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  1. Hey - I'm looking for backfiles, cards, or authors for the argument that Ks the use of acronyms. I don't actually need this for a round but would like to have it for my own personal use. At the very least can someone explain the argument and who the author is?
  2. congrats to the northern qualifiers, have fun with nationals prep! out of curiosity how late did the tournament run?
  3. congrats to vermillion and the other qualifiers, represent!
  4. I'm looking for a backfile on why banning nuclear weapons is a good thing. I'm assuming there are files from the WMD topic from high school, but if anyone could direct me to more recent files that'd be helpful as well. Thanks! aim - presidentialsoup
  5. Hey, I tried searching in the debate camps section but had no luck. Does anyone know if there was a camp FTP during the Ocean's HS topic? If not, I am looking for fisheries backfiles, any help would be appreciated!
  6. just curious- do the sfl teams still dip out during break rounds? also is there still 8 minutes of prep?
  7. lincoln_sd


    no i knew she was a vegan, but maybe i'm confusing it with your aff/neg strat? was it straight up deep eco, cause that's what i remember her saying.. or something like that. it's almost been 5 or 6 years, damn.
  8. lincoln_sd


    theoneandonly, were you partners with the girl who thought/thinks she is a deep ecologist? i can't believe i remember this. if i went back to the hotel today, i am almost sure i could walk right up to the room i stayed in.
  9. lincoln_sd


    Best accommodations ever: Super 8 Motel, Atlanta, GA 2003. Please someone know what I'm talking about.
  10. joel i wanted you to be breakin 10,000 by now, what happened?!
  11. Just wondering who's the author of the racism bad card that says something along the lines of "brick by brick" we must tear down racism, etc. etc.
  12. My Boy's State experience wasn't really the best either. After I had lunch with my city for the first time and a kid took out his retainer with four fake teeth (which he lost in a fight) and proceeded to grab our waitress' ass while calling her names with the rest of my city, I knew it was going to be a long week. Our party nominated our governor and lieutenant governor because their names were funny or something -- "Hickey-Dix". Unfortunately they had a fear of public speaking and received only 10% or 15% of the vote. I missed the bar exam and didn't get the spot as county coroner...such is life. I didn't steal any diner rolls though.
  13. fiest- does running a minor repair make marc anderson a bad debater? if so, you'd be calling mark and james bad debaters because they were the negative team running the argument. regardless, both teams were talented so i don't understand what you're saying, especially about an active (formerly active?) policy debate judge. this is one of the few rounds i've ever heard where a minor repair could be a plausible argument, and it's also one of the few rounds where the MR was structured properly... i tried copying it with my own MR blocks but i never really used them. EDIT: I find the impact of "attack iraq key to preventing terror" pretty hilarious 5 years later
  14. To answer my own post, i found the archives for the state policy final round on the WMD topic... i think this is a great recorded round (i wish the SDHSAA would still do this) and i know it would help any debater, novice to champ, if they'd listen to it... here's the link: http://sports.sdpb.org/archive/0102/finearts/debate/index.htm Click the hyperlink on the page to d/l the round in Real Player
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