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  1. Sounds about right. People swoon all over Christopher Nolan but if you take Heath Ledger out of the Dark KNight than its basically Christian Bale with a raspy voice and being hit over the head with Kant for 2.5 hours.
  2. PM me a shipping address and I'll send you a thrift store trophy. But you have to ship it to next years winner.
  3. Thats the consolation ladder, to determine draft order next year
  4. I never altered the settings so it should be ESPN's default. Should be head to head, might be point total.
  5. It depends more on Adrian Peterson. If he doesnt go I've Gerheart but it's not the same thing.
  6. Playoffs are almost set, me and Cow Tippers are playing what boils down to a play in game this week. Depends on whether AD goes or not... Poo Flinging Monkeys? The guy who picked the suggestion from ESPN every round? He's 12-1 We've outsmarted ourselves.
  7. Progress is on track. Soon Cochrane will invent the warp drive and the Vulcans will be here shortly after.
  8. Scumbag Dark Talon Bitches about degradation of cross-x content Posts a meme.
  9. This is more of what we need in this thread. Both truly strange stuff and whitney.
  10. Email him your maps and suggestions for real. NOW.
  11. He was a reliable 3pt shooter but that was about it. Couldnt carry a team on his own. Also he went to Michigan so he can fuck off.
  12. Tim Tebow Tom Brady & Peyton Manning Darren Sproles and Ray Rice
  13. Ok we couldnt get Cory's friend Christian but DAYMAN emailed me and he's in. 10 teams, 2 divisions. Draft is at 10 EDT
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