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  1. How about congress? Great job Missouri. You all have no idea how far policy debate has come in MO since I started high school.
  2. I judged at both HOA and Show-Me districts this weekend after a pretty long absence from judging. I would say there are fewer high quality teams then there were about 4 years ago. The general feeling from coaches I spoke with (most of which have been in the area for about 10 years or more) is that Public Forum is a major reason to blame. An unfortunate challenge has nearly killed off Raytown's debate program. They didn't enter a single CX team for the first time ever. This blew me away. On the other hand, the top teams are more adapt to theory and more complex arguments than they were 10 years ago. I actually saw a conditional counter plan run pretty well! That would have been unthinkable when I was in school.
  3. That really is a fair example. Use with caution in the classroom.
  4. 4-4 and almost got every number of games correct. I had Angels-Sox going to 5.
  5. I agree with all these picks, but I think Missouri wins by 2 scores. VERY much looking forward to Texas/OU. I'll be in Dallas Friday for work, so I'm sure I will hear plenty of analysis from fans on both sides of the Red River.
  6. Yes yes, Oklahoma. Way to beat up on the Big 12's retarded kid.
  7. Ruben: how exactly can you claim so many baseball teams? That's more than a division's worth.
  8. MLB: Royals definitely come first. I'm a life-long resident of Kansas City and baseball is my favorite sport as a fan. Braves are second in baseball; I'm a fan for two reasons. First, I love how they built their team around excellent pitching and I actually remember watching the 1991 World Series (Atlanta went from worst to first and lost in 7 in what is one of the best Series of all time). Second, it's easy to be a fan when they are always on TV. NFL: Chiefs. Another sad franchise I've been a fan of for 25 years. NCAA: Missouri. I'm an alum of the UM System and I worked for Missouri for a while. I love Columbia and I've been a Tiger fan for life, which is interesting in Kansas City since you are outnumbered by jackass Jayhawk fans. As a Catholic, I am also a Notre Dame fan. I almost cried when Reggie Bush pushed Matt Lineart into the end zone for the win in South Bend. I'm also drinking the Jimmy Clausen kool-aid. It tastes good. For very little reason, I like Duke basketball. I take plenty of abuse for this and I really don't care. I love the way Coach K does his thing and the type of player the program produces. Also, one of the most vivid sports memories of my life was the 1992 Elite Eight game against Kentucky. I can remember every detail of where I was and what I was doing and I've been a Duke fan ever sense. For the record, one of my other most vivid memories growing up was the 1995 Missouri-UCLA game. Every March, I have to watch it 400 times too. It's like a Mizzou fan's hell. I also like the Penguins in the NHL.
  9. Tulsa is a pretty good team that most called to win C-USA. As teams start to drop during conference play, Tulsa will get some chatter because they will remain one of the few that stands undefeated. Keep in mind they haven't played a good team yet. Rice has some talent, but are not capable of standing up to even a .500 record in any major conference (except the ACC). Not to harp on it, but Missouri is awesome. Thanks to those (John Madden) who picked Nebraska.
  10. That was loud. Please be quiet. People work here. Go Dodgers.
  11. Tampa has looked really good, at least at home. Why am I surprised by this?
  12. I want to pick the Cubs and the Angels for the World Series but starting down a game makes it tough, so here's what I think after one day: Dodgers over Cubs in 4 Phillies over Brewers in 4 (not having Sheets = loss) Red Sox over Angels in 5 (best series in playoffs) Rays over White Sox in 4 (worst series in playoffs) Dodgers over Phillies in 6 Red Sox over Rays in 7 Red Sox over Dodgers in 5 (yet another boring World Series) Royals win it all 2010. Side note: Tampa Bay has a great opportunity to make about 4 million fans for life if they bean AJ Pierzynski more than once.
  13. Who can argue with analysis like that?
  14. Totally agree with K-State over Texas Tech. Could be a really ugly game. We know very little about Tech and we know K-State's defense sucks balls. Whatever the over/under is, go over. Texas at Colorado could be good, again because we know nothing about Texas, but also because teams struggle in Boulder. I like Wisconsin coming off the loss for some reason. Possibly because I hate Ohio State. They've done nothing but either let me down or piss me off since I won a case of beer from their victory over Miami in the 2002 title game. My buddy gave me 14 points. After seeing parts of the Nebraska-VT game last week, I don't see any way Missouri loses in Lincoln outside of several re-livings of the kicked ball for a touchdown play. If MU loses, I will resign as a Mizzou fan for the next two years.
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