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  1. I saw a dude pee his pants once while debating.
  2. You're alright, Griffin. My top five always change depending on my mood, but my favorite movie is always Pulp Fiction.
  3. This is my favorite thing ever. I almost peed my pants.
  4. if zack greinke struck out god in outer space, would it make a sound?

  5. One can never underestimate the importance of practice. This is all good advice. It also helps to be familiar with all of the evidence in your box. I always found it much harder to read cards quickly if the first time I read the evidence was in-round. Familiarity with the rhetoric in the evidence helps you move through it more quickly.
  6. Yes. The inability to group turns will make the negative block much more difficult. Don't double turn yourself (link turn + impact turn). Go for link turns. They're easier to sell, usually. Unless you have some really sweet cards for impact turns.
  7. The 2ac can help you by putting as much offense on positions as possible. Turn the hell out of everything. This will make it much harder for the negative to kick positions and will also be damning for them if they undercover or drop one. Keep a tight flow of the negative block and make extensions from the 2ac. This has already been mentioned, but I thought I'd expand on it. As the 1ar, one of your most important jobs is to target drops and explode them. Pick the arguments they covered least well and explain how they cause you to win the position, not just the argument.
  8. Yes, it definitely means you're stalking me. Also, you're friends with AndrewC. Cut it out

  9. What's a visitor message? Does that mean I'm stalking you?

  10. LOL. AndrewC deleted his post.
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