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  1. Edgemont BK (neg) d. CRWash JV 2-1 Valley d. Lex DS
  2. fair enuff, but in the instance of say a nuke war, your i/l evidence would assume ur impact, like if the 1ac depicts a china senario, you're the only one who solves the specific instance of nuclear war that would occur because of china... racism impacts dont assume that
  3. I love how Supal tries to act like a super-cool detective in figuring out how it wasnt aneesh speaking... hmm I think Supal will now need to buy yet another outfit that goes with being a detective.... Oh and Kyle and Sonia went on a hott date together and if u doubt it, ask Justin he knows all the details
  4. Boswell/Smith def. Dickerson/Yuan Semi's: Boswell/Smith vs. Perlman/Beauchamp Chricton/Green vs. Winner of Zagorin/Sterling vs. DelNido/Sears
  5. Quarters is as follows Chricton/Green def. Caporal/Warden Perlman/Beauchamp def. Harrison/Cambre Unknown Sears/Del Nido vs. Zagorin/Sterling Boswell/Smith vs. Dickerson/Yuan Semi's:
  6. I think Elliot is right for a couple reasons, first is that the Barndt evidence doesnt make any compelling reasons/warrants as to why racism comes before all, it doesnt even make the claim that it is the worse evil. It just says that "brick by brick...stone by stone...ect" that you can dismantle racism. I think that really the only way I have seen a good "racism" advantage run, was a couple of cases at UMich where the entire 1AC was a question of methodology and race, and the entire 1ac was a deconstruction of racism. The reasons as to why racism advantages are overly generic is a couple fold: a) Your impact evidence doesnt assume your link, i.e. your link to racism maybe racial profiling, no impact evidence assumes the use of profiling is the WORST form of racism in the SQ. I can list about 10 alternate causalities to racism, means tha even if your impact evidence assumes ur specific instance than i can find 10 other reasons as to why you cant solve. Just my thoughts Sam
  7. This is the octos pairings and what i've heard has happend (could be mistaken) Del-Nido/Sears vs. Davis/BoBo Beauchamp/Perlman vs. Baum/Ludwig Smith/Boswell def. Smith/Bond Harrison/Cambre vs. Chaudhury/Buyhan Chricton/Green vs. Matthew/Rojas Dickerson/Yuan vs. Pasquillini/Grusin Zagorin/Sterling vs. Meyers/Quigly Caporal/Warden def. Stas/Jack
  8. eating at the caf w/o an MCard for 3 weeks Becoming a-sexual after Bree flashed me When james beat the shit out of that kid with the sword green-day (aka the counter-rev) when TK got his ID taken at the sketchy place Matt smoking in his bedroom people getting caught smoking out of an apple 4th High ACP Being the only person alive not to see rajat's penis dodging 4 work details the inflatable penis being caught with ovais and ashley by marissa silber Shouting at Stephen as we saw Rachel walk down the hall from his room on the last day MA NIGN- THE MOST AWESOME ASIAN POOL PLAYER EVER Having Jilian shout MA NIGN in front of people in Potbelly's Logan and Supal.... always everywhere... you kn ow
  9. I'm seeing Spamalot in September, unforutantely, Hank Azaria wont be in it than :-(
  10. Obama, dont worry about the partner situation, usually your lab leaders help choose partners and what not.
  11. Tom is a 1a/2n Rachel is a 2a/1N (i think... but I also heard she was going to Mich Classic) And Zack if going is a 2a/1n
  12. Sam, Zach, Jeremy- 7 Week Senoirs Ian, Josh, Zac- 7 Week Junoirs Jeremy- 7 Week Mixed Amy- Michigan Classic Akash, Sanchit- DDI Spencer- Miami of Ohio
  13. Actually... it was finals... Russ Hubbard was the 2N, they lost to the davis d/a outweighing politix on the states CP... RUSS HUBBARD RULES
  14. Sam Kuttner Edgemont 2a/1n Good for all... except Spano's.... yuck... ~> spanos
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