. Becomes the youngest golfer in history to win seven PGA majors. 2003:Tiger still came in first in 5 of the 18 tournaments he entered, and ended the season winning over $6.6 million dollars. 2004:early in the year, Tiger became the first player to pass the $40 million mark in career earnings. back to the katy tourn.......
  11. 1. thats ur opinion. 2. its a quote not my opinion. 3. he's set a lot of records for our time to qualify him as one of the best 4. just b/c he's in a slump now doesn't mean he's a bad golfer. 5. i own u.
  12. ok back to the purpose of my thread! you thread stealing bitches.
  13. just put ur evidence in your backpack. thats what we did my freshmen year
  14. my suppose post? hahaha so now are questioning whether what i'm "typing" should be considered a "post. ok wow your cool. anyway....you say no one person can be right but then you say your leaning towards your point so thats why i'm posting in response. lets look at it this way: thare is an actual league that makes BILLIONS of dollars.....can you say the same for debate? no. so if there were more interest in debate over a sprorting event wouldnt u think they would have a league like they do basketball or baseball for debate so then they could also make those billions? ya thought so. learn to spell.
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