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  1. In one of the local Philly leagues (SPDL)...... The league offers a hand full of speech events and CX, LD, and PF......so.... Pre-PF: LD was the premier event in the league with dozens of competitors at each tournament. The second largest event was Extemp. It had competition that frequently surpassed that other more premier local leagues in those two events. CX existed with 4 or 5 schools participating and was limping. Post-PF: CX is down to 2-3 schools and LD has shriveled to less then a quarter of it's size. PF is now double the size of LD/CX combined. Extemp is struggling as well and it's numbers are down drastically. PF has stripped Extemp and LD threadbare. So no net trade-off in #s overall .....although I would argue that has been a large decrease in quality and diversity. The SPDL coaches are largely "lay" teachers with little experience. Most of the big Philly teams left the league years ago. Those that remained had already given up on CX pre-PF. They also complained that the learning curve for LD was too steep. When PF was added it became digestible to those with no forensics background and they jumped on it. The "digestible" nature of PF is in jeopardy (I think we talked about this at George Mason Duane)......PF is already developing it's own conventions and is starting to sound like a mix of "stock issues CX" and more traditional LD.
  2. Many schools have to post schedules the preceding school year for all non-local tournaments to be approved by the school board..... for us to come we would have to run it by our board for approval.... which meets every 4-6 weeks....
  3. LOL...thank you mod...... now delete his account!
  4. I think Truman will be sending: Fox/Konopka Scott/Cornwell ?/? a random novice pairing or two
  5. Mod....please delete Jeff's post as he does not really need to be here!


    I was just busting your chops Mike..... but really....that game was horrible.......it was painful to watch. Shawn


    Ricky, A mods job isn't to put words into anyone's mouth......seriously..... Shawn


    NFA ....err...Newburgh.... you should be ashamed..... I frequently write HST as my judge affiliation because I teach & coach at Truman high school.....I am in no shape or form claiming to be Harry S. Truman when I use his initials.....I apologize to any students or coaches out there that thought the they were indeed getting a ballot from THE Harry S Truman...... I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the following people, organizations, and other miscellany that use the same acronym. I have wronged them terribly...... HST Hawaiian Standard Time (GMT-1030) HST Hubble Space Telescope HST Harry S. Truman HST Harmonized Sales Tax (Canada) HST Health Sciences and Technology HST Hunter S. Thompson (writer) HST Health Systems Trust HST Hastings HST High Speed Train HST Hoist HST Hydrostatic Transmission HST High-Speed Technology (Modem) HST High Speed Technology HST Heat Shrink Tubing HST Higher Surgical Training (medical) HST Henkilön Sähköinen Tunnistaminen HST Heat Soak Test (treatment to convert Nickel Sulphide in tempered glass) HST Helicopter Support Team HST Hypersonic Transport HST History/Host (File Name Extension) HST Health and Safety Technician HST Healthy School Team HST High Score Table HST Hostile Sub-Terrestrial (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) HST Hypertropy Specific Training (bodybuilding method) HST High Pressure Sodium-Tubular HST Hazardous Substance Tax HST Hubbard-Stratonovich Transformation HST Hoyt's Sector Theory HST Hybrid Silica Technologies, Inc. (Ithaca, NY) HST History Host HST Hosting I missed ya Mike!
  9. NO!!! Ankur for dictator pro vita!!!! or at least "Moderator Emeritus"????
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=93bca3e20672edc0d2db6fb9a8902bda Here are the files from Clarion University's Novice Camp. I noticed that they were not listed. I believe that they are complete, although it is a small camp. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=93bca3e20672edc0d2db6fb9a8902bda Shawn
  11. <looks at calendar> Damn.... <looks twice just to make sure> yea......getting my tires rotated.... I guess I'll see you in 2010 then.... Shawn
  12. You make a good point......just don't go too early in the fall..........Most of PA speech and debate slumbers deep into October........ You will inevitably get many of the smaller programs saying that "were not ready".....
  13. Most of southeastern PA will be at Harvard, but the majority of the state will not be following us....... so you have a large target population. If you get this tournie up and running make sure to post the invite and I'll put it on the Philly leagues calendar(s) for the programs that wont be heading north... Good luck! Shawn
  14. Beware.......There is no telling what can happen when two CXers interbreed........ Seriously though....thanx!
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