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  1. You might want to look up a student named Vishal Patel at UPenn. He was a pretty good debater in high school and he's in the business school at UPenn. He might want to earn a little money doing some research. brennan
  2. Someone with lots of time on their hands should write a K centered on Nelson Goodman's books "Languages of Art" and "Ways of Worldmaking" - great stuff. I'm using them for my thesis on judicial interpretation and scapegoating interpretive theories for personal desires resultant of opinions. brennan
  3. i'll judge locally if anyone needs me. i'm just waiting until i commission so i'll probably be available. brennan
  4. i talked about zizek my freshman year in a social philosophy class. my professor told me never to call him a philosopher or social theorist again. he said that the appropriate term was "pop culture critic and pseudo-philosopher." haha. thanks - you've been quite helpful. brennan
  5. true, but the fact that this criticism of language is couched in terms of a critique that is not accepted, it taints it as questionable in the eyes of the academic world. in other words, it doesn't really matter that he got this right; he got it right, but did so in the context of an almost universally rejected criticism. brennan
  6. this is me, standing corrected. i guess i misread your post. sorry shu. brennan
  7. thanks, shu. anything else, anyone? brennan
  8. One problem though - the logical end of his critique means that the very things he critiques NLT for (decision/action paralysis and intellectually masturbatory justifications for merely thinking) end up being the end results of the alternative to NLT. Ergo, his criticism is viewed as generally invalid and inapplicable to a coherent understanding of modern jurisprudence by most of the present academy. I ran a lot of Schlag in high school and found when I got to college that he's laughed at by most of his Political Science peers. I really do appreciate the effort though. If you know of any other authors who make similar claims, I'd greatly appreciate it! brennan
  9. Harriet Miers was replaced by Fred Fielding, i believe. And Elkins didn't single-handedly get rid of the use of illegally procured evidence; it was simply one case in a line of several cases that, when taken as a lump of jurisprudence, got rid of the use of illegally procured evidence. ...if you want to get technical about it. brennan
  10. i figured as much. given that my time is necessarily limited in this regard, and given that my knowledge of who writes about what is particularly what is in deficit here, do you have any particular suggestions? brennan
  11. i've got a preliminary abstract right now. shoot me an email - breelandb@hsc.edu OR brennan.breeland@us.army.mil brennan
  12. I need to find authors who are academically credible and who critique language as an ineffective conduit for thought. i'm writing a thesis on constitutional jurisprudence. if anyone wants a copy of the abstract, email me. i'd really appreciate assistance here. thanks! brennan
  13. anyone know of any (credible among the academic community) authors who make the argument that language is a (woefully) imperfect conduit for thought? you guys have always been helpful in this type of situation. keep in mind that i'm going to use it for an honors thesis on constitutional interpretation. thanks a bunch. brennan
  14. my fraternity was founded there. Go Beta. i'll write you a recommendation if you want. brennan
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