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  1. Just to make sure people understand why code sharing is helpful, knowing who you are debating can help you to prep. You can prep most of Sunday for a round you know you will have, with a pair of judges listed for that round. To join the code sharing, and then to get the codes for other teams who are sharing their code, please email: NFL.codeshare.2012@gmail.com More info about this year's code sharing: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/53272-nfl-codeshare/ More explanation of how this works and why it's helpful for prep: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/50875-code-sharing-nfl-nationals/ (but this year registration is on Sunday and you should email to NFL.codeshare.2012@gmail.com this year)
  2. How long ago did Rd 14 end?
  3. The only codes unidentified now are 142, 196 and 268. Those belong to these three teams: Bingham (UT) Gomez/Tippets Penn (IN) Paulsen/Chen Wichita East (KS) Redler/Orsi For those teams still in - check your email whether you want to opt in for intel.
  4. Update on Monday night: We have 85 codes right now. We will be posting updates at midnight and at 1am. After 1am Dallas time, we will be closed for the night. We will post one more update at 6:30am Dallas time. If you see this after 1am Dallas time, and you want to join the code sharing, we'd love you to, but just know that you will not get the list until 6:30am. Thanks for everyone who's participated so far - keep the codes coming.
  5. We have a good number of teams but we could use more. If you do want to participate - that's great, email nflcodes <at> gmail.com with the following code number debater names your school name your state Also let us know what email addresses should be added to the email list. We send updates on the hour every hour. Good luck to everyone and hope the brainstorming of rounds beforehand makes the rounds more worthwhile.
  6. Hi, We will be doing the code sharing project this year for NFL Nationals. This is a voluntary, opt in program where you share your code in exchange for seeing a list of other teams who want to share their codes. So it should be mutual reciprocity. At NFL Nationals, at registration on Monday morning, you get your code number, and you get your six prelims including opposing team's code and the two judges in the round. That means you can prep on Monday and talk strategy for the very different panels you will have in the six presets. You don't know your codes beforehand, so you must email after registration. Ideally you'd email nflcodes <at> gmail.com in the late morning or early afternoon so we can have a pretty good code list by mid afternoon. If you are worried about big teams knowing who you are, you probably have more to gain by knowing you're debating them. If you are interested - would be great to know you are, email nflcodes <at> gmail.com . Otherwise email us on Monday morning when you get your code and you will get a once an hour list of updated codes. Hope you are with us - it's a great experience to brainstorm for rounds.
  7. The tournament has been posting ballots/results here: http://cndi.wikispaces.com/2011+Cal+Tournament+Policy Quarterfinals posting: http://cndi.wikispaces.com/file/view/Cal+2011+-+Policy+Varsity+-+Quarterfinals.pdf Quarters now (2pm) is Homewood-Flossmoor Grasse/Strong(8) vs CPS Pai/Yamamura(1) Olney Polin Baker Juan Diego Butler/Schwab(4) vs Homewood-Flossmoor RC(5) Fiori Grellinger Brockaway Lynbrook UT(11) vs St Francis AP(14) Alvarez Rodabough Sharp GDS Krakoff/Levy(2) vs Damien Farooqi/Gannon(10) Lee Gray Quinn Octas at 11am were GBN Pappas/Hochberg (17) vs CPS Pai/Yamamura (1) Homewood-Flossmoor Grasse/Strong (8) vs St George LeDuc/Newton (9) GBN Hirshman/Boroditsky (21) vs Homewood-Flossmoor River/Coates-Welsh (5) Juan Diego Catholic Butler/Schwab (4) vs Mercer Island Permut/Ghods (13) St Francis Arora/Parikh (14) vs Meadows Sibley/Wang (35) MBA Haselton/Suh (38) vs Lynbrook Upadhyayula/Tang (11) Damien Farooqi/Gannon (10) vs Notre Dame DeFilippis/DeJohn (39) GDS Krakoff/Levy (2) vs Brophy McCoy/Singh (15)
  8. I know Kansas is pretty old school but we've got you beat Words like "link" and uniqueness would never be said in a round here, and no one would read standards on T. I think that the slightly more open rounds let Kansas debaters adapt a little more about running arguments that parents might not immediately grasp. The biggest comments from ex Kansas debaters who watch a round here are 1) they talk SO slow! and 2) these arguments are SO basic! But we like it. The flash drive is just for the judge to pass on to tab if there is a protest. I agree I don't think it is that useful. I don't think the laptop teams actually gave flash drives to judges, which is fine.
  9. HK>> The default would be to put all your evidence from your laptop onto the flash drive so you're safe no matter what. And yes if you were reading a politics DA (which no one would do in our league), every card you could possibly read including updates would need to be on the flash. Once we formed these guidelines at the beginning of the year, the flash drive did not come up even once in discussion during a tournament, let alone a challenge, but it could. The flash drive is not a rule but more a suggestion if a team wants to be absolutely sure they are safe. HK> That certainly is a good thing to explore. Doesn't drop box require internet access, though? Since teams are not allowed to use internet under any circumstance, and the presumption here is that most of these guidelines are to protect the team that doesn't have internet/a laptop, I don't think this would be possible. The flash drive thing is probably a distraction in the big picture of how these norms/guidelines work, they really are not a factor in our league.
