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  1. The packet was supposed to have been posted somewhere last night. Does anyone know where it is?
  2. First, I will say that NCFL's was well-run and much less frustrating than many other national tournaments. With a team dominated by freshmen and sophomores, I was able to get my kids to a national tournament. Qualifying to NFLs or the TOC was not going to happen this year. NCFL is sort of like CEDA... almost anyone can attend. So that is another reason NCFL is valuable. However, I will propose one HUGE change request--we gotta drop the onerous judge requirements for policy debate. We brought four teams and needed six judges. Six judges?! Wow. Luckily someone donated themselves as a judge. I paid $600 for three more judges and yes, brought a parent as my sixth judge. Not going to apologize for it. Needing to bring or hire that many judges is a problem.
  3. Sacramento Diocese CK McClatchy Long-Rushing CK McClatchy Wissmath-Boettner CK McClatchy Spurlock-Thao CK McClatchy Woodruff-King
  4. CK McClatchy High School in Sacramento needs to hire three judges for the NCFL tournament in Omaha on May 29-30, 2010. We need warm bodies who will attempt to flow, give each debate their complete attention and follow the guidelines given by the tournament staff. Pay is negotiable. Contact me at mewalton (at) gmail (dot) com.
  5. More ignorance being published on race. Of course, the big, bad black man comes to the fore again. Watch out! That black kid is seven times more likely to kill you! Everyone run away.
  6. Miss Redlands? Blake too cold and expensive? Jealous of the LDers at CPS? Join us at the 2nd Annual Holiday Policy Round Robin at Jesuit High School in lovely Carmichael, CA. The Holiday Policy Round Robin is now open for entries at www.joyoftournaments.com. Please join us for this unique competition.
  7. JustACoach


    Congratulations to Sanger for a fine tournament. End. Of. Discussion. Any McClatchy debater caught ripping this tournament or the judges or their opponents in this forum will be properly taken care of.
  8. So why was it included on the list of bid tournaments?
  9. Anyone else flying in or out of Atlanta interested in group tickets to the Aquarium or the CNN Tour?
  10. I spent my last year of college discoing out of case. Fun stuff. We'd get slammed out of the 1N with a ton of disads, T and a CP or 2 (thanks USC). I was too slow to cover, so we'd find something to K and go pre-fiat. I read more Patriarchy cards that year. And anyone remember the pebble card? We would never sever the advocacy but we'd just argue that the policy implications of plan were no longer at issue, instead it was the discourse that mattered.
  11. Competition is great. I think it forces students and coaches to rise to a much higher level of argument and analysis. I believe this activity--policy debate--is the greatest academic extracurricular activity in modern education. But this constant emphasis on winning that overshadows ethics is a problem. I am sick of hearing about stupid, ignorant and insulting evidence fabrications. I am sick of hearing about stuff posted to random blogs being read in rounds, I am sick of being lied to during disclosure. I am sick of debaters lying in rounds (they concede this card, we read that in the 2AC, our author concludes this way, prep stealing, card stealing, etc. etc.). Unfortunately, it happens far more than we are willing to admit. Why are we in this activity? Is it just to win? Is it to see how far we can push the envelope before the community pushes back? Coaches and students need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. The only person who really knows what's in your heart is you. If cheating is OK in your eyes, then that is very, very sad. If doing shady stuff is funny to you, that's sad and I hope you leave this activity quickly. So stop trying to justify this latest evidence fabrication. If you are a coach, you are not an evidentiary source. Period. This article was intended to be used in this year's debates. The author lied about writing it. The author actively misled people who wanted to know his qualifications. So any of you jumping to defend this action need to check yourselves. And we ALL need to check our own culpability in creating a culture where ethical lapses are seen as humorous or acceptable in ANY way.
  12. Did someone delete it? I can't find it with a search or by browsing through each forum.
  13. BTW, are you kidding me? Because word of the article gets out before the TOC and Damien doesn't use it, it's ethical? Please. Damien was ordered not to read that evidence because responsible adults found out what Skarb had done. Whether they would have used it without that direction, who knows.
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