  10. I am a coach in the San Jose area (sometimes referred to as Silicon Valley), home of high tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. Our league (CFL = Coast Forensic League) is actually more old school than Kansas - it's almost 100% parent judges and our kids actually like that. Our state organization passed a rule last year allowing laptop use, so our league had to come up with guidelines for laptop use. Many of our teams never venture outside league (just go to the three league tournaments each year) so they're not familiar at all with how laptops work in policy debate. Many of our teams (Harker, Bellarmine, St Francis, Leland, Palo Alto, Menlo Atherton, etc) do regularly attend circuit tournaments. Surprisingly, some of the most successful TOC type debaters (like the Bellarmine team in the finals in 2009) actually do not like laptops in league rounds. I personally do not like laptops in policy debate, but rationally cannot make an argument why we should ban it as a policy. I just want to make sure that the use of laptops does not disadvantage the team not using a laptop. After a couple of years, I'm sure everyone will be used to debating against teams with laptops and we won't need such specific guidelines. The flash drive stuff came from circuit coaches who thought this was a way to make sure teams did not obtain evidence during the round. I personally don't think this really happens, but it is a real fear of some coaches/debaters. This is what we came up with, in case it adds any dimensions to the discussion. our guidelines: We have received inquiries about the policy about laptops for league tournaments. Below are the relevant paragraphs from the state (CHSSA) bylaws, which govern league rules for debate, as well as further guidelines that we would ask that policy debaters follow. Only policy debate allows laptops (and Internet use is forbidden) - LD, public forum and parli do not allow laptops to be used in any way. CHSSA bylaws (pages 1-4) http://www.cahssa.org/PDF/ByLaws/ByLaws11.pdf The relevant paragraphs: ======================= "Evidence acquired from the use of the Internet during the round is not valid." "Evidence provided to a judge in digital format (e.g., CD, USB drive, flash drive) prior to the beginning of the round will be the most efficient way to demonstrate that questioned evidence was not acquired during the round via the Internet. Competitors are strongly encouraged to follow this practice." "Teams or individuals may request evidence from opponents during crossexamination or preparation only and must return the requested evidence prior to their opponent’s next speech if requested." guidelines for laptop use in CFL policy debate: ================================== In Policy, if a laptop is used, the debaters must understand that the presumption is to protect the debaters without the laptops. Debaters who want to use laptops in a policy debate round, make a choice to accept some extra responsibilities to ensure fair access to the evidence by the other team. If these guidelines seem too much for a team to follow, they can choose not to use laptops in the policy debate round. So if a team chooses to use a laptop, they should do the following, which may be more than would be expected at a circuit tournament. As always, regardless of circumstance, debaters are expected to uphold standards of respectful behavior toward one another during the rounds. - if the non laptop team needs to see evidence, and that evidence is only available on the laptop, the team using the laptop must surrender the laptop to the other team. The laptop team should not expect that the other team should have a laptop. - teams that use laptops should plan on bringing an extra laptop, in case one needs to be provided to the opposing team for evidence review - beyond providing the laptop, teams are responsible to take whatever steps necessary to make it as easy as possible for the non-laptop team to see the evidence immediately in order to minimize any hunting through files and waste of prep time. - rules for returning evidence apply to the laptop, but if the non laptop team is still using the laptop, they should not be pressured to return it before they are required to (the start of the laptop team's next speech). This means that the laptop team will not be able to access that laptop until the start of their next speech and lose use of the laptop during prep time. CHSSA rules discussing return of evidence: (top of page 4) "Teams or individuals may request evidence from opponents during crossexamination or preparation only and must return the requested evidence prior to their opponent’s next speech if requested." - it is highly recommended that a team using laptops provides all their evidence on a flash drive etc to the judge at the beginning of the round. If there is a challenge, the evidence in dispute needs to be on this flash drive. Under no circumstances should the debaters ask for the flash drive back during the round, and they need to plan for this- expecting that once the round starts, they will not be able to access the flash drive. If the laptop (team) made a mistake and did not put evidence on the flash drive that they then used, they may be disqualified
  11. I created a new thread for discussion: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1791122&goto=newpost Let's leave this thread for congratulations and questions/comments on specific rounds.
  12. Congratulations to the Whitney Young debaters and everyone who helped them to win NFL Nationals. They sound like determined, positive debaters who just wanted to get better every week. I'm sure many coaches and debaters would love to hear a lot more about the many things they've done well over the past two years, in preparation, research, and in debates. Congratulations also to Rowland Hall - I think they were undefeated going into quarters last year, and if they had won that round, they would have byed into finals last year.
  13. Put comments/discussion here (the discussion that has been going on) The other thread should be only for results/congratulations/discussions of rounds/arguments.
  14. Finals is tomorrow (Friday), not tonight.
  15. For round 10, it shows 208 vs 164 - is 208 really 209 (Baltimore City College)?
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